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Welcome to the TUCKER PROJECT BACKGROUND and LINEAGE PAGE. THE LINEAGES OF MEMBERS ARE PRESENTED BELOW. If you know the name of the DNA Group you can go directly to them by clicking on the links below.


I2B GROUP # 1 (I2B)


PLEASE NOTE: The Tucker DNA Project volunteer administrators receive no monetary or any other compensation for services or expenses involved with the administration of the Tucker Family DNA Project.

The DNA Test Results (Alleles) Table for members, Classic or Colorized, may be viewed by clicking on Y RESULTS tab. Please note that the kit number for each participant is given in the left hand column of THE RESULTS TABLE. The corresponding kit number, name, email address and lineage items are posted below for each member.

Co-administrators are Lee M. Tucker, #20651, Tracy E. Tucker, #77348, Tom Clark (Clark project #69177), Joan Flatt, #337417 and myself, Wm. S. "Bill" Tucker, #20652. We have numerous experienced, long time researchers. Some of our participating members are well known amongst Tucker researchers. As a group, we can usually offer assistance or guidance to anyone who needs it. We can also answer questions anyone may have concerning technical aspects, particularly questions that concern interpreting the test results.

Lee and I became the first FTDNA Tucker Group participants in April of 2004. Our paper research led us to conclude that we had a common ancestor. The Y-DNA test results crushed that illusion. As of 12 November 2014 we have 383 members of which 327 are Y-DNA tested members..

We consider this FTDNA Tucker Group to be a WORLDWIDE GROUP. Membership is available, within established rules, to all persons of Tucker blood, and also to those who suspect they may have Tucker blood. You are REQUIRED to provide your lineage to the administrators, as you know it, through your most distant Tucker ancestor.

To communicate efficiently amongst our FTDNA members, and also with other researchers, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT TUCKER RESEARCHERS AND NEW DNA MEMBERS SHOULD JOIN THE TUCKERS YAHOO MAILING LIST.

The Yahoo mailing list (Tucker discussion group) as of 12 November 2014 has 773 MEMBERS who share a common interest in exchanging Tucker research findings. A huge amount of Tucker data has been posted by queries, exchanges, etc. It is archived for viewing by all members. The mailing list is also used to discuss our Y-DNA participation and to discuss and interpret the test results. 
The paper trail lineages are initially posted as they were given to the co-administrators by our members. Many are now Y-DNA proven to be correct. For consistency and simplicity, the lineages were converted to a modified Ahnentafel format.
Persons born after 1900 will not be published in the lineages unless the tested member or his sponsor requests them to be included.

Lineages of Y-DNA Members:


79663 - Jason D. Tucker - tucker@caiw.nl
4. William Arnold Tucker Sr.
8. James Monroe Tucker
16. William Peyton Tucker --- b. 1837 --- d. 1921 Ashe Co., NC

133271 - James Michael Tucker - tucker@caiw.nl
4. John Martin Tucker
8. Edwin Filmore Tucker
16. William Peyton Tucker --- b. 1837 --- d. 1921 Ashe Co., NC



22321 - Robert Dennard Tucker - mbctucker@att.net
Lineage of Robert Dennard Tucker as extracted from his book, The Descendants of William Tucker of Throwleigh, Devon. See Robert's book for extensive information on this family.
1. Robert Dennard Tucker (July 18, 1933 - living) married Peggy Angelyn Smith.
2. Robert Buck Tucker (Oct. 13, 1909 - Dec. 22,1935) of Tifton, GA, married Ethel Margaret Dennard.
4. Micajah Tucker (Sept. 19, 1860 - Mar. 22, 1930) Wife Sally Tyson.
8. John Alonzo Tucker (Oct. 22, 1835 - Feb. 17, 1920. M(1) Samantha Davis. M (2) Martha Corbitt. M(3) Sarah Carver.
16. Richard Murphy Tucker (March 1801 - 1874) minister and planter of Irwin/Berrian Co., GA.. Wife Mary AMollie@ Young
32. Henry Crofford Tucker (Feb. 23, 1752- after 1832), Rev. soldier. Wife Sarah Hunter.
64. Benjamin Tucker (1704 - 1778) of Southampton Co., VA.. Wife Elizabeth Crofford.

31 March 2011. The continuing lineage below for Robert D. Tucker is now considered to be incorrect. The coat of arms on Benjamin Tucker's tomb stone does match the coat of arms for the Bermuda Tuckers who descend from William Tucker of Throwleigh. The coat of arms on Benjamin Tucker's tomb stone do match with the coat of arms for Major Henry Tooker of Surry and Prince George Counties in VA and Robert (Tooker) Tucker of Exeter. In addition, there are three members of Maryland Y-DNA Group #1, who are now considered  to have proven lineages back to William Tucker of Throwleigh. Respectively, Tucker Project Co-Administrators.
128. Henry Tucker (1652 -1728) of Bermuda and Virginia. Probably married twice. Only wife Elizabeth Bridger documented
256. George Tucker (about 1621- will made Sept. 16, 1662, proved July 21, 1663;PCC Wills) Gentleman, Dartford. Kent, and Bermuda . . .
512. George Tucker (bap. March 17,1593/4- will proved 1648; PCC Wills) eldest son of George Tucker and his first wife Elizabeth Stroughton. Wife Elizabeth Sedley.
1024. George Tucker, Esquire (c1560-December 26, 1625), eldest son and heir of George and Mary Hunter Tucker. M(1) Elizabeth Stroughton. M(2) Mary Darnell.
2048.George Tucker (c1520-bur March 31, 1587), Gentleman, and merchant adventurer, of Milton next, Gravesend, Kent. Eldest son and heir of William and wife Isoto.
4096. William Tucker (c1495-before 1543?), armiger of Throwleigh, Devon, England.

84993 - Tony M. Tucker - cyanmoon76@yahoo.com
Lineage not received as of 04-07-07.

88621 - Robert Boyd Tucker - olusteereb@aol.com
Lineage of Robert Boyd Tucker from #32 to #4096 was extracted from, The Descendants of William Tucker of Throwleigh, Devon. by Robert Dennard Tucker.
4. Richard Davis Tucker (Feb. 20, 1878 - Feb. 18, 1931) of Moultrie, Colquitt, GA. Wife: Mary Ella Harvey.
8. Richard Tucker (Jun. 27, 1835/37 - May 9, 1913) of Colquitt County, GA. Wife: Civility (Civil) America Hancock. Sgt. Co.”H” 50th GA Infantry CSA, Sheriff, Justice of the Peace.
16. Henry Crawford Tucker (Jr.) (May 5, 1805 - Feb.2, 1883) GA. Pioneer of Colquitt County, GA. Primitive Baptist minister and planter of Colquitt Co., GA.. Wife (1st) Nancy Sapp. Later (2nd) Margaret Watson & (3rd) Rebecca Bryant. Total of 32 children fathered by him, old house built ca.1825 is still standing.
32. Henry Crofford Tucker (Sr.) (Feb. 23, 1752- after 1832), of Southampton, VA. Revolutionary soldier. Wife: Sarah Hunter. Both are listed as charter members of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church on historical marker, Brooks County, GA, church constituted in 1826.
64.Benjamin Tucker (Dec. 1,1704 - Apr. 6,1778) of Southampton Co., VA.. Wife: Elizabeth Crofford.

B7880 - Charles Tucker - ctuck@graceba.net
4. Marion Lawrence Tucker --- b. 11 Nov 1878 --- d. 6 Sep 1961 Colquitt Co., GA.
8. John Crawford Tucker --- b. 24 Mar 1833 --- d. 27 Oct 1919 Colquitt Co., GA.
16. Henry Crawford Tucker, Jr. --- b. 9 June 1805 --- d. 2 Feb 1883 Colquitt Co., GA.
32. Henry Crawford Tucker, Sr. --- b. 23 Feb 1752 VA --- d. aft 1832 Lowndes Co., GA.
64. Benjamin Tucker --- b. Dec 1704 Isle of Wight Co., VA --- d. 6 April 1778 Southampton Co., VA.



166060 - Jon E. Tucker - tuckerjon38@yahoo.com
4. Samuel C Tucker – Born Windchester, Kentucky, Aug 1, 1864, died Wichita, Kansas Sep 21, 1927, wife Minnie Bell Deason, born Dec 9, 1874, Georgetown, Illinois and died Jan 20, 1938, Wichita, Kansas.
8. Clinton H Tucker - Born Tennessee, 1830-1832, died 1900-1910, Sedan, Kansas, wife Vesta, born 1832 (?) (no other information).
16. Hiram M Tucker – born 1804 (?) in North Carolina (?), died 1873, wife Sarah Sally Parrott, born Mar 25, 1810, Claiborne, Tennessee.
32. William Tucker – Born Mar 21, 1768, Old Burke, Caldwell, North Carolina, died Dec 10, 1808, wife – Nancy Grinder, born Bradlley, Tennessee, died Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee.
64. George Tucker – Born about 1743, died 1803-1804 in Burke, Tennessee, wife Mary Davis, born about 1743



127126 - Ricky Gerald Tucker
- marric1@yahoo.com
4. Grady Alexander Tucker b: March 30, 1903 in Locust, Stanly Co. N C, d: January 5, 1974 in Locust, Stanly Co., N C, m: March 29, 1927 in Stanly Co., NC Ila Elizabeth Hinson b: February 5, 1904 in Union Co., NC, d: March 3, 1993 in Locust, Stanly Co. NC.
8. George Henry Tucker b: June 6, 1870, d: January 7, 1935 in Stanly Co., Locust, NC .m: October 16, 1890 Amanda L. Hartsell b: May 9, 1875 in Stanly Co., NC, d: December 30, 1962 in Stanly Co., Locust, NC , Presbyterian Church.
16. Henry Arthur Tucker b: September 2, 1843 in Furrs, Stanly Co., NC, d: February 23, 1921 in Stanly Co., NC, m. Mary "Polly" Love Little b: November 8, 1838 in Montgomery Co., NC.
32. Duncan Tucker b: February 14, 1813 in Montgomery Co.,NC, d: November 24, 1887 in Furrs, Stanly Co.,NC, m. Katherine Green b: October 2, 1812 in Anson Co., NC, d: February 11, 1892 in Furrs, Stanly Co., NC.
64. George Tucker, Jr. b: March 10, 1765 in Mecklenburg Co. NC, d: August 19, 1835 in Cabarrus Co., NC; bu. Kinza-Morgan Baptist Cemetery, m: November 18, 1785 in NC Mary Clara McCloory b: January 20, 1765 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, June 12, 1845 in Cabarrus Co. NC, bu. Kinza-Morgan Baptist Cemetery.
128. George Tucker b: January 2, 1743 in ? Lunenburg/Brunswick Co. VA (not verified), d: 1801 in Cabarrus Co., NC, bu. in Rowan Co (Salisbury), m. 1764 Maria Dorthea b: Abt. 1745, d: bef. September 12, 1815 in Cabarrus Co. NC.

