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About us

The Waccamaw DNA Project began in 2007 and is open to anyone who believes they have genetic ties to, or are descendants of the Waccamaw Indians.

Anyone who shares a common surname that is associated with the tribe, and/or believes they have native american ancestry associated with other tribes (Tuscarora, Nottoway, Saponi, Lumbee, Cheraw, Peedee, Santee, Cherokee etc) that may have genetic cousins to the Waccamaw are encouraged to join.

This project works in relationship with The Lumbee Tribe Regional DNA project. www.Huxford.com/Genetics_Lumbee.htm and other DNA projects.

Note that both projects contain the same families and surnames documented to be members or have kin in both tribes. In essence, geographically, it is believed that these two tribes are related and share common ancestors.

The project is open to both males (Y-DNA) and females (mtDNA).

The US census identifies the surnames listed above as prominent Waccamaw family names. However, this list is not all inclusive.

Keep in mind that these names may have variant spellings not included on this list.

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