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About us

The aims of this BEAUGRAND Y-DNA project are:
1. to help confirm or disconfirm genealogical and familial connections among Beaugrand of all spelling and variations;
2. to establish Y-DNA phylogenies of Beaugrand, Beaugrand-dit-Champagne and Champagne living in North and South America;
3. to connect genetically the Beaugrand lines of the American continent with relatives in Europe (mainly France & Germany)
4. to contribute raw Y-DNA material to scientists from which they will study fecundity, population migrations and land occupation using advanced data analysis.

By joining the group you agree to provide the project with the following information:
1) The name of the man being tested.<br> 2) The name, date and place of birth of the oldest known ancestor of his lineage.
3) Permission to publish the Y-DNA results along with the name, date and place of birth of the oldest known ancestor.
An external website can be found at: