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Gerard Hogan Gerard Hogan
November 25 @ 5:59pm
Hi I’m trying to trace my biological father So far I have found 2 first cousins on my bf side , one of my first cousins is Casey I have also traced a 2nd cousin Walsh on 23andme surname who’s grandmother was Bridget Casey married to jack Walsh .
Gerard Hogan
November 25 @ 6:00pm
My cousins live in Minnesota , I’m from England but born co Clare Ireland 1969 .
Anthony Long Anthony Long
September 3 @ 10:50am
Hi Robert, I posted here quite a while back about my great great grandfather James Samuel Casey. My kit number is 477812. I recently upgraded to the 67 markers. What we know is that James immigrated to the U.S. around 1871 served in the Union army and showed up in Dallas, Texas in the 1880s. He's buried in Dallas. He married Margaret Kiely possibly in Dallas or maybe New York. I'd love to find more information about his family in Ireland. Do you have any other suggestions?
carla casey
September 29 @ 7:24am
Anthony Long hi,do you have a Gedmatch number please? i am desperate to find my Casey family..Also i live in ireland and have spent years trawling through casey records if you need any help let me know
carla casey
October 3 @ 6:06am
Anthony Long..i just checked with your number and mine and mums and No match :-( i can still try and help you with irish records to try and find your james samuel if you like? my email is
Susan van Vonno Susan van Vonno
September 7 @ 3:18pm
Mary Agnes Casey was my great grandmother. Born abt 1853. And rumor has the family in County Cork. She married my great grandfather George Hedden Osborn of Newark New Jersey. She was either in New Jersey or in New York. she claims on several documents that she was born in Brooklyn.
Robert Casey Robert Casey
August 29 @ 3:14pm
Welcome - Casey/B88577 who has tested to 67 markers. According the NevGen predictor tool, he appears to be U106 (one of his matches is also tested U106 as well). So I assigned him to the U106 grouping.
Chad Casey Chad Casey
July 27 @ 9:03pm
There was a Casey on here, but I don'
Chad Casey
July 27 @ 9:04pm
but I don't remember the name. He lives in northeast NC. Can you send me a message?
Richard K Ross Richard K Ross
July 23 @ 12:31am
Hello everyone! Well, my earliest known Casey was named Uriah, born 1815 in Ohio. He married Ellenorah Leiter who was born in 1820 Maryland. The Leiter's appear to be Dutch. Uriah Casey, I am not sure at this point, although I suspect he is of Northern Ireland heritage. The Casey's had some unusual names for their daughters, Emerilla (Emma), Scenia, Maudilla and Electia. The sons were named Calvin and Austin. They lived in Crawford County, OH. Emma married Sullivan Ross, my GG Grandfather from Hardin County, OH. Sullivan was a Railroad Engineer before leaving for Mercer County, MO where they arrived by 1870 with his brother's family, George H. Ross. I know there was at least one Uriah Casey born in Spartansburg, SC and one from Johnson County, AR. Uriah died in 1893. The 1880 did not list where his parents were born. Some believe his parents were Daniel CASE and Nancy FRANCIS, however, I have not seen any documentation.
James Bannon James Bannon
August 18, 2017 @ 4:56am
I have recently joined this group through my Mother being Elizabeth Casey. I am from Dublin, as was my mother and her Father, Leo Alfred Casey. We had always thought that, as Leo's Father was born in London that the line came from there. Recent discoveries on Ancestry have brought us back to Ireland. Though my G G Granddad, Henry Casey, was born in London in 1856, his Father, Martin Casey was born in Ireland in 1817 and his Father was John Casey. I have as yet not found where Martin was born in Ireland and have struck out for his Father as well. The Irish connection was found through UK Census returns and John Casey was found through a Marriage Cert for Martin in 1855. As an aside, Martin seems to be also 'James Martin' on 2 of his children's Marriage certs. I see the Moderator, Robert Casey, is requesting the input from those in Ireland. If I can be of any help furthering this never ending quest please let me know what you need from me. I have my FTDNA details on this site but they continue to remain a mystery to me. I can furnish what details are needed if someone tells me how. Cheers, Jimmie
Robert Casey
June 20 @ 12:49pm
James - many of the Casey lines immigrated to America during the potato famines in the mid 1800s. You Family Finder test (atDNA) could make connections with them or other Irish Casey testers. However, around 25 % of the Caseys in the US today immigrated to South Carolina by the early 1750s. This line probably has more living Caseys in America than there are in the entire island of Ireland today (including northern Ireland). This line is been in the US too long to find any matches in Ireland today - in fact most lines that we know that belong to this line via YDNA testing are not shown as matches since our common ancestor is just too far back in time for the capabilities of atDNA testing. atDNA testing loses 50 % of your common atDNA every generation and after only five generations, you start not being able to find matches as there is just not enough DNA in common left anymore. It works across all of your pedigree but has major limitations on how far back matches can be found.
