WHATELEY Family project- Background





I am running a Guild of One-Name Studies for WHATELEY (and the one variant WHATELY)

My 37 marker YDNA results are on FTDNA

The name WHATELEY originates in the village of WHATELEY in North Warwickshire, near Tamworth in the parish of KINGSBURY

The earliest reference is in 1221, named as Wheatlege (from Whate, wheat, and leah, clearing)

The name spread south through Warwickshire, concentrating in the areas around Henley-in-Arden (and Studley, Beoley etc), Banbury and Stratford.

WHATELEY is not common (about 200 instances in records from 1841 to 2000's in UK.)

The US 1920 Census has 19 WHATELEY’s with a British birthplace. 

A number of WHATELEY’s were transported to Australia and a number emigrated in the early 1900’s. The Eligible Voters register for 1936 shows 20 in Victoria and 3 in NSW.

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