X2b4 mtDNA- Background



Indian, Native American, X2, X2b, X2b4


Haplogroup X2b4 is characterized by several distinctive mutations, as follows.

Haplogroup or Subgroup Required Mutations
X T6221C, C6371T, A13966G, T14470C, T16189C!, C16278T!
X2 T195C!, G1719A
X2b C8393T, G15927A
X2b4 G3705A
Of the above mutations, only two, the mutations at 16189 and at 16278 are found in the HVR1 region, and only the mutation at 195 is found in the HVR2 region. The balance of these mutations are found in the coding region, so a haplogroup cannot be predicted at a higher level that X or perhaps X2 without the full sequence test.

https://dna-explained.com/2016/09/14/haplogroup-x2b4-is-european-not-native-american/ for updated project information about the X2b4 mtDNA haplogroup.

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