157371 - Wallace Tucker
- Contact: Donna Tucker - r2d2g2@roadrunner.com
4. Leonard Tillman Tucker (1843-1927)
8. Lewis Tucker
16. Leonard Tucker
32. George Tucker (1743-1801)

203116 - Robert Earl Tucker
- rtucker2@stx.rr.com
4. Clifton Tucker
8. Drew Leonard Tucker
16. Leonard Tillman Tucker (1843-1927)
32. Lewis Tucker
64. Leonard Tucker
128. George Tucker (1743-1801)


ChasCitCo is an acronym for Charles City County, Virginia, Tuckers. It defines an area which was rich with early Colonial Tucker families. Charles City County was an original shire or county of the Colony of Virginia. It was the mother county of Prince George, Amelia and Dinwiddie Counties.

N4012 - Michael Kirby Tucker
- tucker@uscorp.net
8. Kirby E. Tucker born June 13, 1880, in McDaniel, Kentucky. Died Oct 4, 1963 in Champaign, Illinois . Married Valla V. Tucker Feb. 22, 1904 in Hardensburg, Kentucky (Her maiden name was Tucker). She was born May 22, 1887, in Breckenridge Co., Kentucky, a daughter of Jesse W. and Nancy Ellen Wilson Tucker. Died October 12, 1978
16. Charles Beaven Tucker b. 1829 KY and d. 1890 KY. Wife Amanda (Wilson) Tucker, 1840 - 1922, Breckenridge Co., KY
32. Wiley Tucker, b. in VA ,1798-1801, and d. 1852 KY. Wife Sarah Beaven Breckenridge, KY.
64. John Tucker b. 1759 in VA and d. 1851 KY. Wife Martha Bunton, 1770 - 1854.

N18594 - Paul A. Tucker - patucker@att.net
4. Walter Thomas Tucker b. Aug 18, 1875 in Lindale, Smith County, TX d. Nov 3, 1963 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK. Married Myra McPhail b. Oct 16, 1882 in Utica, Copiah County, MS d. Apr 20, 1965 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK
8. George Thomas Tucker b Jun 18, 1852 in Brooksville (now Equality) Coosa County, AL. d Jan 18, 1909 in Lindale, Smith County, TX. First wife was Elizabeth Nancy Bauman b Oct 8, 1855 in Caddo Parish, LA d. Feb 9, 1889 in Lindale, Smith County, TX.
16. Daniel Peterson Tucker b Oct 22, 1810 in GA or SC, d. Jun 2, 1893 in Lindale, Smith County, TX. Married Wilmoth Lumsden Thompson b Aug 13, 1811 probably in GA, d. May 25, 1900 in Lindale, Smith County, TX.
32. William Tucker—There are 2 family lore stories that provide this name. Source one says that William J. Tucker was born in 1767 in Charleston, South Carolina and died in Macon, Bibb County, GA in 1851. His children were Daniel Peterson Tucker b. 1810, and D. J. Tucker, born 1818. Source two says that William Tucker was born in 1780 in Amelia County, VA and died ca 1851 in Monticello, Jasper County, GA “where he lived.” He had children William Tucker b. 1805, Daniel Peterson Tucker b. 1810, and Thomas Jefferson Tucker, b 1823. This William Tucker is not proved as of Aug 1, 2008.

N26611 - Gerald D. Tucker - jerrytucker@cox.net As of 4-27-06, lineage is not available.

20652 - William Sanders "Bill" Tucker
- billtuck@ipa.net
4. John Franklin Tucker b. 17 May 1848 Tippah Co. MS, d. 15 June 1907, Lincoln Co. AR. m(1) Nancy Smith, m(2) Mary Tomson. Owen
8. Sanders A. Tucker b. ca 1814 Jasper Co., GA, d. ca 1866 Drew (now Lincoln) Co., AR, wife was Mary ___?___ .
16. Daniel Tucker, b. ca 1783, Wilkes Co, GA, d.1855, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL. Wife was Prudence Foster
32. George Tucker, b. 13 Dec. 1745, Amelia Co., VA, and d 16 Jan. 1852, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL, m (1) Rebecca Leverett, m(2) Martha Nichols. George and Martha bu in Hopewell Cem., Fayette Co., AL near Glen Allen of Marion Co.
64. Thomas Tucker, b. ca 1713 - 1723 and d. ca 1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA.. Only wife of record is Margaret ? , reference 1764 deed of Amelia Co., Va. Probably married more than once.

22843 - Allan Holder Tucker
- atucker3@bellsouth.net
4. James Abner "Jim" Tucker b. 12 Jan. 1863, Tate Co., MS, d. 20 Feb. 1940, Bolivar Co. MS. Wife . Ida Eugenia Holder
8. George Washington Tucker of Marshall County, Miss. He was killed at Battle of Chickamauga in NW. Georgia 1863. Married Malissa Myhand 03 April, 1862, Marshall Co., MS. Only one child, James Abner "Jim" Tucker. Widow married 2nd, Thomas Irby.
16. Abner Tucker d. ca 1852 Tippah Co., MS. Wife Matilda Rue . Wd, m(2) Eden Tidwell, Fayette or Marion Co., AL.
32.16. Daniel Tucker, b. ca 1783, Wilkes Co, GA, d.1855, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL. Wife was Prudence Foster
64. George Tucker, b. 13 Dec. 1745, Amelia Co., VA, and d 16 Jan. 1852, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL, m (1) Rebecca Leverett, m(2) Martha Nichols. George and Martha bu in Hopewell Cem., Fayette Co., AL near Glen Allen of Marion Co.
128. Thomas Tucker, b. ca 1713 - 1723 and d. ca 1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA.. Only wife of record is Margaret ? , reference 1764 deed of Amelia Co., Va. Probably married more than once.
256. Thomas Tucker b. ? , d. ca 1749, Amelia Co., VA. Wife was Martha ___?___ when Thomas died.

31078 - Thomas Marion Tucker
- t72tucker@epix.net
2. Lester Alexandre (Alexander) Tucker, b. June 20, 1891, in Cary, MS, d. Oct. 11, 1962, in Mobile, AL, m. Grace Elizabeth Coomes, Feb. 25, 1929, in Raymond, MS.
4. Samuel Marion Tucker, b. Mar. 21, 1858, in Dekalb, Kemper Co., MS., d. Jan. 30, 1942, in Pensacola, FL., bu in Methodist Church Cemetery in Cary, MS., occupation farmer, and businessman, m. Effie Lena Griffin, 1886 in MS.
8. Simeon Jackson (Sim) Tucker, b. July 14, 1828, in Dallas or Bibb Co., AL, d. Mar. 28, 1911, in Simpsonville, Upshur Co., Texas, probably bu. in Simpsonville, TX, Cem., occupation farmer. Simeon m(1) Nancy Bozeman and m(2) Lovey Jane Perkins.
16. Simeon Tucker b. ca1786 in Washington, Wilkes Co., GA, d. Nov. 7, 1856, in Neshoba Co., MS., bu. in Old Home Place (?), Neshoba Co., MS., occupation Planter. Simeon m. Nancy Dunn.
32. George Tucker, b. 13 Dec. 1745, Amelia Co., VA, and d 16 Jan. 1852, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL, m (1) Rebecca Leverett, m(2) Martha Nichols. George and Martha bu in Hopewell Cem., Fayette Co., AL near Glen Allen of Marion Co.
64. Thomas Tucker, b. ca1713 - 1723, d. ca1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA., Only wife of record is Margaret ? , reference 1764 deed of Amelia Co., VA. Probably married more than once.
128. Thomas Tucker b. ? , d. ca1749, Amelia Co., VA. Wife was Martha __?__ when Thomas died.

36127 - Gary Wilson Tucker
- (mail to Gary Wilson Tucker @ TenTex@aol.com)
4. Clayton Wilson Tucker, Sr., born March, 1888 Lincoln County, TN; and Sallie Elizabeth Lynch, born September 1891 in Asheville, NC;
8. Berry Wilson Tucker, born May 1859 in Lincoln County, and Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Hoots, born March 1861 in Lincoln County, TN.
16. McDonald Tucker born January 1830 in Lincoln County, TN and Elizabeth Ann Duke born January 1828 in TN;
32. Lemuel Tucker, born about 1795 probably in Pendleton District, SC and Mary (Wilson?) Unknown
64. Unknown Tucker. Both family oral and written history has Lemuel Tucker as a son of Robert Tucker, born about 1752, son of James Tucker, Sr., but DNA testing has proven this to be incorrect. Lemuel was much more likely a son of one of Roberts brothers, possibly George Tucker who also can be found in the Pendleton District of SC but then disappears. It appears Lemuel was taken in by Robert as from this point forward, he is always found in the records with Robert and several of Roberts sons (Aulden, Matthew, Robert) and daughter (Cassie).
128. James Tucker, Sr., born 1698 in Charles City, VA and Mary Unknown. Note: Some researchers now believe James Tucker, Sr. to be a brother of Capt. Robert Tucker rather than a son.
256. Capt. Robert Tucker, born about 1676 in Charles City County, VA & Elizabeth Parham born about 1680 in VA.
512. Robert Tucker, born about 1652 in Charles City County, VA and Elizabeth Coleman, born about 1657 in Charles City County, VA

36508 - Larry Rickie Tucker - tuck1145@bellsouth.net - Margie Tucker Wallace - margie45@knology.net
2. Cecil Adarine Tucker b. Apr 17, 1911 d. Apr 5, 1981, and wife Annis Lucille b. Jul 3, 1911, d. Nov 18, 1988, both buried Whites Chapel Cemetery, Fayette, AL
4. William Aut Tucker b. Sep 16, 1878, d. Feb 7, 1963 in Hamilton, Marion Co., AL,. Wife Emma Frances Hollingsworth b. Jan 31, 1881, and died Aug 5, 1955, both buried Whites Chapel Cemetery, Fayette, AL
8. Thomas Franklin Tucker and wife Mary Jane Roberts, bu. Hopewell Cem., near Glen Allen, Fayette Co., AL
16. Isaac Tucker b. bet. 1794-1800 Wilkes Co. GA., wife Ellender Beavers b. bet. 1798-1820. Allen owned land near Hopewell Cem., near Glen Allen, Fayette Co., AL, and both believed to be bu. there.
32. George Tucker, b. 13 Dec. 1745, Amelia Co., VA, and d 16 Jan. 1852, Marion [now Fayette] Co., AL, m (1) Rebecca Leverett, m(2) Martha Nichols. George and Martha bu in Hopewell Cem., Fayette Co., AL near Glen Allen of Marion Co.
64. Thomas Tucker, b. ca 1713 - 1723 and d. ca 1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA.. Only wife of record is Margaret ? , ref. 1764 deed of Amelia Co., Va. Probably married more than once.
128. Thomas Tucker b.___?__ , d. ca 1749, Amelia Co., VA. Wife was Martha ___?___ when Thomas died.

