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Rosario 89

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Project Members Description
Rosario 23 The Rosario DNA Project is open to all who are interested in...

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There are other projects that have an associated name that matched your request. You are welcome to join them at any time.

Project Members Description
Cambria Co., Pennsylvania Y-DNA & MtDNA 846 Welcome!

If you've been researching family lines...
CapeVerde 193 The Cape Verde DNA Project welcomes all descendants of Cape ...
Puerto Rican 1013 Attempting to ascertain relationships between descendants of...
Puerto Rico Sefarad 138 Welcome to the Puerto Rican Sefarad DNA Project! A kit # is...
Sicily 1689 This project has been established to study the genetic herit...
Voices_In_Time 342 Our members are mostly of Puerto Rican Ancestry. Please join...

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