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About us

The goal of the Biggins Surname Project is to distinguish between English and Irish Biggins/Beggan ancestral lines, worldwide. Any reasonable spelling variant is included (please feel free to suggest a variant you feel I have missed). While the specific goals and objectives for each of our participants may vary, we are all interested in gaining answers to genealogical questions that cannot be answered through conventional research. DNA is a very powerful tool and, when used in conjunction with paper trail evidence, it can provide us with answers to some very important questions. DNA can tell us whether or not two or more poorly documented Biggins (or variant) families living in the same area at the same time are related. It can also bring surprising results, such as connecting two Biggins (or variant) lines that were before believed to be unrelated!! A number of our participants have hit a brick wall in the mid-1800s. For those participants, matching DNA with someone who can trace his lineage back to the 1700s or even 1600s is an incredible experience. We encourage all participants in the Biggins Project to join the public website Y-Search at Y-Search allows us to post our pedigree charts and communicate with others outside of our group and those who were tested by other companies. This is particularly useful as our genealogical journey takes us back to our European roots. To join Y-Search, just go to your personal page where you find your DNA results; click on the orange tab called Y-DNA Matches. Above the list of matches is a box outlined in blue that says Click here to upload to It is that easy!