37899 - Carlos Tucker
- ctucker@joimail.com
4. George William Tucker b. 5 Feb. 1880 Bibb Co., GA, M. Mary Jane Crawford Bibb Co., GA
8. William Madison ABud@ Tucker b. 1 July 1855 Bibb Co., GA, m Delilah Strozier and Martha E. Hunnicutt . Bibb Co., GA.
16. George Churchill Tucker, b. 25 Dec. 1810 Morgan Co, GA, m. Amyrentha Ellender Tapley, Bibb Co.,GA.
32. Moses Tucker b. 9 June 1764 in NC [prob. Onslow Co.] m. Eleanor Chapman, b. Wilkes Co., GA.
64. Thomas Tucker, b. ca 1713 - 1723 and d. ca 1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA.. Only wife of record is Margaret ? , reference 1764 deed of Amelia Co., Va. Probably married more than once.
128. Thomas Tucker b. ? , d. ca 1749, Amelia Co., VA. Wife was Martha ? when Thomas died.

38303 - Guy Hobert Tucker III
- gtucker@broomfieldusa.com
4. Guy Hobert Tucker, Sr., b. 17 Dec. 1896, Escambia, FL, d. 12 June 1925, Woodmere, FL, bu. Pine Barren Cem. Cantoment, FL, m. Joe Knowle Reed of GA, d. 9 Sept. 1989, Atlanta, GA.
8. William Eppes Tucker b. 1847, Coffee Co., AL, d 11 Mar. 1910 Goulding, FL, bu. Pine Barren Cem. Cantoment, FL, m. Nancy Jane Ward, d. 27 Dec. 1913 Pensacola, FL. William patented 159.75 acres 13 June 1899 Escambia, FL.
16. Bartley Mitchell Tucker b. 13 Oct. 1800, d. 1889 Coffee Co, AL., m. Sophia Ann Garrett 15 Feb. 1829.
32. Jesse Tucker b. ca1770 Amelia Co., VA, d. ca1832 Coffee Co.,AL, bu Greenwood Cem. Florala, AL.
64. Godfrey Tucker b. 1746 Amelia Co., VA, d. ca1827 Elberton, Elbert Co., GA
128. Robert Tucker, Jr., b. 1706 Prince George Co., VA, d ca1769 Amelia Co., VA.
256. Capt Robert Tucker b. ca1676 Charles City Co., VA, d. 9/26/1714 Amelia Co., VA. Guy, do you know where the specific date of 9/26/1714 came from? Per will, etc. Capt. Robert d. 1750.
512. Robert Tucker b. ca1652 Charles City Co., VA, d. ca1704 Charles City Co.

40259 - Marion Wendell Tucker
- retiredrebel@yahoo.com - Marge Eckert mceckert@msn.com 
4. Marion Edward Tucker b 7-14-1893 Dallas County, MO, d. 12-28-1978 Greene Co., MO. 
8. John Whitson Tucker b. Oct 8-1855 St Clair Co, MO, d. May 10, 1921 Dallas Co., MO. 
16. Barney Tucker b. 1823 TN, d. 2-21-1877 Dallas Co., MO. 
32. Thomas Tucker b. 1790 NC, d. 6-24-1868 Hickory Co., MO. Md. Mary Poarch 1814, Franklin Co., NC. Mary b. 1793 & d. 1868. Both died Hickory Co., MO. Eleven Children: Mariah, Elizabeth, Louise, Sabrina, Benjamin, Barney, Isaac, Albert, Thomas Jefferson, John Roger Charles, George Washington, Andrew Jackson.

Comments by Marge: These people people were on census records in Hawkins Co., TN 1830, McMinn Co., TN, 1840, Gasconade Co, Mo, 1850 and St. Clair 1860. Most of them died in Dallas, Hickory, Polk, and St. Clair Counties, MO.

42791 - R. Tucker
- Rebecca Tucker Morris - clubso@pacbell.net
4. Wiley Abraham Tucker, 1879 Lee Co., VA,-1935 Wise Co., VA, m. Rebecca A. Brooks, 1877 Tazewell Co., VA, 1942 Wise Co., VA.
8. William Younger Tucker, 1857-1926, Lee Co., VA, m. Nancy Emoline Whisman, Smyth Co., 1854-1933, VA.
16. Daniel Bird Tucker, 1832 Surry Co., NC, 1864 IL, m. Amanda J. Greaver, b: 1834.
32. Thomas A. Tucker, 1794 Surry Co., NC, m. Frances Caroline Blackburn, 1801 Stokes Co., NC, 1867 Lee Co., VA.
64. William M. Tucker, 1758 VA, 1825 NC, m. Mary "Molly" Smith, 1759 VA, 1857 NC.
128. James Tucker, Jr., abt 1719 VA, 1797 NC, Mary, b:VA, d: aft 1774 VA.
256. James Tucker, b: abt 1698 Charles City Co, VA, 1770 VA, m. Mary b. bef 1705 VA, bef 1761 VA.

43028 - Furman Dwayne Tucker
- Dianne Tucker Culbertson - diancul@aol.com
4. Ida T. Tucker (male) b. 17 Apr 1864 Union Co, SC, d. 14 Mar. 1938 Laurens Co., SC.
8. Elijah Tucker b 1823, believed to have died c1906 Laurens, Co., SC. He was on the pension roles for Laurens Co. SC, until then. He is buried in Spartan burg, SC. Elijah m. Eleanor Willard, b. abt 1822, daughter of James Willard. Elijah is believed to have had brother's Hosea, William, Willis and George Tucker. See also 83382 and 83997.

53547 - Jimmy E. Tucker
- Eileen Taft - tafte@bellsouth.net
8. Great grandfather Henry LeRoy "Lee" Tucker, b 17 DEC 1876 Pine Mountain, Troup Co, GA; d 8 MAY 1954 Tifton, Tift Co, GA; buried Crossroads Church cemetery, Adel/Sparks, Cook Co, GA m. 8 APR 1900, Adel, Cook Co, GA, Sarah "Sallie" Lavinia Young, b 13 OCT 1883 Cook Co, GA; d 21 MAR 1968 Okeechobee, FL; buried Crossroads Church cemetery, Adel/Sparks, Cook Co, GA
16. John CH Tucker, b bet 1850-1852 Fayette Co, GA; d unknown m. bef 1873 GA, Frances "Fannie" Murphy, b abt 1853 GA; d unknown
32.William F Tucker CSA, b abt 1829 Fayette Co, GA; d 6 JUN 1863 Hospl 16, Richmond, VA m. 31 JAN 1850 Fayette Co, GA, Mary "Ann" Brown, b abt 1832 GA, d bet 1870-1880 either Harris or Talbot Co, GA
64. Bartlett "Bartley" Tucker, b abt 1797 Greene Co, GA; d bet 1870-1880 prob Fayette Co, GA m(1) 24 DEC 1825 Fayette Co, GA, Jane Finch, b abt 1805 Greene Co, GA, d bet 1840-1846 either Stewart or Fayette Co, GA (my line); m(2) 9 MAY 1847 Fayette Co, GA, Lovey "Ann" aka Lucy Ann Bishop, b bet 1819-1821 NC, d unknown (this is Gertrude Walker Stone's line)
128. Robert TM "Peck" Tucker, b abt 1772 Amelia Co, GA; d 2 MAY 1831 Fayette Co, GA m. 10 JAN 1791 Granville Co, NC, Nancy Peak b. abt 1773, d May 1833 Fayette Co, GA It is my conclusion that my 5th great grandfather, Robert TM "Peck" Tucker, is the son of Godfrey Tucker from Elbert Co, GA as discussed in "The Tucker Band" by Harold Lawrence. My reasoning for this is as follows: a) Godfrey Tucker moved into GA from Granville Co, NC which is where Robert TM Tucker married Nancy Peak, b) Robert's birthdate falls in line with Godfrey's other children, c) Robert named one of his son's Bartlett, which would be the name of his brother, d) Robert named another son Coleman, which is the maiden name of Godfrey's mother, e) Godfrey's eldest son, Jesse, is known to have lived in Greene Co, GA at the same time Robert was living in Greene Co, GA and finally f) Robert was one of the witnesses to a deed of John Chamber, dated 15 OCT 1824, recorded 17 JUN 1825. This land transaction was in Elbert Co, GA.
256. Godfrey Tucker b. ca1747 Amelia Co., VA, d. 1827 Elbert Co., GA, m. Mary.
512. Robert Tucker, Jr., b. bef. 1706, d. 1769 Amelia Co., VA, m. Frances Coleman
1024. Capt Robert Tucker who died 1750, Amelia Co., VA, m. Martha.

67099 - Paul J. Tucker
- (Contact Gary Wilson Tucker @ TenTex@aol.com)
4. James Benton Tucker, born September 02, 1849 in Crawford Co., Arkansas; died 1937 in Leflore Co., Arkansas He married Mary Mathis May 05, 1879 in Sebastian Co., Arkansas, born 1861 in Sebastian County, Arkansas; died 1894 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.
8. John B. (Jack) Tucker, born Abt. 1824 iN TN; died January 17, 1879. He married Margaret R. Tucker December 24, 1843 in Bear Creek, Carroll Co., Arkansas, born March 1823 in Haywood County, TN; died 1914 in Leflore County, OK.
16. Edward (Ned) Wells Tucker, born Abt. 1804 in probably Elbert Co., Georgia; died 1883 in Kully Chaha, Indian Territory, Choctaw nation. He married Margaret (Peggy) Glenn Abt. 1818 in Prob. Lincoln County, TN., born Abt. 1798; died 1842 in White River, Carroll County, Ark.
32. Robert Tucker, born 1752 in Lunenburg Co. VA; died Aft. 1830. He married Mary Unknown 1774., born Abt. 1756 in Lunenburg Co., VA.
64. James Tucker, Sr. born 1698 in Charles City, VA; died October 19, 1770 in Mecklinburg Co., Va. He married 129. Mary Unknown Abt. 1719, born unknown, died Abt. 1760.
128. Capt. Robert Tuckerborn Abt. 1676 in Charles City County, Va; died September 26, 1744 in Amelia County, Virgina. He married Elizabeth Parham 1698 in Probably Charles City County, Va., born Abt. 1680 in VA.
256. Robert Tucker, born Abt. 1652 in Charles City County, Va; died Abt. 1704 in Charles City County, Va. He was the son of Unknown Tucker. He married Elizabeth Coleman Abt. 1676 in Prb. Charles City County, Va., born Abt. 1657 in Charles City County, Va.

