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There are several CARLTON lines in the USA and much speculation on their origins & whether they are related.

The CARLTON Surname DNA Project has recently been established to create a growing database of DNA profiles of male CARLTON descendants to aid in genealogical research. DNA analysis can assist in supporting or refuting the premise that two or more participants descend from a common ancestor.
The CARLTON lines are known to have originated in England. As early as 1642, the CARLTON surname was listed in Northhampton Co., VA. Christopher CARLTON is listed in the year 1683 in New Kent County, VA and John CARLTON, in 1699 of King & Queen County, VA. The Virginia Quit Rent Rolls in 1704 in King & Queen County, VA list several CARLTONS. By 1772, the taxable list of King & Queen shows 14 CARLTONS. After this date, the majority of the Virginia CARLTONS migrate to the other regions of the United States, most notably the Southern States, but a few settled in Illinois and Indiana. Some of the CARLTONS changed the spelling of their surname to CARLETON.