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Baber - Babers

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About us

The family tree web site BaberFamilyTree.org has many unconnected ancestral subtrees. We would like to connect these trees. So far we have had considerable success with the help of Y-DNA test results, but many more trees still remain to be connected.

If you are on a web page in the BaberFamilyTree.org web site that contains the sentence

"No one in this family line has been DNA tested"

in the heading, you could help connect your part of the Baber family with others by a Y-DNA test.

We know of Baber families in various centuries in France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, etc., but have not determined if and how they connect with our families in and from England and the U.S.A. We have little or no information on Baber families in many other countries.

We would like to fill these gaps. Y-DNA testing could help here very much. Please contact Group Administrator Robert Baber for further information.