Why the Database Size is Essential

Whether your goal is to verify your genealogy or to discover your deep ancestral origins, the size and scope of the testing company's databases is of fundamental importance. To get the best and most accurate answer, you want to get the most out of your DNA test, which means choosing the company with the most comprehensive databases and range of tests. FamilyTreeDNA is in the lead—We are the pioneer in the field, the ONLY company in the field exclusively dedicated to genetic genealogy, with the widest range of tests!

About The FamilyTreeDNA Database

Our databases are the most comprehensive in the field of Genetic Genealogy. As of July 21, 2019, the Family Tree DNA database has 1,055,632 records. Total numbers include transfers from the Genographic Project and resellers in Europe and Middle East. We also have:

  • 10,496 Group Projects
  • 653,813 unique surnames
  • 718,512 Y-DNA records in the database
  • 395,762 25-marker records in the database
  • 374,215 37-marker records in the database
  • 202,867 67-marker records in the database
  • 337,120 mtDNA records in the database
  • 173,765 FGS records in the database

Customers and their testimonials

While at a trade-show in the UK, a few people who tested with another company came to our booth and asked: "I got their results and now what?" Unfortunately for the customer, they were lured by a low price but could not do much with their results, so they ordered a new test from us. Also, in a couple of cases, the other companies gave them wrong Haplogroup assignments. FamilyTreeDNA receives orders on a weekly basis from individuals who previously tested with other companies, but choose to retest with FamilyTreeDNA. Here are just two examples of letters from individuals that tested previously with another company. They speak for themselves:

"We had my brother's Y-DNA tested by another company. (Mistake!!) We know wish to have a Y-DNA67 test by FTDNA and to join the Group Armstrong Project. The co-administrator of the project, sent me the link to the group's promotional offer. I have filled it in and am sending it to you. Please send the kit directly to my brother's address on the form and bill my VISA seeing it's my gift to him."

"I did three DNA tests with another company and I am getting no reply. Do you have connection with them where the DNA testing information can go to you so I can get more information? I am lost. I sent in what I needed but got nothing to show where we come from or anything. Please help me..."

Search Our Database

Search our Surname Projects for your last name, if you join the Surname Project, you will be entitled to the reduced group rates. You can do this by entering your surname in the Search box below.

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Here are some important answers to the question "Why test with FamilyTreeDNA?" Other than the cost of the test, all the following services are provided FOR FREE.

  • You will be included in the largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases in the world
  • You have total control over whether you compare your results only within your project or against the entire database
  • The names and email addresses of your genetic matches are provided so that you may contact them
  • Personal phone and email support by qualified personnel. Both the phones and email messages are answered by a human being and not by an automated response system
  • FamilyTreeDNA is the only service which has a calculator, created by our population geneticist, that gives you the likelihood of sharing a common ancestor with your genetic match within a certain time frame
  • FamilyTreeDNA allows you to join, leave, and be part of multiple Projects at the same time, without any additional testing or cost
  • As additional people test, your result will be matched against them and in case of a match you will be notified by email
  • FamilyTreeDNA allows you continued access to your account, projects, and matches without additional testing, cost or subscription fees
  • FamilyTreeDNA is the only company that stores your DNA for 25 years allowing you to order additional tests using the original sample
  • FamilyTreeDNA is the only company to offer the SNP Assurance Program: if no ancestral haplogroup can be estimated with 100% certainty, FTDNA will SNP test your sample for free
  • FamilyTreeDNA is the only DNA testing service that partners with National Geographic’s Genographic Project and allows you to add your results to that project for a nominal fee that goes to the Genographic Legacy Fund.
To see further testimonials from our customers please go to the main testimonial page.