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About us

The Britton of Ireland 'Family Finder' project is appropriate for all BRITTON surname and variants, including, BRITTAIN, BRITTAINE, BRITTEN etc.

Our interest is mainly in Northern Ireland (Fermanagh and Donegal) but anyone with BRITTON ancestors who were born, lived or died in Ireland are welcome to join.  Tipperary is also known to have quite a number of Britton families. The principal families currently of interest (to date) are:

Fermanagh, Ireland 

* Catherine Britton abt 1788 of Boho, Fermanagh m Stephen Cassidy (Gortgall townland)

* George Britton abt 1794 of Fermanagh, died Pennsylvania, m Catherine Laird 

* James Britton abt 1788 of Boho, Fermanagh (Tullyholvin townland) m Mary Laird

* Jane Britten abt 1768 of Fermanagh, died Ohio, m Henry Brooks

* John Britton born before 1785 of Fermanagh (Magheranageeragh townland) m Mary Hamilton

* Margery Britton abt 1800 m William Elliott at Fermanagh

* Thomas Britton born before 1780 (brother of Catherine) of Fermanagh (Mullaghdan townland)

* William Britton bef 1785 of Boho, Fermanagh (father of Noble Britton)

Donegal, Ireland

* Patrick Britton abt 1720 m Rose Travers of Pettigo, Donegal

* John Britton b 1777 of Dumfriesshire Scotland m Alicia Orr.  Keeper of Customs at Ballyshannon, Donegal


The following links are relevant to 'Britton' research in Ireland and may be of interest.  Please contact the administrator if you have suggestions about further inclusions.

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DNA Information

* Autosomal confirmed ancestors - Those identified by the project are being updated at Wikitree. Family tree descendant information (where known) may also be found via our Patriarchs and Matriarchs pages at Wikitree. You can access these via our Wikitree project page - This page contains more information about how you can get involved in the project.

* Autosomal DNA chromosome maps - Patriarch BRITTON c1765 Fermanagh -

* Y-DNA confirmed ancestors - Y-DNA results for the Britton surname can be accessed -

DNA research blogs 

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