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Lois (Hunter) (Harrell)Thomas Lois (Hunter) (Harrell)Thomas
May 22 @ 12:32pm
Slainte! I took over my mother's quest to find out the truth about my 3G Grandmother Julia O'Callaghan (as my mom knew her) b. 1859 on Easter in Duoro, Otonobee, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada d. Dec. 1929 Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. She married George Johan Hafner in 1896 but I have not found a marriage license. I have been able to find out Julia was the daughter of John Callaghan b. 1831 Ireland d. 1874 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada married to Elizabeth (Allen) whose family was part of the Robinson Settlers of 1825. My problem (okay one of many) is that my 3G Grandmother Julia Callaghan leaves Canada, about 1870 and my 2G Grandmother is born in Buffalo, N.Y.(as stated on my Grandmothers birth certificate) Now here is the pinch....my 2G Grandmother when she gets married states her maiden name is FORD!! All the US Census my 3G Grandmother states Rose is her daughter and that she is the only child she had and an Earlier Census states Rose's last name is Ford. My 3G Grandmother did marry George Johan Hafner in 1896 but Julias daughter never used the name Hafner. My request is if anyone knows ANYTHING about my 3G Grandmother Julia Callaghan. Thank you so much Carlee
Sheila Smith - Callaghan Sheila Smith - Callaghan
February 10 @ 4:27am
Hello. Can anyone give me any information for a John Callaghan that died in 1999, (aged about 69) and probably in Dublin. Thanks in advance.
Sheila Smith - Callaghan
March 29 @ 5:56am
He had sons and a wife... that's all I know.
Janice Dines Janice Dines
October 17, 2016 @ 10:03pm
My earliest known ancestor in the female line was Mary Ann Callahan who married Richard Vallancey in the Church of Ireland in Rockcorry, county Monaghan, Ireland on 25 December 1817. mT DNA: H1e1a -
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Brian Callaghan
March 10, 2017 @ 9:28am
My gg grandfather-James O'Callaghan came from County Monaghan that is listed on this tombstone in Canada. Not many O's or Callaghan's from Monaghan. He married a Mary Murray and came to Canada in the 1840's. This is the only information we have on him in Ireland
Jennifer Plain
September 14 @ 6:58pm
Old conversation, but just seeing this now. I had no idea how my Catherine O'Callaghan got to Cleveland,Ohio or where she came from, but through DNA she was apparently an O'Callaghan from Monaghan, aroud the area of Tedavnet.
Brian Callahan
November 17 @ 9:39am
Hey Brian you and I are both M222 positive. I tested Big Y and I am ZS8379 which seems to have an Irish Midlands connection. Have you considered Big Y 700...... the Thanksgiving Sale is the best I have ever seen for upgrades. Check this out... https://learn.familytreedna.com/general/price-chart/
Kelly Callahan
March 18 @ 11:53pm
I am a Callahan from Cleveland, Ohio
Brian Callahan Brian Callahan
March 17 @ 6:49pm
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all the Callahan’s over all over the world. Lets stick together and take care of each other. Remember the Irish toast is Slainte which as you know means “to health.” So Slainte!
George Daly George Daly
December 21 @ 4:24pm
Hi, my paternal grandfather was Michael Callahan of Foxford, Mayo or nearby. I was curious if there was a terminal y snp found for this sept of the Mayo Callahan tribe? not have any luck with uncles or cousins wanting to test. Thanks!
Brian Callahan
December 24 @ 12:21pm
Hey George not that I know of but there would be a decent chance he would be M222 positive or a North West Irish type 1. Cost of testing the Y is way down so maybe you will get you Callahan uncles a Christmas gift!
Alicia Baker Alicia Baker
December 20 @ 10:54am
Earliest is Napolion M Callahan B1835. Any information would be appreciated? date of death? parents?
Michael Callahan Michael Callahan has a question!