67193 - Francis W. Tucker
- (Contact Gary WilsonTucker @ TenTex@aol.com)
4. Britton Albert Tucker, born November 17, 1858 in Lincoln Co., TN. He married Laura A. Cashian 1890, born 1865.
8. Francis Marion Tucker, Sr. born March 1827 in Lincoln Co., TN; died November 26, 1907 in Lincoln Co., TN. He married Nancy McClure November 16, 1847 in Lincoln Co., TN., born October 26, 1826 in Lincoln Co., TN; died Aft. 1867 in Lincoln Co., TN.
16. William Allen Tucker born 1802 in Probably South Carolina; died Abt. 1847 in Lincoln Co., TN. He married Catherine (Katie) Edith Felps Abt. 1825 in Lincoln Co., TN., born 1802 in Rowan County, NC; died 1886 in Lincoln Co., TN. Buried Oak Grove Cemetery.
32. Aulden Tucker, Sr., born 1775 in Prob. Mecklenberg Co., VA; died February 21, 1827 in Lincoln County, Tn.. He married (1) Clara Hall 1799, born Abt. 1777; died Abt. 1822. (2) Kissie Glenn Abt. 1823.
64. Robert Tucker, born 1752 in Lunenburg Co. VA; died Aft. 1830. He married Mary Unknown 1774., born Abt. 1756 in Lunenburg Co., VA.
128. James Tucker, Sr. born 1698 in Charles City, VA; died October 19, 1770 in Mecklinburg Co., Va. He married 129. Mary Unknown Abt. 1719, born unknown, died Abt. 1760.
256. Capt. Robert Tucker born Abt. 1676 in Charles City County, Va; died September 26, 1744 in Amelia County, Virgina. He married Elizabeth Parham 1698 in Probably Charles City County, Va., born Abt. 1680 in VA.
512. Robert Tucker, born Abt. 1652 in Charles City County, Va; died Abt. 1704 in Charles City County, Va. He was the son of Unknown Tucker. He married Elizabeth Coleman Abt. 1676 in Prb. Charles City County, Va., born Abt. 1657 in Charles City County, Va. (This Robert Tucker may have been a brother to Francis Tucker, but not yet proven)

77348 - Tracy Edward Tucker
- tracytucker38@msn.com
8. Howard Pleasant Tucker b: 15 Mar 1890 in Peters Creek, Stokes, NC, USA, d. Feb 1973, Rockville, Montgomery, MD, USA, m. Carrie Purcell, b: 26 Aug 1893 in Brazil, Clay, IN, USA, d. Jun 1964, Brazil, Clay Co., IN, USA.
16. Joel Andrew Tucker Jr. b: 1865 in Stokes, NC, USA, m. Magnol[i]a Barbara Mabe b: 1875 in Peters Creek, Stokes, NC, USA.
32. Joel Andrew Tucker Sr b: 29 Apr 1835 in NC, USA, d. Oct 1896 NC, USA, m. Nancy Loretta Frances b: 1845 in NC, USA, Jan 1898 NC, USA.
64. Gabriel Walter Tucker b: 1813 in Halifax, VA, USA, d. aft. 1880 Stokes, NC, USA, m. Elizabeth Simmons b: 1815 in Stokes, NC, USA, d. 1853 Stokes, NC, USA.
128. Joel Tucker Jr. b: 1790 in Nottoway, VA, USA, d. 1853 Stokes, NC, USA, m. Sally Clements.
256. John Tucker Sr. (Patriot) b: 1747 in Amelia, VA, d. 1815 Nottoway, VA, m. Mary ???
512. William Tucker Sr. (Patriot) b: before 1720 in Prince George, VA, d. 1785 Amelia, VA, USA, m. Ann Malone?
1024. Capt. Robert Tucker b: 1676 in Charles City County, VA, d. 1744 Amelia, VA, m. Martha Epps b: 1704 in Charles City County, VA, d. 1766 Amelia, VA.
2048. Robert Tucker, b. Abt. 1652, d. Abt. 1704 in Charles City County, VA, m. Elizabeth Coleman Abt. 1676 in Prb. Charles City County, VA, born Abt. 1657 in Charles City County, VA, d. ca. 1750, Amelia Co., VA (per above, this Robert Tucker may have been a brother to Francis Tucker, but not yet proven) (The relationship between William Tucker Sr. and Capt. Robert Tucker was believed by B. DeRoy Beale, author of Tucker Trails Through Southside Virginia, to be father and son, based on compelling circumstantial evidence, however this relationship has not been conclusively proven and is still being researched.)

75823 - Robert Thomas Tucker
- rttkr@hotmail.com.
2. Robert Leo Tucker bn 13 Aug, 1894, Bryan, Brazos Co., Texas. Md Lois Kathryn Slaughter 11 Mar 1926, Ozona, Crockett Co., Texas. Died 7 Jan, 1952 Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas.
4. Robert Anderson Tucker bn 5 Apr, 1856, Greene County, Alabama. Md Weltha Amelia Burt 1 Aug, 1893, Bryan, Brazos Co., Texas. Died 26 Aug, 1902, Ozona,Crockett Co., Texas.
8. Robert A. Tucker bn about 1817, Virginia. Md Elizabeth Caroline Stuart 12 Feb, 1854, Tishabee, Greene Co., Alabama, dau of William M. and Mary Ann Pare Stuart who came from Virginia probably from Fredericksburg area. Robert A. died 3 Oct, 1873, Greene Co., Alabama. This is all I have. If any of our cousins can add to it that would be marvellous.

82153 - Carl L. Tucker
- carlnelly@dejazzd.com
2. Franklin Harding Tucker b.1894 and d. 1972 --- Note: 15 July 2012. The father of Carl was added at the request of Carl via his cousin David Gish. / WST
4. James Joseph Tucker born 5 Sept. 1874, d. 8 June 1948, married Adah Nora Gorin.
8. Harding Thomas Tucker born 9 Mar. 1845, d. 22 Feb. 1924, married Nancy Mariah Moore. Harding Thomas Tucker was married three times to sisters, but Nancy was the mother of all his children.
16. William H. Tucker born 17 Nov. 1806 Green Co, KY, d. 2 June 1877 Green Co., KY, married Malinda Sherrill.
32. Paschal Tucker born 178? married Mary (Polly) Pentacost. Paschal Tucker and Mary Pentacost were married in Charlotte Co., VA, in 1803. They were in Green County, Ky by 1806. Both Paschal and Mary d. 31 Aug. 1821 Green Co. KY. If anyone has a clue to whom the parents of Paschal Tucker are, please let me know.

83382 - Revenda "Benny" Tucker
- Mail to: Dianne Culbertson - diancul@aol.com
2. Wilkes Evans Tucker b. March 1896 m. Willie Violet Trammell.
4. Revenda Tucker, Â b. November 18, 1859, d. 18 July 1936 m. Alice Stevens b. 18 Feb. 1875 and d. 03 April 1949.
8. Willis Tucker b. 1805 or 1812 was married twice, once to Lucinda Holcombe. Y-DNA results seem to confirm family beliefs that Willis Tucker, #83382 b. 1805 or 1812; George Tucker, #83997, b. 1827; Elijah Tucker, #43028, b 1823 and believed to have died c1906 Laurens, Co., SC, were brothers. 

83997 - Alfred C. Tucker
- Katherine T. James - kjames34@bellsouth.net
2. Jonas Thomas Tucker, b. July 4, 1906, Union, SC, died July 21, 1967, in Cowpens, Spartanburg Co., SC.
4. Columbus Bud Tucker, b. November 15, 1882, Sedalia Township, Union Co., SC, died June 25, 1972 in Cowpens, Spartanburg Co., SC md 1) Bettie Lee Spencer, 2) Reilla Bentley, 3) Bessie Massey
8. Charles V. Tucker, b. Dec. 25, 1860 in Union Co., SC, died March 6, 1930 in Union, S. C. md 1) Amanda Wesson, 2) Jessie Ann Denson, 3) Cora Nesbitt. 16. George Tucker, b. 1827, SC, died unknown, md Elizabeth Holcombe, dau of Johnathan and Unity Rook Holcombe George was a brother to Elijah Tucker who md Eleanor "Nelly" Willard (Diane Culbertson's line, #43028). Another brother was Willis who md Lucinda Holcombe, sister of Elizabeth Holcombe (Revenda "Benny" Tucker's line. Revenda is sponsored by Diane,#83382). Reportedly, a sister, Mary, md Dalton Willard and moved to Georgia.

92275 - John A. Tucker
- Contact Nell T. Boersma at nboer@aol.com
4. Lucius Arthur Tucker, born November 19, 1882, Houma, LA; married Gladys Billiu, died January 1, 1951, Donaldsonville, LA.
8.William Pleasant Tucker, born February 28, 1846 Lafourche Parish, LA, married Amelia Thibodaux; died July 9, 1909, Houma, LA.
16. Joseph William Tucker, born February 23, 1805 Johnston Co., NC, married Marceline Gaude; died July 9, 1852, Lafourche Parish, LA.
32. Paschal Tucker, born 1753, Surry Co., VA, married Mary Pennington; died after 1816, Adams Co., MS.
64. Daniel Tucker (wife said to be Elizabeth Clay) born January, baptized May 10, 1725, son of Robert and Martha Tucker.
128. Robert Tucker, born 1670, Charles Co. VA, married Martha Epes, died September 26, 1744, Amelia Co. VA (Capt. Robert who d. 1750).
256. Robert Tucker, born 1645 Charles Co., VA, married Elizabeth Coleman, died 1722.

