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About us

Welcome to the Campania Italy DNA Project!

My name is Vince Palozzi, and I'm the new administrator of the Campania Italy DNA Project. I have been researching my family's genealogy for over 30 years, and I started DNA testing 8 years ago which has led to interesting and important breakthroughs for my family's history.

Given that most Italian families have resided in the same general areas of Italy for generations the Campania Italy DNA Project is designed to help researchers determine who within this geographical area is related; therefore, this project is for both both males and females. Please note that membership in this project requires that members can trace either their direct paternal line (father's father, etc.) or direct maternal line (nother's mother, etc.) to Campania. In order to have the most accurate results possible for all project members, only the results of direct yDNA and mtDNA with origins in Campania will be posted on the results page. Adoptees or others who believe they may have direct lineage in Campania, but who are unable to verify it, may also join. The surnames of anyone ever living in the Campania Province are welcomed and as the surnames are known, they will be added to the list. Please consider volunteering to test. If you are the spouse of an Italian whose ancestors reside or once resided in the Province of Campania, please assist us in locating possible candidates to test. 

I recommend that anyone wishing to test should consider at least 37 markers for men and HVR1 & HVR2 for women and men, as these test will provide more accurate matching. Additionally, please consider advanced yDNA SNP testing for men, and full mtDNA testing for women and men for even more refined matching. In order to find DNA matches, you must choose to have your results made public in the FTDNA database; yDNA results may also be posted at and mtDNA results may also be posted at and/or   

The success of this project will depend upon you, our project's members. Your contributions will help improve our project experience, and those include making your results public, adding the names of your oldest known direct line ancestors and/or their places of birth, and completing your online family tree in your personal account. Please respect your family's privacy by not posting any dates and locations for living persons unless they have given their permission to do so. Also please consider donating to the general fund to assist those who are in need of funds for testing.

As our group grows, there will be a need to revise this website to assist its members. You can send your ideas for this website directly to me

Again, welcome to the group. I hope you enjoy being a part of our group, and that you will be the one to provide that missing link we all need!

All the best,