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About us

A genealogist’s journey to fully understand and document their family tree becomes more challenging the farther back in time their research leads. Historical events and time itself conspire to impede the most ardent researchers. It is inevitable that after oral history, family records, public and other known sources have given up their information, a progress ending “brick wall” is often encountered. In the dawn of our new century, genealogists have been given new tools to help breach these walls. As genetic science progressed, it became clear that genetic information which is passed from generation to generation, held a treasure trove of information, which if properly decoded, could provide genealogists with tools of unprecedented effectiveness. The Chapman DNA project initially was centered on Y-Chromosomal testing as the Y-Chromosome was passed from father to son as was normally the case with the Chapman surname. With the increasing popularity of Mitochondrial testing among the Chapman Project Group members, the project web page has been expanded to include limited mitochondrial information for project members. The Chapman Project DNA Results page enables members to view the Haplogroups represented in the project and to obtain the kit numbers of persons tested within the project. Collaboration between individuals is possible thru the coordination with Project Administrators. Please remember that kit numbers provide a high level of anonymity of project members. Never associate a kit number to an individual’s name or email address in any public forum as this would violate privacy requirements of the project. The Chapman Project “Activity Feed” is provided for project members to share experiences, to ask questions and offer suggestions in support of the Chapman genealogical community.