101481 - George Grady Tucker Jr. - gtucker27@comcast.net
4. Eli Shorter Tucker, b. 10 Aug 1855, Coffee County, AL, d. 19 Feb 1940, Elba, AL, bu. Bethlehem Cemetary, Elba, AL, m.24 Mar 1889, Geneva County, AL, Martha Jane Wise, b.3 Jun 1872, Geneva County, AL, d. 15 Dec 1939, Paxton, FL, bu. Bethlehem Cemetary, Elba, AL 
8. Benjamin Franklin Tucker, b. 9 Oct 1807, GA, d. 12 May 1892, Coffee County, AL, bu. Bethlehem Cemetary, Elba, AL, m. ?, Mary Elizabeth Hill, b. 17 Feb 1817, South Carolina, d. 
16 Mar 1891, Coffee County, AL, bu. Bethlehem Cemetary, Elba, AL. 16. Jesse Tucker, b. ca 1770, Amelia County, VA, d. ca 1832, bu. Montgomery County, AL (?), m. ?, Elizabeth ?, b. ca1870, d. Coffee County, AL?, bu. ? ( maybe Greenwood Cemetary, Florala, AL) 
32. Godfrey Tucker, b. ca 1747, Amelia County, VA, d. ca 1827, Elbert County , GA, m. Mary Burton, b. ca 1750, VA, d. ?, Elbert County, GA. 
64. Robert Tucker, Jr., b. ca 1706, Prince George County, VA, d. ca 1769, Amelia County, VA, m. Frances Coleman, b. ca 1710, Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg, VA. d. ca 1769, Amelia County, VA. 
128. Captain Robert Tucker, b. ca 1676, Charles City County, VA, d. ca 1750, Amelia County, VA, m. Elizabeth Parham, b. ca 1678, Charles City County, VA, d. ca 1718, Amelia County, VA. 
256. Robert Tucker, b. ca 1652, Charles City County, VA, d. ca 1704, Charles City County, VA, m. Elizabeth Coleman, b. ca 1657, Charles City County, VA, d. ca 1750, Amelia County, VA.

101659 - William Wilber "Bill" Tucker - kaltuck.ar@netzero.net
4. William Boneaparte Tucker b. 11 Jan,1878,Casey Co Ky. d. Oct.27, 1947, Stanfield,Oregon. m Mary Ann(Molly)Scott on Nov.22,1900.
8. Dandridge - Tucker- b. Aug.30,1828 - d. July 9,1887 in Warsaw, Mo. m Fatima Jane Greer on Aug.27,1854.
16. Newman - Tucker b. 1806, Bedford,Va. d. 186- . m Nancy Jane Edwards April 8, 1830.
32. Dandridge - Tucker b. Nov. 12 1780. d. June 11, 1862. m Nancy Settle on 17, Nov. 1798 in Casey Co. Ky.
64. Cpt. William Wofford Tucker b. 1752, d. 29 May 1829, m Nancy Lee.

111779 - Gene Rhea Tucker - tuckerresearch@hotmail.com
8. William Preston Tucker b. March 19, 1904, Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky, d. February 5, 1963, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. m. Mary Elizabeth Shreve b. March 4, 1907, Green County, Kentucky, d. November 27, 1988, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
16. Elijah Perce Tucker b. December 9, 1876, Green County, Kentucky, d. March 14, 1931, Green County, Kentucky. m. Martha “Mattie” Lee Jameson b. December 25, 1878, Green County, Kentucky, d. September 7, 1933, Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. 
32. Harding Thomas Tucker b. March 9, 1845, Green County, Kentucky, d. February 22, 1924, Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky.m. Nancy Mariah Moore b. 1847, Kentucky, d. July 1, 1880, New Haven, Nelson County, Kentucky
64. William Tucker b. November 17, 1806, Green County, Kentucky, d. June 2, 1877, Green County, Kentucky.m. Malinda Sherrill b. July 30, 1808, d. April 1, 1889, Green County, Kentucky
128. Paschal Tucker b. 1784 (?), Virginia d. October 1821, Green County, Kentucky. m. Mary Pentecost
Comment: Now this is where it gets tricky. . . .  I do believe for a number of reasons that the Paschal Tucker who died in 1821 in Kentucky was the grandson of Daniel Tucker who died 1792, Wake Co, NC
256. Believed to be     ?        Tucker 
512. Daniel Tucker b. 1721, Virginia d. 1792, Wake County, North Carolina. m. commonly believed to be Elizabeth Clay b. 1725, Bristol, Amelia, Virginia, d. 1790
1024. Robert Tucker b. c1676, Virginia d. 1750 Amelia Co., Virginia. m. commonly believed to be Martha Epps b. 1704, Charles City County, Virginia, d. 1766, Amelia County, Virginia.

106786 - Charles P. Tucker - Email billtuck@ipa.net
4. Jerry J. Tucker of Tyler County, TX.
8. Henry Tucker of Tyler Co., TX.
16. Jeremiah Tucker b. 1 Mar. 1831 (Jasper Co., GA). Confederate soldier of Tyler Co., TX. Died 22 Nov. 1862. Marr. Emaline Chambles 7 Oct 1849 in MS (TX fam. record).
32. William Jay Tucker b. 18 August 1781 (TX fam. record) Res. Jasper Co, GA until after 1850. Marr. Lanie Parish b. 17 Feb. 1789 & d. 19 Sept 1848 (per TX fam. record). Died Rockdale Co., GA. Per tombstone: William Tucker Father of Madison Tucker, died 8-29-1865, 82 years old.
64. Thomas Tucker b. before 1745. (Older bro. of George b. 1745). Died 1821 Jasper County, GA. May have been marr. twice. The only known wife was Elizabeth Ashmore dau. of Frederick and Bridget Ayres Ashmore of MD and Wilkes Co., GA.
128. Thomas Tucker, b. ca1713 – 1723 & d. ca1818 - 1828, Jasper Co., GA. Only wife of record is Margaret ? , reference 1764 deed of Amelia Co., VA. Probably married more than once.
256. Probably Thomas Tucker b. ? & d. ca1749, Amelia Co., VA. Wife was Martha __?__ when Thomas died. Note: Earnest Smith, son of Phebe Tucker Smith, was the source of the Texas family record for Jeremiah Tucker, his wife and his parents. They were copied by Frances Bates Gober in 1986 from records of Kathryn Frances Tucker Young, wife of Dallas Young of Tyler Co., TX. Compiled by W.S.T., #20652

111936 - Walter "Duncan" Tucker - bmcblacksheep2571@yahoo.com
4. John A. Tucker --- b. 31 May 1886 Anson Co., NC --- d 18 Nov 1955 Chesterfield Co., SC
8. Seaberne (Sebern) Tucker --- b Mar 1849 NC --- d 1924 Anson Co., NC --- md. Martha Moore (1847 NC - 1935/36) --- Children: Ella, Eliza, Bonsonorah, Hampton, Rosa, Benjamin Alben, Callie, Charles Dougal, John A., Pat, Patrick P. and Ed.
16. Calley (Kelly) Tucker --- b. 1814 SC --- d. 19 Oct 1890 Anson Co., NC --- md. Jarusha Gathings (1814 - 1861) abt. 1832 --- Children: Leonidas, Judith, Hampton, Susan, Alfred and Seaberne.
32. Daniel Tucker --- b. 1780 VA/NC --- d. 1863 Anson Co., NC --- md. (1st) Dolly abt. 1808 --- Children: Woody (b. 1810 SC), Repsey (b. 12 Mar 1812 SC), Calley (b. 1814 SC) and (b. 9 Jan 1817 Thomas Anson Co., NC) --- md. (2nd) Mintha Willoughby (b. SC) abt. 1837 --- Children: Daniel (b. 1838) and Nevil (Neville) T. (b. 1853)

119159 - William Carl Summers/(Tucker) – bcsummers@aol.com
2. Jessie Carl Tucker Summers
4. Newman Wallace Tucker b: 17 Oct 1887 in Martin, Obion C0., TN., He had 3 wives and 6 children and died 03 Apr 1980, in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles Co., Ca.,  M.(1) to  Margaret Jane Paschall b. 14 Aug 1886 in Henry County, TN and died 25 Jan 1986 in Paris,  TN. M(2) to Helen Virginia Staley, b 05 Mar 1902 and died 28 Oct 1954. M(3) Gertrude S. Saunders in 1970.
8. Paschal Goodin (Goodwin?) Tucker b. 7 Nov, 1824 (Bible rec.) 1824 Weakley Co TN d. 1904 . Had 3 wives and 22 children.  M(1) Nancy Jane Ross, b 05 Jan 1829 and died 10 May 1862. M(2) Jane M. Nolin 19 May 1873. M(3) Marinda (Duck) Jane Winford, b 1856 in AR.
16. Daniel Tucker b: 15 Feb 1794, (Bible rec.) in Wake county, NC, and died 07 Jun 1863 in Obion, TN. M. Pruery (Pry) Mizell b: 10 Mar 1806 in Weakley Co., TN, USA, d. 08 Sept 1876 in Obion, Ten, USA.
32. Daniel Tucker d. c1813 Rockingham Co., NC. From LW&T: Wife Nancy Tucker & nine children: Sally E., William L., Polly, Dan'l, Elizabeth A., Patsy M., Leballah (surely Sebellah), Nancy W., Pascal Goodwin.
64. Daniel Tucker d. 1792 Wake Co., NC. Thirteen children named in LW&T: Mary Spain, Martha Ellington, Elizabeth Guerrant, William Tucker, Sally Ellington, Daniel Tucker, Pascal Ticker,Nancy Tucker, Susey Maxey, Joseph Tucker, Rebecca Russell, Mason Fowler (female)  and Pleasant Tucker. Four grandchildren named: Spain, Eppes, Salley and Pascal Tucker.
128. Robert Tucker who died 1750, Amelia Co., VA. Wife Martha.

143526 - William Coke Tucker - bill_ofva62@yahoo.com
4. William "Coke" Tucker b. 21 Oct 1892 Sistrunk, AL d. 1969 Newport News, VA, m. Florence Nannie Rankin 1910 Jakin, GA. She was b. 1890 Blakely, GA d. 1979 Newport News, Va.
8. Robert Epps Tucker b. 6 Feb. 1865 Opelika, AL, d. 1953, Newport News, VA.. m. Carrie Elizabeth Hollifield 6 June 1890 Pratville, Al, She was b. 23 April 1875 Pratville, AL, d. 1961 Newport News, VA.
16. Coke Tucker b. 25 Sept. 1825 Chambers Co, Alabama, d. 1906, m. Sarah Rakestraw 25 Oct. 1848. She was b. abt. 1833 Covington, Newton Co., GA d. abt. 1905 Jakin, GA burried at Donaldsonville, Seminole Co., GA.
32. Epps Tucker b. 17 March 1778 Dinwiddie Co., VA d. 7 June 1867 Mt. Jefferson, Lee Co., AL, m. Martha Permelia Jones 1819 Edgefield Co., SC. She was born abt. 1795 Edgefield, SC.
64. Daniel Tucker b. 1739 Amelia Co., VA d. 7 April 1818 Elberton, Elbert Co., GA, m. Frances Epps 1767 prob. Dinwiddie Co., VA. She d. 6 Aug. 1823 Elberton, Elbert Co., GA.
128. Robert Tucker, Jr. b. 1706 Prince George Co., VA, d. 1769 Amelia Co., VA, m. Frances Coleman 1726.
256. Capt. Robert Tucker b. abt. 1676 Charles City Co., VA, d. 26 Sept. abt. 1750 Amelia Co., VA, ( Per B. DeRoy Beale, his book, TTTSV, probably m.(1) Elizabeth Parham and m. (2) Martha)
512. Probable father of Capt. Robert: Robert Tucker b. abt. 1652 in Charles City Co., VA, m. Elizabeth ( probably Coleman) abt. 1676. She was b. abt. 1657 in Charles City Co. Submitted by Helen Dunkum, granddaughter of 4., William "Coke" Tucker

154789 - Donald Gene Tucker - ksandsvet@earthlink.net
4. Milton Ezra Tucker b. 2/28/1893 in Troy, MO; died 1977 in Alton, IL
8. Marvin Tucker B. 1854, Troy, MO died 1898 Troy, MO
16. Lemuel O. Tucker B. 1/20/1815 in Halifax, VA, died 1903, Troy, MO; Married January 12 1837 to Mary Hopkins, born in Bardstown, KY January 12 1920 They had 7 sons: James, born 1837 in Kentucky; Henry C. born in 1842 in Ky or MO; William L born 1844 in MO; Zahcariah T born 1846 in MO; Lemuel born 1852 in MO; Marvin born 1854 in MO; Albert born 1859 in MO.

