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Since 2001...........Open to all Barton families and their close matches
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About us

The Barton DNA Project started in 2001 and now has more than 450 men with yDNA tests, plus other researchers with atDNA or mtDNA tests. A 37 yDNA test and membership in the Barton Project are the minimum requirements to be involved in our yDNA project. We typically find that testing at 111 yDNA is more useful in understanding your matches and find that BIG Y is the appropriate testing level for serious researchers. All men with a paternal heritage of Barton ancestry are welcome to yDNA test here. We also welcome any man who is yDNA matching a Barton, those who have a variation of the surname, and men with the Penwell/Penuel or Stedman (any variation) surnames - as we are also seeking to understand those historic relationships. (NOTE: a "DNA test" at any other company than FTDNA is probably an autosomal test and not the appropriate test to understand your ancestral paternal surname.)


Project Results are at displayed with other project information at

Persons interested in participating should contact the Project Coordinator, Terry Barton at to learn about our sponsorship program, provide a pedigree, and get a project number assigned.

The Barton (and variations) surnames in this DNA Project are also researched as part of the Barton one-name study. You can learn more about this supporting research by visiting the one-name study web site

The primary location for Barton pedigrees and family trees is at the Barton Database, located at