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FTDNATiP™ (FamilyTreeDNA’s Time Predictor) is a program that predicts the time to the most recent common ancestor for two men based on their Y-chromosome STR matching and STR mutation rates. FTDNATiP™ provides powerful and precise calculations of Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) by incorporating mutation rates specific to each STR marker.

I spoke with an FTDNA "Expert" there yesterday relating to a mismatch between my TiPS report and Lamar's. The expert basically advised that TiPS is an obsolete program and should not be depended on to calculate MRCA. He further advised that SNPS are now the most accurate means of determining MRCA and that I should do the BIG-Y test to get the most accurate information and a determination of my absolute Y-DNA Haplogroup. But, he said, since Lamar and I are EXACT MATCHes at 67 markers, that would hold at 111 markers. And, that we would logically have a MRCA within the last three to four hundred years max. That makes more sence to me.