160871 - D. David Tucker - dnatucker@cox.net
4. Robert Smith Tucker b. 22 May 1879 Larue Co., Hodgenville, Ky. d. 16 Jan 1950 in Van Nuys, Calif. m. Elizabeth Brown Smith b. 04 Mar. 1882 Hammonsville, Ky. Hart Co. d.30 Jan 1910 Perth , Ks.
8. Robert Obediah Smith Tucker b 30 May 1840 Stokes Co.,North Carolina d 06 Aug 1909 Larue Co.,Kentucky m. Mary Margaret Bush b 03 Sep 1845 Ky. d 07 Sep 1919 Larue co. Ky.
16. Paul Tucker b. 15 Feb 1802 Halifax Co.,Virginia d. 13 Jan 1876 Larue Co. Ky. m. Mary Neal Hodges b. 12 Dec 1818 Va. d 10 Feb. 1901 Larue co., Ky. both are buried Upton,Ky.
32. Robert Tucker b. Abt. 1766 Amelia Co., Va. d Abt 1844 Stokes Co., N.C. m Sarah (Sally) Smith b ?, d. Bef. 1840 Stokes Co., N.C.
64. George Tucker b Abt. 1710 Prince Georges Co. Va. d. 1784 Lunnenburg Co,Va. m 2nd wife Abt.1760, Amelia Co., Va . to Catherine Worsham b.? d. Abt 1792
128. Capt. Robert Tucker b 1677 Charles City Co., Va. d. 18 May 1750 Amelia Co., Va. m. 1st wife Elizabeth(?) Parham(?) b? d?

178040 - George Dalton Tucker - Contact: Beverly Tucker - bonbonn64@yahoo.com
4. James Daniel Tucker Sr (b 11 Dec 1893 Paoli, Indian Territory [now OK] d 19 Aug 1992 San Diego, San Diego, California) 28 Aug 1922 married Julia Elvira Anderson (b 16 Nov 1894 Worcester, Massachusetts d 6 Feb 1989 San Diego, San Diego, California
8. Daniel James Tucker MD (b 6 Apr 1851 Lincoln Co, Tennessee d 3 Jan 1911 Norman, Cleveland Oklahoma) married Rosa Lee Polk (b 5 Mar 1870 De Kalb Co, Missouri d 21 Apr 1955 Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma
16. Daniel Murphy Tucker MD (b Lincoln Co, Tennessee d 1865 unknown; possibly Sugarloaf, Sebastian Co, Arkansas) 25 Sep 1839 married Nancy G Higgins (b 1824 Lincoln Co, Tennessee d 28 Jan 1892 Fayetteville, Lincoln Co, Tennessee
32. Aulden Tucker Sr (b 1775 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia d 21 Feb 1827 Lincoln Co, Tennessee) married Clara Hall (b 1777 South Carolina d 1822 Lincoln Co, Tennessee
64. Robert Tucker (b 1752 Lunenburg Co, Virginia d aft 1830 Haywood Co, Tennessee) married Mary Wells (b 1756 Lunenburg Co, Virginia d 1830 Haywood Co, Tennessee)
128. James Tucker (b 1698 Virginia d 19 Oct 1770 Virginia) 1719 married Mary ? (b 1703 Charles City Co, Virginia d 1760 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia)
05 November, 2013. Comment by administrator Bill Tucker: We request our members to submit their lineage as it is known. If there are known or believed errors, an attempt is made to resolve them. We have several lineages submitted from Y-DNA tested descendants of James Tucker, 1698 - 1770,  where the lineages and the Y-DNA results seemingly conflict. Resolving those conflicts is an on-going goal.

183930 – Royal Stevens “Roy” Tucker, Jr. - royaltucker@verizon.net
4. John William “Jack” Tucker --- b. 14 Oct 1877 Pittsylvania Co., VA --- d. 1 Jan 1943 Pittsylvania Co., VA --- md. Nell Jennett “Nellie” Davenport (3 Mar 1882 - Jun 1967) 21 Dec 1898 in Pittsylvania County, VA --- Children: Hollins Creasy, Merle Davenport, Royal Stevens, William Gordon, Vernon Laine, Jack Davenport, all born Pittsylvania Co. VA.
8. William Henry “Bill” Tucker --- b. 11 May 1839 Pittsylvania County, VA --- d. 1 May 1920 in Pittsylvania County, VA --- md. Sarah Elizabeth Laine ([?] - [?]) 19 Feb 1867 in Pittsylvania County, VA --- Children: Thomas Clark, Agusta, J. A., Christine W., John William, Martha Clark, all born Pittsylvania Co. VA. War Between the States: CSA; Pvt. 18th Virginia Infantry, Co. A; wounded-1862-Gaines Mill (Seven Days Battles around Richmond, VA),-1863-Gettysburg, PA (Pickett’s Charge),-1864-Drewrey’s Bluff (on James River between Richmond and Petersburg, VA); was likely at Battles of Petersburg and Sailors Creek in VA; Paroled at Burkville, VA - after surrender 1865
16. John Tucker --- b. abt 1792 Pittsylvania Co., VA --- d. [?] Pittsylvania Co., VA --- md. Sarah "Sally" Faris (abt 1815 - [?]) abt 26 Apr 1838 Pittsylvania County, VA --- Children: William Henry, Thomas John, Joel B., John W., Martha S., Sally J., Rebecca, all born in Pittsylvania Co,, VA.
32. Nelson Tucker --- b. abt 1768 Amelia County, VA --- d. 1843 Pittsylvania Co., VA --- md. Martha Clark ([?]-[?]) abt 15 Dec 1788 in Pittsylvania County, VA --- Children: Elizabeth, Nancy P., Polly A., Martha H., William C., John, Miles N., all born in Pittsylvania Co,, VA. Revolutionary War: He “was called out into service” and on abt 7 July 1781 [at about age 13] marched from his home in Lunenburg Co., VA, with a company of Virginia Militia. They “ariv,d at a station between Old Williamsburg & little York where the Enemy were station,d”, VA. He was later discharged and started for home abt 19 September 1781. This is based on an 1835 deposition supporting the pension application of John Bayne.
64. William Tucker --- b. 15 Apr 1733 Prince George Co., VA --- d. 1806 Halifax Co., VA --- md. Mary Keatts ([?]-[?]) abt 26 Oct 1756 Amelia Co., VA --- Children: Nelson, Louise, Sally, Mary, Martha, all likely born in Amelia and Halifax Co’s., VA.
128. Robert Tucker Jr. --- b. bef 1706 Prince George Co., VA --- d. 1769 Amelia Co., VA --- md. Frances Coleman ([?]-[?]) abt 1726 Prince George Co., VA --- Children: Martha, Frances, Rachael, William, Robert, Daniel, Godfrey.
256. Capt. Robert Tucker Sr. --- b. abt 1677 in Charles City Co. VA --- d. 1750 Amelia Co., VA --- md. Elizabeth Parham (abt 1684 - abt 1719) abt 1698 in Charles City County, VA --- Children: James, Robert, George, John, William, Ann, Joseph, Daniel, Sarah.

215535 - Joseph Leonard Tucker - Contact: Randy Wilson - ranmarkwsn@yahoo.com
4. John Warren Tucker b. 22 Oct 1857 Jasper County, MO.; d. 13 Feb 1953 in the Hess & Altus, Jackson County, OK area. m. Martha Ann (Mattie) Roberts on 04 Sep 1886 in her parents' home in McKinney, Collin County, TX. Mattie was b. 01 Jan 1872 in Collin County, TX, d. 29 Dec 1959 in Altus, Jackson County, OK. Mattie's parents were William J. Roberts & Sarah Elizabeth Jane Wilson (no proof of relation to Randy M. as of 21 Oct 2011). John W. Tucker, 14 yrs old, is found in the 1870 Jasper County, MO census living with 3 or 4 Osborn relatives.
8. James Tucker b. about 1835 in Tennessee? We don't know when he died or where he disappeared to. m. to Louisa Jane Osborn in Jasper County, MO on 16 Dec 1855. b. c1835 in Tennessee.  Louisa disappeared after her son, John Warren, was born; maybe died of childbirth or maybe "the fever" as some family members have believed. We don't have a record of her death or burial, etc. so far. Louisa's parents were William Wiley Osborn & Elizabeth Alexander--both of Tenn. We think our Tuckers came from Tennessee before moving to Jasper County, MO then on to North Texas (from Collin County to Jack County)--then moved on to Old Greer County--now Jackson County--in Southwest Oklahoma.

223869 - Contact: Steve Combs - steveocombs@yahoo.com
The lineage for 223869 is presently private. Mr. Combs is the contact person in behalf of member 223869.

