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05 March 2013. We now have 179 members in the project who have tested 12 to 111 markers. Included are 138 Carrolls or variants thereof. Members have been assigned to 24 SNP categories based on actual SNP tests or projections based on the  SNPs of people they match. Members are urged to test 67 or 111 markers, test for SNPs, and join FTDNA projects that focus on their SNPs.

30 September 2011 and we now have 148 members in the Carroll DNA project.  So far no one has come forward who can trace their Carroll roots back to the 1500's except of course the participant Member Kit Number 112378 who is a close relative of the family of Charles Carroll the Signer.

25 December 2008. Congratulations to the Carroll DNA Group. We now have ninety-six participants. Since inception in September 2004 this means an average of two new participants per months have joined. Thanks to everyone and also FamilyTreeDNA for making this project possible.

06 September 2009. Exciting News! We have one hundred six participants!

We think that a group of our participants may have hit the Jackpot! They may be related to the O'Carroll Princes of Oriel (Monaghan and Louth). This Kingdom located in the North of Ireland was founded by the three Collas Brothers around the year 327 AD. Wow! Will keep you posted on this as we get more news.

20 April 2007 - Announcement -
One of our Members has offered to pay for a 37 Marker Test for up to five Carroll Surname holders who can reliably trace their lineage and Clan or Sept affiliation back to the 1500's. Please contact the Administrator if you think you may qualify.

We are happy to announce posting of results of descendents of Carroll Loyalist who lived during the Revolutionary Period. The family has shared their markers from another DNA Group.

29 Sep 2004 - the CARROLL Surname Project was announced. This Project welcomes all Carroll's and those who think they might be Carroll's regardless of national, ethnic, or religious origin. Thanks to all for having the courage to take part in this new "fantastic" tool for tracing our family and human heritage.