Say goodbye to brick walls.

Unlock each part of your genetic ancestry
with autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA
testing to discover your full story.

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Maternal Ancestry


  • For genetic males and females

  • Explore your heritage on your maternal line
  • Connect with your maternal-line relatives
  • Follow the migration of your maternal-line ancestors
  • Receive a personalized mtDNA Full Sequence video

Family Ancestry


For genetic males and females

  • Get a percentage breakdown of your origins and view where each DNA segment comes from
  • Connect with your autosomal DNA relatives within the last 5 generations
  • Learn if you have a connection with ancient European groups
  • Compare matching segments of DNA with your genetic matches
  • NEWGenetic males receive an intermediate Y-DNA haplogroup that traces the migration of their paternal-line ancestors

Paternal Ancestry in
Greater Detail


For genetic males

  • Get your most refined Y-DNA haplogroup and explore your heritage on your paternal line in greater depth
  • Explore closer connections in our Y-DNA database
  • Identify when surname lines branched off and time to most recent common ancestor with matches
  • See your ancestral migration in greater depth
  • Gain access to exclusive Big Y reports and features

Paternal Ancestry


For genetic males

  • Explore your heritage on your paternal line
  • Connect with your paternal-line relatives
  • Follow the migration of your paternal-line ancestors
  • Trace your surname to its roots and build your family tree

Discover new types of connections

As the only company to offer three separate DNA databases—autosomal DNA (Family Finder), mtDNA, and Y-DNA—FamilyTreeDNA is the only place to find the missing connections in your family and break down brick walls.

Autosomal DNA (Family Finder) Matching Database

Connect with people who share your autosomal DNA. Trace your ancestry back five generations and find new matches.
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mtDNA Matching Database

Connect with people who share your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and trace your mother’s line back to a single common ancestor.
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Y-DNA Matching Database

Connect with men who share your Y-DNA and trace your father’s line back to a single common ancestor.
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Where will your DNA take you?

Learn about your personal history and follow the path of your ancestors with FamilyTreeDNA’s industry-leading tests.

Family Ancestry
Paternal  Ancestry
Maternal  Ancestry

Join, contribute, or start a Group Project

Work with other FamilyTreeDNA genealogy enthusiasts to answer genealogical questions and break down brick walls that traditional genealogy alone cannot.

How it works​

Four simple steps to jump start your DNA journey

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Order your DNA kit online. Already have a kit? Sign in to your account to order upgrades and add-ons.


Simply swab the inside of your cheeks with convenient snap-off swabs. No spit, no blood, no sweat!


Mail your kit back in the prepaid package we provide. International orders do not include return shipping.


Receive your results online in 4 to 8 weeks. We will notify you via email once your results are ready.

Add tests & upgrade without swabbing again

With your consent, we will store any remaining DNA from your sample in our in-house lab, allowing you to effortlessly add a test to your kit or upgrade your testing service—without having to swab again.

* *Stored samples typically have a lifespan of over 20 years, but if needed, we will provide a new collection kit for further testing services.

our commitment

Ensuring your privacy & protection in our in-house lab

At FamilyTreeDNA, we value and prioritize your privacy and the security of your data as much as you do. Rest assured that we have extensively invested in safeguarding your account and personal information through multiple layers of encryption. Additionally, we take pride in owning and operating our own lab, which ensures that all testing is conducted in our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory based in the United States.

Have questions? We have answers.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about FamilyTreeDNA. If you have additional questions, feel free to visit our Help Center or reach out to our Customer Service team.

Who is FamilyTreeDNA?

Founded in 2000, FamilyTreeDNA pioneered the field of genetic genealogy—the use of DNA testing to establish relationships between individuals and determine ancestry. As leaders in the industry, we provide advanced technology for users to gain further insight into their family history—all with a simple swab of DNA.

Over 2 million people have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, resulting in the most comprehensive DNA matching database in the industry.

If you have already purchased a DNA kit and submitted a sample, there is no need to order a new kit—we will use your existing DNA sample that is stored in our lab for any additional test(s) that you order. In the rare instance that there is no further DNA available for testing on your existing samples, we will send an additional collection kit, associated with your original kit, to you at no charge.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, you choose how your genetic information is used and shared with others. We use industry-standard security practices to store your DNA sample, your DNA test results, and other personal data that you provide to us. Additionally, we store DNA test results and samples without names or other common identifying information.

Furthermore, we do not share your name or other common identifying information linked to your genetic data with third parties, except as legally required to comply with a valid subpoena or a court order or with your explicit consent.

For more information on privacy at FamilyTreeDNA, see the FamilyTreeDNA Privacy Statement.

Sample collection kits include two vials—one for each cheek— both labeled with a barcode associating the vials with your order. Barcodes are scanned at check-in, triggering a notification email to the kit owner that we have received your sample. A single vial is sent to our federally compliant CAP/CLIA certified lab for DNA extraction where the DNA is stored in our robotic freezer at -20 C, ready to be processed for the ordered test(s). The remaining DNA is returned to the freezer and stored for any future test(s) ordered by the kit owner. The second vial is stored in a secured room at room temperature for up to 25 years and is used only in the event that your DNA from the first vial does not provide sufficient quantity or quality for the test(s) ordered by the kit owner.

Yes. When placing your order, you can either ship the kit to yourself or provide the recipient’s shipping address, and we will ship the DNA kit directly to them.

Kit activation happens at the time of purchase, and we will immediately begin sending relevant email notifications regarding order confirmation and tracking. If you provided your email at the time of purchase because the gift was a surprise, please be sure to send the sign in information to the DNA provider once they receive the kit, and have them change the kit owner’s email address after signing in using the information you have provided them.

Additionally, we offer Gift Cards that can be used for both new kit purchases and purchases on existing accounts.

Kits shipped between the U.S. and Canada typically arrive between 5–7 business days. International orders may take 3–5 business weeks.

Once we receive your DNA sample in the lab, you will be notified of receipt via the email address associated with your account. We send your sample directly to the lab for processing. Processing times vary depending upon the test(s) ordered.

Result processing times:

  • Family Finder™ results typically take 2 to 4 weeks

  • mtDNA results typically take 6 to 8 weeks

  • Y-DNA results typically take 3 to 6 weeks