226765 -Stanley Tucker - Contact: Randy Wilson - ranmarkwsn@yahoo.com
4. Smith Thomas Tucker b. 28 Jun 1882 in Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO; d. 10 Mar 1957 in Sayre, Bechham County, OK--- m. 24 Dec 1905 in Henrietta, Clay County, TX to Anna "Annie" May Jones . On the journey from Missouri to Ringgold, Montague County, TX in approx. 1894, Smith Thomas' brother, Theodore Purl, was captured by Indians when watering their horses. Smith's father, William Purl II finally located Theodore & traded horses in return for his son.
8. William Purl Tucker II b. 18 Sep 1850 in Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO; d. 20 May 1922--buried in Dempsey Cemetery near Grimes, Roger Mills County, OK--- m. 25 Dec 1872 in Johnson County, MO to Laura Madora Colbern b. 7 Nov 1854 Johnson County, MO & d. 10 Nov 1939--buried in Dempsey Cemetery, Roger Mills, OK.  Children:  William Franklin b.1873, Charlie Robert b.1876, Luella Addie b.1877, Lilly Colbern b.1880,  Smith Thomas b.1882, Theodore Purl b.1886, Laura Francis b.1888, Shelton Adolphus b.1891--d.1895, Rosa Lee b.1893, Lizzie Eugene b.1897, Lee b.1898.
16. William Purl Tucker b. 27 Jan 1813 in N.Carolina; d.11 Jan 1873 Pleasant Hill, Cass County, MO---m. abt 1840 to Martha Susannah Clement b.27 Aug 1817, d.27 Jan 1905 in Pleasant Hill, Cass, MO.  William & Martha had 13 daughters & one son, William Purl.  Some of the daughters are:  Lucy Ann b.1841 in NC, Elizabeth "Lizzie" b.1842 in NC, Martha "Mattie" b.1847 in NC, Ellen V. b.1856 in Missouri.
32. William Tucker b. abt 1795

237994 - Richard Lee Tucker - taytuckfam-tree@yahoo.com
I have no problem with my parents being listed, I have many cousins I have lost touch with and it may help as some are starting on genealogy. As received. WST
2. R D Tucker dob 14 June 1918 Selma, Or dod 12 July 1991 Gold Hill, OR m Catherine King 30 Dec 1939 Reno, NV
4. John Reuben Tucker dob 11 June 1881 Cottage Grove, OR. dod 5 June 1945 Grants Pass,OR. m Martha Barbara Breazeale 1 Oct 1908
8. William Daniel Woodson Tucker dob 14 May 1846 Buchanan CO Missouri dod 23 Oct 1931 Grants Pass, OR m Ellen Mary Bailey 2 June 1880 Cottage Grove, OR
16. William Buck Tucker dob 16 Feb 1813 Surry, North Carolina dod 29 April 1891Scio, Oregon m Nancy Dealy 28 March 1839
32. James M. Tucker dob 1776 Surry, North Caroline dod 9 July 1843 Jackson, Missouri m Anna Cave 8 June 1810 Surry, NC
64. William M. Tucker dob 1758 Amelia, Virginia dod May 1825 Surry, North Carolina m Mary Molly Smith 22 Dec 1783
128. James Tucker jr. dob ca.1719 Prince George co. Virginia, dod aft. 24 Feb 1797 Surry, North Carolina m Mary ? 1784 Virginia
256. James Tucker sr. dob ca. 1698 Charles City, VA dod before 1773 Mecklenburg co. VA m Mary ? 1719 Halifax Virginia
Comment from Lee: Tucker Lineage as I have it. Sources from James Tucker, Sr., back are few. Hope DNA testing will help with the connections and sort things out.

247776 - David Judson Tucker – dtucker50505@yahoo.com
4. Love Berry Tucker, b. August 11, 1880, Union County, SC; d. September 2, 1942, Lyman, Spartanburg County, SC; m. Corrie Ruth Prather, January 22, 1899, Union County, SC.
8. Willis Tucker, b. December 11, 1849, Union County, SC; d. April 15, 1919, Union County, SC; m. Margaret Harvey, 1872.
16. Willis Tucker, b. 1805, 1807 or 1817, South Carolina; d. 1869, Union County, SC; m. Lucinda Holcombe.

266273 - Aubrey Dean Tucker - Contact: Joyce Lambert - joyce50@bellsouth.net
4. Eugene William Tucker, Sr. b. 10 Jul 1916 Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 6 Jun 1997 Clarke Co., GA; m. 16 Dec 1939 Clarke Co., GA Robernell Stewart.
8. Rudolph Thurmond Tucker b. 1 Mar 1885 Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 2 Dec 1976 Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. 28 Oct 1909 Oglethorpe Co., GA Lucy Olive Carter.
16. William Tarpley Tucker b.10 Aug 1843 Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 5 Jan 1890 Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. 24 Sept 1865 Oglethorpe Co. GA Elizabeth Dean Harwell.
32. Tarpley Tucker b. 1776 Mecklenburg Co., VA; d 1860 Gwinnett Co, GA; m. (1) 9 Dec 1799 Mecklenburg Co., VA Nancy Kelly, and (2) Oglethorpe Co., GA Elizabeth Fleeman.
64. Daniel Tucker, Sr. b. 1745 Mecklenburg Co., VA; d. 1824 Mecklenburg Co., VA; m(1) __?__ __?__ . All children m (1) and m (2) are per B. DeRoy Beale's research: Jesse, George, Daniel, Jr., Tarpley, Little B, John, James, Jane and Amy. m. (2) 17 Jul 1787 Jane Cardin. Children: Wylie, Alexander S., Polly A. Robert C., Patsy (Martha?) E. and Charlotte.
128. John Tucker b. 25 Jun 1726 Prince George Co., Bristol Parish, VA; d. 1804 Amelia Co., VA; m. 1744 Martha ____?____ .
256. Francis Tucker b. 1699 Charles City Co., VA; d. 1777 Amelia Co., VA; m. 1720 Ann ____?____ .
512. Francis "The Elder" Tucker b. 1668, d.1723, Prince George County, VA, m. 1690 Mary ___?___ (Beale speculated in his book that Mary was a Coleman).

280519 - Roy David Tucker - Contact: gail-roberson@sbcglobal.net
4. James Edwin Tucker b. about 1857 in GA., died 08 Sep 1908 Inola, OK & m. Johnnie Ida Parker 10 Jun 1888, Campell County, GA. Siblings: Callie M., Charles William, John T., Mary Jane, Mattie Victoria and George Washington.
8. James Tucker was born in 1814 in Georgia. He died on 11 Oct 1889 in Campbell County, GA. m. Annie Finley (Findley) 17 Dec 1840 in Jasper County, GA
Comment of  Admin.Wm. S. "Bill" Tucker, 20652, CCC: Y-DNA results confirm that Roy David Tucker is a descendant of my Gr-gr-gr-gr-gf Thomas Tucker (Sr.). No one record connects James as a son of William  Tucker son of Thomas (Jr.) who died 1821 in Jasper County, Georgia, and who was a son of Thomas (Sr.) However, various facts strongly suggests that James is one of the unnamed sons of William of the 1820 and 1830 Jasper County, Georgia census records. The generations that follow are added by W.S.T., 20652.
16. William Tucker b. GA. & d. in Newton Co., GA, now Rockdale Co. Tombstone said to be inscribed as having died 25 Aug. 1865, age 80 years. M(1) Lany/Lanie Parish (family tradition) Wilkes, CO, GA. M(2) Eliz. Duncan 22 August 1833, Jasper Co., GA. Siblings: Mary, John, Thomas, Margaret, Jeremiah, Rhoda,  Sarah, Pointon & Biddie.
32. Thomas Tucker (wife Elizabeth Ashmore) b. c1743 or before in Virginia, d. 1821, Shady Dale Community, Jasper County, Georgia. Known siblings: George, Daniel, Moses and Elizabeth Green.
64. Thomas Tucker, b. c1713 - c1723 and d. c1818 -c1828, Jasper Co., GA.. Only wife of record is Margaret__?__, reference a 1764 deed of Amelia Co., VA. Probably married more than once.



61236 - James D. Tucker - Contact: D. M. Tucker - dkwolyk@comcast.net
4. James Washington Tucker, Holt Cty., MO, 20 April 1873, d. Cedar Cty, ElDorado Springs, MO, 23 Sept 1928, m. Alice Matilda Dale 20 Feb. Box Twsp., Cedar Cty., MO.
8. James Edward Tucker b. 22 June 1840 St Clair Cty., MO, d. 24 Sept. 1924 Box Twsp., Cedar Cty., ElDorado Springs, MO, m. Mary Susan Alkire 7 May 1868, Deerfield Twsp. Vernon Cty, MO.
16. Granville Tucker b. abt. 1799 Norfolk, VA, d.1863+, Benton Cty., Gravette, AR, m.(1) Rebecca Ware before 1831, (2) Mary Ann aft.1840, MO.

229464 - Melvin John Tucker - Contact: Mel Tucker - meltuc@telus.net
4. Melvin Richard Tucker
8. Joseph Tucker
16. Granville Greenwood Tucker (1799 VA - 1866 AR)



82570 - Wayne R. Tucker - rowland60@juno.com
4. Lindsey Tucker, b. 24 Jul 1891, died 28 Apr 1977; married Clara Lenora McAlpin, b. 24 Apr 1895, died 8 Jan 1990. Both of them were born and died in Graves County Kentucky.
8. Thomas Henry Tucker, b. 14 Jan 1849, died 6 Apr 1925; married Mary “Molly” Eveline Allison, b. 18 Jan 1848. Both of them were born and died in Graves County Kentucky.
16. Young Nathaniel Tucker, b. 14 Jan. 1825, died 11 Aug 1902; married Martha Caroline Watson, b. 25 Dec 1822, died 2 Oct 1911. Both of them were born and died in Graves County Kentucky. I think, but can't prove, that Young Tucker had an older brother named James, b. 1822 possibly in VA. Also, I have reason to believe Levi Tucker may have been Young's father, from VA.

271930 - Gentry Eugene Tucker - Contact: Tanya Phillips - phillipstanya95@yahoo.com
4. Prentice Gentry Tucker --- b 10 April 1901 Graves Co, Kentucky d 28 Nov 1950 Lake Co Florida married 3 Jan 1920 Obion Tenn. to Myrtle Adell Coplen ( linage name Copeland ) b 1 Aug 1898 Graves Co, Ky. d 1 March 1985 Graves Co, Ky.
8. Charles Columbus Tucker --- b 21 Feb 1861 Graves Co Ky. d 15 Jan 1954 Graves Co Ky.
Had 3 wives 1st Laura A Morris 1863 - 1886 Graves Co, Ky. 2nd Ida Cates 1872 - 1890 Graves Co, Ky. 3rd married 1 Sept. 1892 Mayfield, Ky. Josephine "Josie" Lawrence b 27 Feb 1874 d 13 May 1911 Graves Co, Ky.
16. Andrew E "Andy" Tucker --- b ABT 1829 Graves Co, Ky. d ABT 1894 ? It is unknown where and when he died. Had two wives, 1st married Sarah F Colley 5 March 1856 Graves Co, Ky. b 11 April 1838 Caldwell Co, Ky. d Aft July 1863 Graves Co, Ky. 2nd wife Martha Milton Scott b ABT 1850 Caldwell Co, Ky. d 24 Dec 1919 McCracken Co, Ky. Martha was the niece of Sarah F Colley.
COMMENT: The 1880 census list Andrew's parents birthplace as North Carolina, Past West Kentucky researchers think Andrew is the son of Samuel Tucker b btw 1776 - 1780 North Carolina d aft 1860 Graves Co, Ky and Temperance Biggs b ABT 1790 NC d ABT 1840 Graves Co, Ky. Married 8 July 1813 Christian Co, Ky. Researching Tucker's of the area lead me to think this could be true but I have found no proof.



