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The Azores Islands Geographical DNA Project welcomes all male and female descendants whose ancestors ORIGINATED in the Azores. IF YOUR ANCESTOR DID NOT ORIGINATE IN THE AZORES OR IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PAPER TRAIL TO THE AZORES, CONTACT ONE OF THE LIST ADMINISTRATORS BEFORE JOINING THE PROJECT. The Azores project may be able to overcome some of our genealogical brick walls and the changing of the surname every few generations, as well as making new connections with cousins. Our focus is genealogy. We accept Y-DNA from males with an Azorean Y chromosome, mtDNA from anyone with an Azorean mtDNA line, and Family Finder results (your Azorean ancestor is any where in your tree). The Administrator settings must be set to at least Limited to participate in a group project. NOTE: Some surnames listed above also have Spanish and English origins, as well as some Anglicized spellings. Locating your name above does not necessarily indicate that your ancestors came from the Azores. Also, the list does NOT contain every known Azorean surname. Please contact one of the administrators if yours is missing.

O Projeto Geográfico de DNA Ilhas dos Açores recebe toda a linha irigir macho e dedescendentes femininos de herança açoriana.
Tem um pai incógnito? Seus antepassados açorianos mudaram seu sobrenome cada poucas gerações? Receba após estas tijolo-paredes com o Projeto de DNA das Ilhas dos Açores!