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  • Unlock your family history now

    Unlock your family history now!

    Tell your family's story with the world's most comprehensive genetic genealogy service

  • Y-DNA Ancestry Tests

    Y-DNA Ancestry Tests

    Uncover your heritage on your father’s side.

    • Find recent & distant relatives on your father’s side.
    • Accelerate your research by joining a surname project.
    • Confirm paternal relationships.
    • Trace the migration routes of paternal ancestors.
  • Family Finder ABC's 20 20 show

    Family Finder

    Find your relatives within 5 generations

    • Find & connect with recent relatives on both sides of the family.
    • Validate uncertain relationships.
    • See what parts of the world your ancestors came from.
  • mtDNA: Mother’s Line

    mtDNA: Mother’s Line

    Uncover your heritage on your mother’s side

    • Find recent & distant relatives on your mother’s side.
    • Confirm maternal relationships.
    • Trace the migration routes of maternal ancestors.
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How can a DNA test help with my genealogy?

Our DNA tests can help you find family, break through brick walls and trace your lineage through time. We are the only company with a comprehensive testing suite that can take you on this journey.

  • Family Tree DNA has the most comprehensive ancestry database in the world
  • We'll put you in contact with your closest genetic matches
  • Share stories and work together to connect the dots on your family tree
  • match
  • discover
  • connect

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