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Richard McAnulty Richard McAnulty
June 23 @ 1:27pm
Hi: very glad to be accepted into the group. After doing much research and tracing lines I'm descended from Thomas Erwin or Irwin Barnes approx 1893 birth and Lou Tosh 1895-1980 both of Tennessee. If anyone has information about these people I really need some ancestral information. TY
Donald Barnes
Yesterday at 1:20pm
Hi Richard, can you tell me what county in Tennessee ? Do you have a tree at Ancestry dot com ?
Laurie Constantino Laurie Constantino
February 17 @ 11:52pm
I'm a female with Barnes ancestry. James Alexander Barnes 1840-1898, the ancestor of kit 97376 in Group 2, is the son of my 3rd great grandfather, who was also named James Alexander Barnes 1793-1872. The elder James is the son of Leonard Barnes 1766-1847, who lived in Frederick County Maryland, Fayette County Pennsylvania, and Holmes County Ohio. Leonard is the probable brother of Leven Barnes 1762-1836 and probable son of Richard Barnes c1740-1792. The big question is who is Richard? Family lore says he and his brothers William and David came to America in 1758, perhaps because their relative James Barnes (wife Keturah Shipley) was already here. That my line is in Group 2 perhaps confirms a relationship between the families. I know a huge amount about the family from Leonard on down and have many many autosomal DNA matches to Leonard's descendants, but between my father and I, we've been stuck for almost 40 years at Leonard/Richard. I also know quite a bit about Richard's purported brother David c1740-1787. David's son James 1772-1843 was the founder of Barnesville, Belmont, Ohio. Hoping DNA can help break down my family's intractable brick wall!
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Donald Barnes
February 19 @ 10:35pm
Laurie I have been wondering if James had other brothers or relatives who came over. Do you have an Ancestry account ?
Donald Barnes
April 1 @ 12:40pm
I am hoping Laurie will return someday as my William Alexander Barnes ( born North Carolina abt 1830 died abt 1882 California ) is also in Group #2.
Donald Barnes
May 12 @ 7:08pm
Laurie, I have just learned of an Ancestry Tree that shows Leonard's father is John Barnes and Hammutal Tevis. John was the son of Adam Barnes and Hannah Dorsey.
Donald Barnes
May 16 @ 11:13am
Laurie and I have connected and are communicating. My previous post we believe is an error. Leonard's father was not John Barnes and Hammutal Tevis.
David Maxwell David Maxwell
April 7 @ 11:01pm
Recently learned that my grandfather, Robert A. Maxwell, whom I've been researching for five years, was a teenage runaway who changed his name. His real name was Walter Harvey Barnes. He was born in Sherman County, Kansas on Jan 19, 1890. His father was John M. Barnes, b. 1853 in Morgantown, Indiana. His grandfather was Ephraim Barnes, b. 1822 in Indiana, and his great grandfather was George Warren Barnes, b. 1765 in Maryland. Anyone see a common ancestor in there? Any Gedmatch kits to compare with. Mine is A828649. My father, aunt, siblings and cousins are on Gedmatch as well. Also have DNA tests on Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FTDNA including a Y-111 test. Photo (pencil sketch) is of John M. Barnes ca. 1874.
David Maxwell
April 16 @ 12:40pm
My FTDNA kit number is 427776
Bill Barnes
April 23 @ 10:16am
Great picture! I have looked at your Y-STR matches and it doesn't look like you have any close matches at Y-111 but at Y-67 you have a Barnes at a GD of 2 and they've only tested 67 markers. They seem the be your best match and I'd contact them about upgrading to Y-111 or even the Big Y. Trying to refine your haplogroup and there is a good chance you will be under here: R1b U106 > Z381 > Z301 > Z30 > Z346 I'll move you out of Group 8 (which is a mixed bag) into the U106 group for now as your match is already in there. If any other good matches turn up we can give you your own group.
