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About us

This project was started by Benjamin Wade Carde, Jr. (1929-2014) The following information was posted by him.

"My name is Benjamin Wade Carde, Jr.; however, It is properly spelled 'Card', as it it shown on my birth certificate. My father is, of course, Benjamin Wade Card, my grandfather is Thomas Sidney Card, and my great-grandfather is Sabert Henry Card. All hail from North Carolina. The 'e' was added by default when, as a youth, I went to live with my grandmother who had married Alonza Powell Carde, subsequent to my grandfather's death. It was the school system that added the 'e' to my name and it didn't seem to matter to me until I became interested in family history.

I never knew how many 'Cards' there were until I began pursuing family history. I have since learned the 'Card' line ranges from New England to Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. There are possible international links to the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. Interestingly, Charles Ora Card, of the Mormon faith, migrated from Illinois to Utah territory with Brigham Young in 1846. He later moved to Alberta, Canada and established a settlement that is known today as the city of Cardston. Wilbur Wade Card of North Carolina was Director of Athletics at Duke University and introduced basketball into that state in 1905. Benjamin H. Card was a Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War period. It goes on and on."