Robert Casey Robert Casey
July 12, 2017 @ 8:01am
Attention - members of the South Carolina Casey cluster - We have just received the 67 marker results from Chad Casey (B89528) and it is a very significant find for our cluster: 1) It is the first "Casey" tester in this cluster that has very early ties in North Carolina and Virginia; 2) its position is located on the highest part of the YSTR branching (at the same level of the Kersey tester). Look at where this tester fits into the L226 haplotree: This line is of special interest to me as their descendants ended up in McMinn County, TN at the same time when my oldest proven Casey ancestor, Ambler Casey, lived there. Due to this, I have known of this line for many years. His line is: John Casey, residing in Pasquotank County, North Carolina (speculative ?) Dempsey Casey, b. 1767, mar. 1789 to Elizabeth Croft, Cheasapeake, VA ?? died ca. 1814, Currituck County, NC Martin Ross Casey, b. 1791 Dempsey Casey, Jr. (brother of Martin) moved to McMinn County, TN and later moved to Indiana. Another very exciting aspect of this tester is that he is missing the key mutation of 464b (13>14) which is present in all FGC5639 testers to date. As with the Kersey tester, they both have two unique mutations to each of their branches, so Chad is an excellent candidate to test FGC5647 and all of its equivalents. There is at least a 50/50 chance of discovering a new Casey only branch. I will try to post more details about the genealogy from this significant discovery. So there is now the questions: 1) did this Casey line arrive independently in early North Carolina and Virginia or did all the Caseys in South Carolina migrate down from Virginia. I believe that this probably an independent line due to Dempsey Casey's position on the haplotree that suggests a very early connection vs. the last 300 years or so. 2) Since this line has ties to Virginia, is there any connection to the Meredith tester? Again, the genetic results does not support this connection as well; 3) This new Casey tester greatly strengthens the case that Kersey was indeed a Casey at one time. After several of "Abner" Casey "cousins" in the Internet world that were supposed to be related have genetically tested to not be related, there is now evidence of Casey cousins being found in the US that do not have only South Carolina ties. But this connection is quite old, so it is doubtful that these lines are related in the last 300 or 400 years when America was settled. So now we have five possible approaches to expand our knowledge of the ancestors of the South Carolina testers: 1) we still need to test random Caseys in present day Ireland since only a couple have been tested to date; 2) we should research this new Casey line with great interest and get others in this line (or possibly connected to this line) to test; 3) we also need to test other members of the Kersey line as well to reveal more details about this branch of our early Caseys; 4) we still need to continue to test the closer matching Carey testers as well - we may all have Carey ancestors via a NPE event (specially get the Carey tester who matches our YSTRs to test); 5) we still have not extensively tested the FGC5639 equivalents to date which could reveal a very significant branch in the South Carolina cluster that may not exactly track YSTR branches.
Victor Casey
August 27, 2017 @ 2:00am
Robert Casey, in doing my genealogy I have found that Abner Casey did indeed live in Virginia for a while. My Dad's DNA tested close to McFarland's and a Mr. Lark from the same area in Russel County Va. His relatives found that the McFarland stole a horse and changed his name to Casey so they couldn't find him. Not sure when my Dad's ancestor's name got changed from McFarland to Casey but they are all in the same area. If you want more detail about Abner Casey living in Virginia before moving to South Carolina.
Robert Casey
June 20 @ 12:39pm
There are at least a dozen Abner Casey's in my web site, so it would not surprise me if you have a Casey line that includes an Abner Casey. The Abner Casey that I am referring to was born around 1710 who supposedly married Harriet Green. He is supposed to be ancestor of all the Caseys in South Carolina from 1750 to 1800. However, the connection between the Caseys in South Carolina and the Caseys in very early Virginia (mid 1700s) have been found to be unrelated genetically. None of the VA Casey lines that Casey files are related to South Carolina Casey. Also, one random other Casey line in South Carolina (Elisha Casey) is not closely related to the South Carolina (they are both L226 but the connection is around 1,400 years ago vs. the 250 to 500 year connection of all other Caseys in South Carolina. Here is my last update of my Casey Family History (not updated since 2003) but does include over 1,000 census records of various Casey lines that originated from South Carolina:
Wayne Casey Wayne Casey has a question!
June 17, 2017 @ 1:06am
Hi Robert. My DNA test shows that I am RM269 but I am not sure where to go in regards to doing more testing. My ancestors supposedly came from County Clare John Casey born approx. 1775, Wife Mary (Quinn) born 1777, though records are still hard to find back that far. Regards Wayne.
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Wayne Casey
June 29, 2017 @ 2:38am
I am Wayne Edward Casey 412309 from Australia R-DC69 (branch under L226)
Robert Casey
July 12, 2017 @ 8:39am
Wayne, I highly recommend that you upgrade to 67 markers. I need 67 markers to be able to add you the extensive L226 chart (shows the growing DC69 cluster):
Wayne Casey
September 9, 2017 @ 6:23pm
Hi Robert 67 markers upgrade completed.
Robert Casey
June 20 @ 12:29pm
Wayne, in case you have not seen your connection to other L226 testers, here is a chart that shows how you are connected to over 600 L226 testers: The pages numbers are constantly changing as I update this file daily and upload the file to the Internet every week or two. Just open this link and hit Ctl-F (open the find box on the bottom left) and type in 412309 (your kit number to follow any changes that are being made).
Mike Casey Mike Casey
June 11 @ 8:20am
Just checked GEDmatch for A735401 and A706096...not match to either. If anyone wants to check their kit # against mine, my kit # is A139298.
Judy Casey
June 12 @ 12:02pm
I have no matches with either of them or you.
Robert Casey
June 20 @ 12:19pm
Mike - You are Casey/B316949 and your haplogroup is I-P37 which is usually a Viking YDNA line. So only I-P37 Casey lines can match you which substantially narrows down the list to only a few I-P37 Casey testers of YDNA. However, there are also many project members that atDNA only for their Casey line, so these have a remote chance of connecting to your line.