Bill Barnes
April 23 @ 10:46am
Looking over the U106 results: your Y-STR match, 324388, is clearly related, but others look like possibilities - 42335 has enough differences to not be a Y-STR match but their haplogroup estimate is also under Z346. There is a chance that they are a more distant relative on the same branch.
David Maxwell
May 9 @ 10:52am
Hi Bill. I assume you're talking about the 67 match to David Alan Barnes. I did contact him about a year ago. He responded, and told me he was adopted, and knew almost nothing about his biological parents. I never got out of him if the name, Barnes, was his adoptive name or biological parent's name. I encouraged him to follow up with an autosomal test. He did, and I could not find a match. Given the 2 generation distance, I thought that was very odd. He did come from the same geographic area of my Barnes ancestors.
David Maxwell David Maxwell
April 8 @ 12:24pm
Hello everyone! I have found that locating an autosomal match connected to a positive Y result is a huge benefit to genealogical research. I have a suggestion that perhaps our Admin could put into place; What if our Y groups chart had a column for Gedmatch, or Testing company. It could have a column for Gedmatch kit numbers and one for the testing company: Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage etc, and a name associated with that test. This would make the search FAR easier. Any thoughts?
Bill Barnes
April 23 @ 10:07am
It's a good idea but not one we have any control over.
David Maxwell David Maxwell
April 8 @ 6:48pm
Less than 24 hours after confirming my grandfather was in fact a Barnes who had run away from home, and changed his name, a Barnes cousin sent me this photo. Standing in the back is the unmistakable image of my grandfather as an eight year old boy. In front of him are John and Alice Barnes, and the two youngest boys, Oliver and Richard.
james barnes james barnes
September 30 @ 11:17pm
My Y 700 results are in for James Barnes # B142869, I have not learned anything since my Y 500, unfortunately.
Waife " Bud " Barnes
February 12 @ 11:34am
Hi James, what Group # are you in and what was your final haplo group ?
Donald Barnes
February 20 @ 12:10am
James, you have an interesting haplogroup ( R-CTS8580 ). Hopefully some one will test and be that same branch and give you some idea.
james barnes
February 26 @ 10:40pm
Hi gentleman, My great Grandfather John I believe was born on about 1842 in Mount Nugent Killbride County Cavan. His wife Elizabeth Fagan was 2 years younger born in Ireland. I believe my GG father parents were James Barnes and Margaret McGuire. Short of that my DNA and paper trail have become cold. Apparently my haplogroup R-CTS8580 leaves me alone for the time being.
Donald Barnes
April 1 @ 12:27pm
Thank you James. Very interesting. I have family from Tullamore, Athlone and Birr but not Barnes-es. Thankfully Y testing showed me my Barnes line in America but may never learn where in UK they removed from. Possibly Devonshire.
Scott Barnes Scott Barnes
January 10 @ 2:27pm
New to the site and the group, hoping to verify the line of Barnes' that I descend from. My family has definitively traced our paternal lineage back to my 5th great-grandfather James Barnes who lived in upstate NY and was most likely born in CT between 1784-1788. I have taken an DNA test and transferred it here, but to connect with the Barnes project I have ordered a y-DNA test to confirm. At first based off my matches I thought that my Barnes line came from Thomas Barnes of Hartford, CT, but after looking at my matches here it may be more likely that it was Thomas Barnes of New Haven, CT. If anyone comes from either line and has any helpful info I'm all ears! Glad to be part of the group and hoping to build on my family tree a little more from it.
