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Robert  C. Robert C. has a question!
March 11 @ 7:54pm
Hello, kit number 398997 - We are in the Casey project in the group that recommended to order an SNF, we did and the results are back today. I am interested in seeing what that means to our placement in the Casey project. The most recent relative is a great grandfather John Joseph Casey born 1862 in Ireland and immigrated to Philadelphia, Pa. I would be interested to know if anyone in the group has Casey relatives from Philadelphia, Pa. Thank you.
Steven Cox Steven Cox
January 17 @ 1:02pm
Hello everyone. I have been on a life long quest to find my biological family. I know who my biological mother is but have no idea who my biological father is. I was born to a single German mother (who would not reveal the father) and adopted as a baby by an American military couple. This all has led me to DNA in the hopes of discovering more. My Y-DNA test shows my connection to the Casey family and name but that is all I have to go on so far and am not at all understanding of DNA. I have been going on the assumption that my biological father was an American military man stationed in Germany around 1957. Any assistance or direction you could provide would be appreciated.
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Steven Cox
January 29 @ 7:56pm
I think I made the change you wanted. Let me know if I got it right. I emailed you so you can contact me there if you wish.
Linda Casey
January 31 @ 1:53pm
Robert: Steven was found in my grouping (Kit #: N91556). We are trying to establish whether he is related to my contributed male line. Will you also keep me apprised as to how we can determine this? Thank you. Linda
Robert Casey
February 19 @ 11:35am
Steven - Both you and Linda are predicted to be S5459 by the NEVGEN YSNP predictor tool which is more recent than the DF21 label. But S5459 is still estimated to be 2500 years old. However, the genetic distances imply a closer relationship than 2500 years ago. Also, most of the Casey testers are at 37 or lower YSTR resolution. I would recommend that you join the DF21 haplogroup project and see if the DF21 SNP pack is the best SNP pack for DF21. This genetic cluster needs a much more recent YSNP branch as the next step. Also, it would help if you updated your "Earliest Known Ancestor" for your male line (regardless of how recent the ancestor is). I have in depth knowledge of R-L226 but it is very hard for surname project admins to keep up to speed on all the haplogroups found in the Casey surname project.
Steven Cox
March 4 @ 7:40am
I will certainly look at the DF21 haplogroup project but as I said other than DNA I have zero idea of any of my male line and am at a loss as to where to find any information other than what DNA testing has provided.
Susan van Vonno Susan van Vonno
September 7 @ 3:18pm
Mary Agnes Casey was my great grandmother. Born abt 1853. And rumor has the family in County Cork. She married my great grandfather George Hedden Osborn of Newark New Jersey. She was either in New Jersey or in New York. she claims on several documents that she was born in Brooklyn.
Robert Casey
January 17 @ 6:05pm
Around one-third of all male Casey's belong to R-L226 which has known ties to County Clare and the surrounding counties in Munster, Ireland. This project is a YDNA project but I do allow atDNA testers to join to exchange information.
Susan van Vonno
February 6 @ 9:30am
Some family records indicate that the family came from County Cork.
Robert Casey Robert Casey
August 29 @ 3:14pm
Welcome - Casey/B88577 who has tested to 67 markers. According the NevGen predictor tool, he appears to be U106 (one of his matches is also tested U106 as well). So I assigned him to the U106 grouping.
Sam Casey
January 28 @ 5:30pm
I have a Ydna match with 523846 plus a Family Finder match with him. We are both descended from Jeremiah Casey.
Susan van Vonno
February 6 @ 9:28am
Is your Jeremiah from Newark New Jersey? I think I might be related to him also. his daughter was Mary A. Which turns out to be Mary Ann. My great grandmother was Mary Agnes. Did she change her name to Agnes, She fits into that family time wise and in the same neighborhood. I am really new to this and not understanding much of it. Susan van Vonno Kit #261902
Susan Casey Susan Casey
January 19 @ 9:45pm
I am very new to the DNA aspects of genealogy but my test kit # is 296182 and I had my son's DNA tested. His name is Brian Smith. I am specifically looking for information on the Alphin family from Randolph, AR and for the Denman family from Attala, MS.
Robert Casey
January 22 @ 9:37pm
If your son is a Smith surname, his YDNA would not be a Casey line. You would need to locate a male cousin with the Casey surname to test your YDNA connections to other Casey YDNA testers.
Susan Casey Susan Casey
January 19 @ 9:41pm
I am a descendant of the Caseys from South Carolina and specifically John Abner Casey. Also Abner Brooks Casey who was married to Harriet Green. I have a note that says Abner Casey lived in Roanoke and married a Welch woman, Hettie Green. In 1760 the family moved to Spartanburg, SC. His children were: Jesse, John, Christopher, Randolph, James, Moses, Levi, Nancy, and Benjamin.
