Black O'Kelleys

Descendants of Ellen Johnson-Mathews-Fisher
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About us

This is the DNA Project of Our O'Kelley Family aka the Black O'Kelleys

Our matriarch, Ellen Johnson-Mathews-Fisher was born enslaved in 1843.  She resided on the O'Kelley plantation in Woodville (Wilkinson County) Mississippi. 

Ellen's three O'Kelley sons were fathered by the sons (James & John) of John Frances Marion Kelly/Kelley/O'Kelly, and grandsons to David Kelly born in 1763 of Darlington, South Carolina. 

Our Y-DNA results have confirmed that we descend from the same line of David Kelly.  The members of this DNA Project are researching connections to Ellen Fisher's descendants: 
  • Daniel Smith O'Kelley b. 1862
  • Will Dock O'Kelley b. 1867
  • Charles Edward O'Kelley b. 1871
  • Virginia Johnson-Brooks, Cordelia Johnson, Lewis Johnson, John Archie Hilliard/Hillery, Amos Mathews, Theresa Fisher-O'Neal/O'Neil
We look forward to uniting with all of our bloodline, white or black, in our pursuits to learn more about from whence we came.

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