Scott Barnes
February 12 @ 4:21pm
Donald, I got my results back, my kit # is B599773 and my haplogroup is I-M223. Currently I'm showing as ungrouped on the project. My earliest known ancestor is James Barnes, born sometime between 1783-1788 most likely in or around Farmington, CT. Based on my matches on, this site and the results of a cousin though my paternal line that gave me the ability to review her matches James most likely comes from English descent either from the Thomas Barnes of Hartford, CT or Thomas Barnes of New Haven, CT line. An author that wrote a book on the line of James Barnes told me that he had researched his ancestry and had listed that James came form the Thomas of Hartford line, but the DNA matches that I've gotten have direct, proven connections to the Thomas of New Haven line. I'm leaning towards the latter for lineage as the centimorgan numbers with those I've matched with on this line are high for distant cousin relationships. I have found some circumstantial evidence that James' in-laws were living in the same town as descendants from both Thomas Barnes lines in CT around the time of his birth, and I'm travelling to CT soon to search on site records to hopefully confirm his ancestry, but so far everything is speculative. Any thoughts or suggestions on the matter please let me know. Thanks!
Donald Barnes
February 19 @ 8:39pm
Looked at your results, you may need further STR testing for accurate Group placement. Also upgrading to Big Y will yield final results for haplogroup.
Scott Barnes
February 19 @ 9:53pm
Donald, the BIg Y test looks nice but I think is a little above what I was wanting to spend on a DNA test. Would any of the lesser STR tests be sufficient?
Waife " Bud " Barnes
February 19 @ 11:57pm
They told me Y-37 would put me in a Group. I wasn't happy with that level so eventually upgraded to Big Y-700 when it went on sale. It includes Y-111 and all the SNP's. You save money in the long run.
Robert Barnes Robert Barnes
February 11 @ 9:39pm
Hey trying to get some help I’m new to doing this my group is labeled ungrouped my kit number is mk47304 can someone please help me
Donald Barnes
February 12 @ 11:12am
Hi Robert, it will take at least a month for complete sequencing. Depending how big ungrouped back log is. Who is your farthest back ancestor ? Dates and where lived ? Maybe some one here will be able to guess from their research.
Robert Barnes
February 12 @ 10:55pm
Jessie c barnes 1812-1884 would be my 3ggfather next that pulls up is a Dempsey barnes but not sure if it’s right for him. Jessie was born in Tennessee the moves to Colorado
Robert Barnes
February 12 @ 10:56pm
I am actually tina barnes my brother Robert is the one who did this test for us to find info
Donald Barnes
February 19 @ 8:16pm
Hi Tina,. Where in Tennessee was Jesse born.?
Michael Caldwell Michael Caldwell
December 15 @ 10:26am
Greetings to my fellow Barnes folks! Even though my own surname is Caldwell (and therefore, no Y-DNA discoveries are possible for me individually) my mother was a Barnes and her only sibling, my uncle, has taken the DNA test on my behalf. We're confirmed to be from the James Barnes & Keturah Shipley line-up of descendants, based on DNA evidence. Here's an outline:
Michael Caldwell
December 26 @ 9:08am
Hi Don, yes, I met David Koontz last week for the first time and we had a fascinating discussion. I’m interested to be in touch with you as well — can we correspond via regular e.mail? Try me at Yes, I’m a James & Keturah Barnes descendant for sure; the exact pathway is not 100% certain. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. — Michael S. Caldwell
Donald Barnes
December 31 @ 10:45pm
Hello Michael, for you and anyone else I am at [ ]. My Dads Big Y final results were R-A4604. I will have to research what all that means but at least I am still in Group 2. I have no doubt my great great grandfather William Alexander Barnes was born in North Carolina near Lexington.
Waife " Bud " Barnes
February 12 @ 11:29am
Final Big Y-700 results for my father " Bud Barnes " hplogroup is now R-m269-R-A4604-R-BY198581.
Donald Barnes
February 12 @ 11:51am
Hi Michael, I see we are confirmed a match in Group #2. I bet if you did the Big Y-700 we would end up at the same Terminal SNP R-BY198581.
Jerry Barnes Jerry Barnes has a question!
October 2 @ 5:02pm
What's the point of this group? It is nothing but advertisements.
Rachel Barnes
October 30 @ 11:08am
look at the dna results. That's the point of this group.
Donald Barnes
December 22 @ 11:48pm
Hi Jerry, tell us about your Barnes line. How far back have you gone and where do your branch live ?