September 19 @ 9:31am
My dad had Haplogroup R-L21. My brothers and I have R-FGC10125. I don't understand the difference and the only thing he knew about his father, John Michael Callahan (b. 1888 or 1892) is that he said he was from Doylestown, Bucks, Pennsylvania. We cannot find any record of him there or his parents Andrew J Callahan or Agnes Roney. How do I go about finding them or the region where our Irish family originated? Thanks for any help! Mike J. Callahan
Brian Callahan
November 17 @ 9:30am
Hi Michael.... L-21 is called the Celtic marker... it looks like you have advanced testing and your marker is well below (more recent in time) than L-21. Have you joined our project for you home page?
Monica Doherty Monica Doherty
July 24, 2019 @ 11:43am
My great grandmothers maiden name was Velma Callahan. She married Pete Berry Johnson. Anyone with share this connection? I would love to exchange stories with you. :)
Michael Thornley Michael Thornley
April 28, 2019 @ 5:00am
Greetings from Melbourne Australia. Whilst I am not a direct male descendant, I do carry the blood of this great family. My great-grandmother was a Callaghan and there are thousands of descendants from Andrew Callaghan who came to Australia as a convict from Down Patrick, county Down, Northern Ireland. Andrew (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN (1784 - 1841) 4th great-grandfather James (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN (1817 - 1890) Son of Andrew (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN John (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN (1840 - 1914) Son of James (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN Bridget Agnes (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN (1880 - 1954) Daughter of John (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN David Andrew (DNA Linked) EADY (1911 - 1988) Son of Bridget Agnes (DNA Linked) CALLAGHAN June Florence (DNA Linked) EADY (1938 - ) Daughter of David Andrew (DNA Linked) EADY 'Colonel' Michael Ellis THORNLEY JP You are the son of June Florence (DNA Linked) EADY
Billy Harris (c/o Carol) Billy Harris (c/o Carol) has a question!
January 24, 2018 @ 12:26pm
I recently joined this group after upgrading to 111 markers showed that I was closely related to a Callahan line. The surname project for Harris had already shown a NPE in the past. In fact in that project my results closely matched a George Braswell Sr. line and not any other Harris lines. I joined the Braswell surname project and found that the George Braswell Sr. line doesn't match any other Braswell lines. My question is: does anyone in this group have links to a Harris family in North Carolina? (Note I presviously make a mistake in this post when I said we match an Anderson line. I meant to say Braswell.)
Brian Callahan
February 6, 2018 @ 9:58am
Patty & Billy: This is where your results should be on the Big Tree which is free. http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=811 This is a free upload. Instructions on how to upload your Big Y results are at the top of the Big Tree page. Looks like you upload your Big Y VCF File & not your Bam file. As you can see you will be joining another Callaghan. Big Tree is different than Y Search.
Leah Picone
July 25, 2018 @ 1:44pm
Hi Billy, my name is Leah and I also have both Harris (PA/VA/LA) and Callahan (??/VA/LA) in my family tree on my mother's side. Good luck!
Michael Callahan
February 4, 2019 @ 1:04am
Leah Picone, and Billy Harris, I'd like to connect with you about your Callahan connections. Billy, do you know when/where the NPE in the Harris line occurred. Leah, I'm interested in any connection to Callahan's in PA and VA. Thank you.
Billy Harris (c/o Carol)
February 22, 2019 @ 9:56am
Michael Callahan, I am Billy's cousin Carol and I manage his DNA tests. I'd like to connect with you too. I only know that the NPE occurred prior to about 1800 since we can trace our g-g-grandfather Joel J. Harris' birth to that time in North Carolina. It may have been Rutherford County. Based on y-DNA testing, it appears our Harris line is related to Braswell, Callahan, and Grant surnames and not to any other Harris lineage. If you have any ideas we can collaborate on, I would love to hear from you. If you'd care to send me a personal email, you'll find it on Billy's profile.