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A low number of matches between many participants in Y-DNA. All but one share the Atlantic modal haplotype RIb, which is the most common European haplotype.  Most ancestral charts indicate Irish and Scottish matches.

One kit has a haplotype called "Viking". This indicates a Scandinavian origin although the closest ancestor may have been in the UK.  That is Kit #216823

Various lines as reported by participants:

Thomas (Lt Gov.) Broughton-Barbados>SC>AL>TX- represented by kit #5444, No matches for this line so far.  Actually, many matches at 12 but nothing above.  This is very common with an R1b haplo.    Meaningful results are only obtained by 37 or more markers.

Willoughby Broughton-, 17251804. - represented by kit #5324, with 25 markers.  Now, has a match with 2 off with kit 306097.  Line from Reuben in England 1720, to N.C.  Upgrades have been ordered for both of these kits as of Nov. 14, 2013.  January 1, 2014 batch report in showing same 2 off between kits.  Upgrade recommended for 5324.  Trying to find paper trail connect.

Unmatched kits

Kit N12076-descendant of Capt. Nicholson BROUGHTON.  This test kit needs to be upgraded, only has 12 markers.

We have several tests that share matching markers with the BRATTON/BRATTIN variant spelling.  These are not extremely close but do indicate a common ancestor. 

Kit # 5296 - lineage from Joshua BROUGHTON, Jasper Co.,GA.

Kit # 187514 , Kit # 364748 - showing lineage from Thomas Andrew Jackson Broughton Sr. b.1814 Georgia

Kit # 211437 - with lineage from James Bratton, 1781-1861 b. Ireland

Kit # 263932 -

Kit # N12980 - descendant of Hugh BRATTIN. Northern Ireland

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