Our Customers' Comments & Testimonials

...it gives me great pleasure to enclose a Certificate of Appreciationto you and your DNA family for the wonderful results that FamilyTreeDNA uncovered for our total family. The positive testing results establishing a genetic connection between two of our bloodlines - Rev. Henry Easterling and Thomas Easterling - are simply wonderful... We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

Letson (Les) E. Easterling, Sr.
Chairman of the Easterling Society

What a great service! My test partner and I are both genealogists. We knew that our families were distantly connected as descendants of the Swiss Hauri family, probably with a common ancestor who lived about 1400. I didn't think that my test partner and I would match, though. My Howerys have a tradition that we used to be Hamiltons, but some ancestor adopted the name Howery from a step-father back in Virginia, maybe in the mid-1800s. We couldn't find any evidence to support this tradition, but we thought it was probably true anyway. I thought that a y-chromosome test would support our family tradition by showing that we are not connected to the Howerys. Imagine my surprise when I matched perfectly on a y-chromosome test with another descendant of the Hauri family! After one simple test, I have proof that family tradition was wrong; that my family are really Howerys. Because of this test, we've solved a major genealogical dilemma, with dramatic evidence of the continuity of family lines.

Justin Howery

I want to thank you and the entire FamilyTreeDNA organization for the outstanding service you have provided. I have been doing genealogical research for 20 years, and have had great success with all but a few lines. The toughest by far has been my direct paternal line. The fact that my 3rd gt. grandfather had a common surname, as well as a common given name, made the task of identifying his ancestry almost insurmountable, with a large number of possibilities and no real way to establish which was correct. Thanks to FamilyTreeDNA, I have been able to break through that brick wall and connect with fellow researchers from my extended Walker family. I highly recommend your services to all family historians as an integral and invaluable part of the research process.

Randy Walker

This is Alice Rabinovich from Argentina. Only a short time ago, we heard from a possible cousin of ours in California who had been trying to find family through Internet. In no time, he ordered tests for himself and a male cousin of ours and in less than 30 days we had the immense pleasure of finding out that we did have family we thought we had lost along 3 generations, 6000 miles and 90 years. Needless to say, we couldn't feel happier now.

Alice Rabinovich

Thank you for the very exciting news about the perfect match with Josef as well as the certificate and explanatory information you provided. The work you are doing and the implications are truly amazing. I must admit this has all happened because of Josef's diligence with little effort on my part. In your contacts with him I know you have noticed his rigorous dedication and motivation, which, I should add, are not only confined to being a genealogical researcher. The arrival of Josef's letter to me in November, 1996 was quite remarkable in itself, but the friendship it has spawned through our subsequent correspondence and now the genealogical connection you have verified for us has made this an incredible journey for me. You have my deep gratitude and appreciation for your part in this.

David Meshorer

My father was born in the Midwest in 1883, his father came over from the Kiev area. A few months ago my cousin from Houston told me about a family that had moved to the US from the FSU. If they were family we had probably lost contact 120 or so years ago. I purchased 2 genetic tests, one for my son and another for the son of the Cherniss family of Houston. I was overjoyed when your company said that both samples matched at all 11 places on the Y-Chromosome exactly. To add to my excitement was the fact that although I was brought up Reform Jewish, and thought of myself as Yisrael you were able to tell me that our genes matched, exactly, the Cohanim gene that I had read about a few years ago. My dad had told me that his grandfather was a cantor in his Ukrainian village synagogue for 47 years. I thought there might be a reason why, now I think I know that reason.

Joel Cherniss
San Francisco, Ca.

Thank you very much for sending the results for the Johnson testing. I was able to open them, and am very glad to have the results. I will be looking forward to K.W.'s results. After doing research on this family for 40 years, this has already opened doors (and closed others, thankfully). Thanks for your work. We are thrilled with our progress!

Suzanne Johnston

First let me say that I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get this off to you. I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Because I was abandon at birth I went into this hoping only to find a clue to my nationality. Instead I not only found out that my ancestors were Hungarian Jews, but I found two distant cousins. First relatives I've ever known other than my children. This really is a very rewarding experience, well worth the wait and the cost. I look forward to working with you in the future as I plan to continue my search with the help of FamilyTreeDNA.

Patricia Matthes