Robert Casey
January 22 @ 9:35pm
I am afraid that the SC Casey lines are not related to the VA Casey lines that have been tested to date. However, our largest Casey surname cluster is the SC Casey surname cluster (the link below shows which lines have been tested to date at 67 markers): At 12 markers, it is not possible to verify if you are genetically related to the SC Casey testers. You really need to upgrade to 67 markers to verify your relationship to other Casey testers.
Susan Casey Susan Casey
January 19 @ 9:42pm
The information I just posted came from Tim Casey, a descendent of Christopher Casey. Source was John Kent Family Tree.
Richard K Ross Richard K Ross
July 23 @ 12:31am
Hello everyone! Well, my earliest known Casey was named Uriah, born 1815 in Ohio. He married Ellenorah Leiter who was born in 1820 Maryland. The Leiter's appear to be Dutch. Uriah Casey, I am not sure at this point, although I suspect he is of Northern Ireland heritage. The Casey's had some unusual names for their daughters, Emerilla (Emma), Scenia, Maudilla and Electia. The sons were named Calvin and Austin. They lived in Crawford County, OH. Emma married Sullivan Ross, my GG Grandfather from Hardin County, OH. Sullivan was a Railroad Engineer before leaving for Mercer County, MO where they arrived by 1870 with his brother's family, George H. Ross. I know there was at least one Uriah Casey born in Spartansburg, SC and one from Johnson County, AR. Uriah died in 1893. The 1880 did not list where his parents were born. Some believe his parents were Daniel CASE and Nancy FRANCIS, however, I have not seen any documentation.
Robert Casey
January 17 @ 6:20pm
Since you list your oldest proven male ancestor was a Ross, your Ross YDNA results will not be connected to Casey YDNA research. So, I assume that your are trying to make connections via your atDNA (Family Finder) with Casey relatives. I am very aware of the Casey lines that resided in western South Carolina (primarily Spartanburg). The vast majority of Johnson County, AR Caseys are from the South Carolina. They have all tested R-L226 and we have tested around 20 different lines of South Carolina and all belong to the YSNP branch, FGC5639, which was around 250 to 500 years old. But to participate in YDNA research, you must test a male descendant of your Casey line.
Richard K Ross
January 18 @ 6:46am
Thank you, Robert. If I could find a descendant of my Casey line that would be a major breakthrough. Perhaps, before I exit this planet I will find one still living.
Anthony Long Anthony Long
September 3 @ 10:50am
Hi Robert, I posted here quite a while back about my great great grandfather James Samuel Casey. My kit number is 477812. I recently upgraded to the 67 markers. What we know is that James immigrated to the U.S. around 1871 served in the Union army and showed up in Dallas, Texas in the 1880s. He's buried in Dallas. He married Margaret Kiely possibly in Dallas or maybe New York. I'd love to find more information about his family in Ireland. Do you have any other suggestions?
carla casey
September 29 @ 7:24am
Anthony Long hi,do you have a Gedmatch number please? i am desperate to find my Casey family..Also i live in ireland and have spent years trawling through casey records if you need any help let me know
carla casey
October 3 @ 6:06am
Anthony Long..i just checked with your number and mine and mums and No match :-( i can still try and help you with irish records to try and find your james samuel if you like? my email is
Robert Casey
January 17 @ 6:02pm
Carla - you are the only YDNA Casey tester in this surname project that is part of the R1a haplogroup. There are no other Casey testers in this project that are related to you in the several thousand years (R1a and R1b split around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago). atDNA testing may be a better approach to find matches - but this project is a YDNA project as atDNA involves sorting dozens of surnames in your pedigree chart.
Gerard Hogan Gerard Hogan
November 25 @ 5:59pm
Hi I’m trying to trace my biological father So far I have found 2 first cousins on my bf side , one of my first cousins is Casey I have also traced a 2nd cousin Walsh on 23andme surname who’s grandmother was Bridget Casey married to jack Walsh .
Gerard Hogan
November 25 @ 6:00pm
My cousins live in Minnesota , I’m from England but born co Clare Ireland 1969 .
Robert Casey
January 17 @ 5:58pm
County Clare is the geographical center for the haplogroup R-L226. This haplogroup has a lot of Hogan testers. However, this is YDNA connection and you have only completed an atDNA (Family Finder) test. This project is a YDNA surname project but I do allow atDNA testers to join in order to exchange information about possible connections.