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About us

This DNA project is open to anyone and everyone with a Boylan connection. The project has several aims including: 1) the grouping of people together who have similar genetic signatures in order to identify people who share a common Boylan ancestor within the past 1000 years or so (since the surname first emerged). This will help individuals focus their own personal research. 2) the identification of the ancestral origins of the different genetic groups identified (e.g. Irish vs English). 3) the study of the evolution of the surname over time and the relationship of the different surname variants (if any) to each other. Women are especially welcome to join, and both mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA results can be added to the project. This will allow anyone who is interested in this project to receive the project status updates which will be sent out intermittently via bulk email. Whilst mtDNA and atDNA are welcome, the main focus of any analysis will be on Y-DNA and what this tells us about your own particular Boylan ancestors, where they came from, and who they are related to within the group. My own (most distant) Boylan ancestor was James Boylan (c1803-1897) who was a tailor in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare. His brother William Boylan (1809-1881) emigrated to the US and became a successful land speculator in New Jersey. Their parents were probably a John Boylan and Mary McGeer (?McGuer or ?McGuire). To join the project simply click on the JOIN button to the right above, and follow the simple instructions. For men, the recommended test is the Y-DNA-37 test which is $149 via the project. I hope you find this project useful and wish you all the best in your genealogical endeavours. Maurice Gleeson, Project Administrator, May 2016