110883 - Mark Tucker - Contact: Denise A. Tucker - datucker@uncg.edu
1. Mark Tucker
2. Robert Milton Tucker --- b. 11 May 1931 Lynchburg, VA --- d. 30 Oct 2006 Lynchburg, VA.
4. Ruby Massie Tucker --- b. 11 August 1901 Amherst Co., VA --- d. 29 Nov 1983 Lynchburg, VA --- md. (1st) Jessie Odell Humphries (1904 VA - 1954 VA) 18 Oct 1924 --- Children: Massie Elaine, Robert Milton, Infant Male and Ronald Theodore --- md. (2nd) Lillian Hicks (1900 VA - 1986 VA) 15 Apr 1958 Lynchburg, VA.
8. Drury Tucker --- b. 13 March 1855 Sandidges, Amherst Co., VA --- d. 18 Nov 1922 Amherst Co., VA --- md. Sophia Mildred Johnson (1861 - 1932 VA) 3 Nov 1880 Amherst Co., VA --- Children: Carrie, William Allen, Mittie Jane, Asa Drury, Sadie Blanch, Jessie, Mary Susan, Lillian Walker, and Ruby Massie.
16. Roland Tucker --- b. 30 Dec 1809 Hanover Co., VA --- d. 1891 Amherst Co., VA --- md. (1st) Susan Ann Christian (abt 1820 VA - bfr 1868 VA) 8 Dec 1841 --- Children: William Henry, Miles, Eliza, Charles Roland, Fannie J., Mary E., Drury and Lucy Anne --- md. (2nd) Catherine Elizabeth Higginbotham (1846 VA - 1912 VA) 10 Dec 1868 Amherst Co., VA --- Children: John James, Van Roland, Edgar, Oealia Walker, Edmonia M., Lewis G., Onieda and Jack Lee.
32. Drury Tucker --- b. 1777 Hanover Co., VA --- d. Oct 1860 Amherst Co., VA --- md. Frances "Fannie" Wright (? - 1862) --- Children: Roland, Littleberry, William, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, Sally and Susannah.
64. Littleburg (Littleberry) Tucker --- md. Betty. Chilren: Rowland b. 1773, Drury b. 1777 and Thomas b._____.

177925 - Russell Forrest Tucker - russtucker@ukalumni.net
4. James Alexander Tucker, Jr. --- b. 12 Aug 1865 Paden, Tishomingo, MS --- d. 3 Jul 1928 Paden, Tishomingo, MS --- md. Mary Virginia Duboise (1877 MS - 1926 MS) 20 Apr 1892 Paden, Tishomingo, MS --- Children: Levi Grady, Jeany Elbert, Forest Lee Sr., Margaret Zulla, James Homer, Mary Bell, George Mitchell, Lillian Adell, Buford Thurman and Milford Haskell.
8. James Alexander Tucker, Sr. --- b. May 1831 (Tn or Al) --- d. abt 1900 MS --- md. Rhuhamey Catherine Blanton (1938 GA - 1916 MS) abt 1855 --- Children: Mary Catherine (b. 1859), Francis Marion (1861-1927), James Alexander Jr.
16. ?(William G.)? Tucker --- b. abt 1805 VA or SC --- d. abt 1850 --- md. Mary Susan Unknown (14 Nov 1804 VA - 13 Jul 1890 MS) --- Children: George W. (b. 1827 TN), James Alexander Sr. (b. 1831 TN), Elizabeth (b. 1832 AL), Sarah Jane (b. 1834 AL), Joseph P. (b. 1837 MS), Edward B. (b. 1840 AL), and Thomas Jefferson (b. 1853 MS). Thomas Jefferson Tucker is thought to be Sarah Jane Tucker's son.

180968 - William F. Tucker - kayaddis@gmail.com
4. Charles Elmer Tucker, b. July 11, 1879 in Campbell County, VA; married Daisy Winn Johnson of Fluvanna, Co., VA on April 4, 1931 in Campbell County, VA; died November 19, 1955 in Lynchburg, VA. Children: Melvina Elmer, Charles Johnson, James William, Samuel Henry, McKensey, Rebecca Frances, Sarah Elizabeth and Daisy Wynn.
8. James William Tucker, b. June 25, 1840 in VA., married Sarah Jane (Sallie) Scott Dec. 4, 1868 in Lynchburg, d. April 5, 1924 in Campbell County, VA. Children: Charles Elmer, Mack Fitzwater, Adeline Virginia, James A., and Elia Collin.
16. Charles Tucker, b. in Amherst County, VA., married Adaline B. Plunkett October 12, 1835 in Campbell County, VA., died 1846 in Amherst County, VA. Children: Nancy W., Elizabeth F., John Willis, Mary E., James William and Harriet T.
32. William Tucker, b. about 1778 in VA; married 1) Harriet HIx of Powhatan, in Powhatan, Oct. 6, 1808; died August 1857 in Amherst County, VA. Children: William M. "Hollow Bill," Sallie, Elizabeth, Mary A., Wyatt and Charles; married 2) Permelia Madison Gooch Wilsher January 13, 1848 in Amherst Co., VA. Children: California, Thomas J.

182446 - Herb Tucker - Contact: Donna Courtney - donna_courtney@comcast.net
1. William Herbert Tucker
2. Frank Stringfellow Tucker --- b. 7 Mar 1917 Amherst Co., VA --- d. 22 Jan 1994 Newport News, VA --- md. Elizabeth Kline (20 Sep 1917 - 3 Dec 2006) 12 Aug 1944 Roanoke, VA.
4. Frank Herbert Tucker --- b. 3 May 1886 Amherst Co., VA --- d. 18 Oct 1961 Waynesboro, VA --- md. Margaret Baldwin Loving (5 Dec 1885 - 31 Jan 1975) 19 Mar 1910 Bristol, TN --- Children: Lewis Pierce, Paul, Virginia Sadie, Betty Kimbrough, John Randolph, Frank Stringfellow, Anna Jane, and Marie Louise, all born in Amherst Co., VA.
8. Paul Tucker --- b. 29 Feb 1840 Amherst Co., VA --- d. 16 Jan 1924 Amherst Co., VA --- md. Anna Jane/Josie Hill (21 Nov 1849 - 22 Apr 1922) 18 Feb 1868 Nelson Co., VA --- Children: Ollie Marshall, Chiswell Dabney, Sallie Maude, Mattie Elsie, Custis Lee, Mattie R., Linwood Grafton, Frank Herbert and Virginia (Jennie) Lewis, all born in Amherst Co., VA.
16. Charles Tucker, Jr. --- b.3 Jul 1787 Amherst Co., VA---d. 16 Apr 1874 Amherst Co., VA --- md. Sarah (Sally) Smith (13 Jul 1797 - 24 Jul 1878) Amherst Co., VA --- Children: John Smith, Edmund Powell, Thomas Given, William, Chiswell Dabney and Paul M. Tucker, all born in Amherst Co., VA.
32. Charles Tucker, Sr. --- b. abt 1750 --- d. 6 Aug 1811 Amherst Co., VA --- md. Mary Tompkins --- Children: Elizabeth, William, Charles, Jr., Sarah, John, Wiatt and Mary.
64. William Tucker --- d. 1791 Powhatan Co., VA --- md. Sarah Bolton --- Children: Thomas, Judith, William, John, Charles, Sr., James, Sally, Mary, Jesse and Elizabeth.

271959 - Joe Tucker - Contact: Hugh Tucker - whugh.tucker@gmail.com
2. Joseph Rogers Tucker --- b. 1 Apr 1890 Marengo Co., AL --- d. 2 Mar 1992 Tuscaloosa, AL --- md. Claudia Estelle Etheridge 28 Nov 1916 Marengo Co., AL.
4. Mems Creagh Tucker --- b. 15 April 1853 Marengo Co., AL --- d. 1920/27 AL --- md. Martha Judson Rogers 28 Dec 1876 Marengo Co., AL --- Children: Alabama, Alberta Pearl (md. Daniel Boone Bridges), Netty Irene (md. James H. Jordan), Joseph Rogers, Minnie Mae Tucker, Ammie Lodell (md. John Lee Tucker) and Maudie May (md. Haywood Craighead).
8. John Glover Tucker --- b. 1809 Greene Co., GA --- d. 1870 Marengo Co., AL --- md. Nancy Ann Glass 22 Dec 1832 Marengo Co., AL --- Children: James Alexander, Martha Jane (md. William Henry Barkley), Mathew N., Zachariah, Nancy Cebilla (md. Allen H. Perkins), Rebecca A., Mems Creagh and Dorsey W.
16. Allen Tucker --- b. 1765 VA --- d. 3 Nov 1841 Marengo Co., AL --- md. Jenney (Jane) Lindsey abt. 1787 Hanover Co., VA --- Children: Truhart, Nancy (md. Joshua Wade), James Wilson, Frances L. (md. William Green), William L. and John Glover.



45827 - David Samuel Tucker, Jr. - Terria Tucker Fleming - genfind2004@yahoo.com
2. David Samuel Tucker, born March 12 1905, m. Dorothy Elizabeth Goddard.
4. David Gardner Tucker b. 29 January, 1872 in Ash Flat, Arkansas, m. Dora Florence Burnaugh on March 1, 1897 in Elgin, Union county, Oregon.
8. Gardner Raines Tucker, b. July 25, 1839 in Sullivan County, Tennessee, m. Susan Anderson in Independence county, Arkansas.
16. Kinchen Tucker, b. ca. 1800, in (probably) North Carolina, m. Sarah J. Brady in Washington County, Virginia
32. Henry Tucker b. ca. 1775/1780, in (probably) North Carolina. Married #1 Mary "Polly" Grant, unknown date and place, but their first known child born ca. 1800, so probably ca. 1798 or 1799.

44671 - Wendell Dean Tucker - Terria Tucker Fleming - genfind2004@yahoo.com
2. Everett Dean Tucker.
4. George Washington Tucker, b. December 13, 1883, Ruddell, Independence Co., AR, 8.Lewis Jackson Tucker, b. May 6, 1861, Ruddell Hill, Independence, AR.
16. David Meyers Tucker, b. 24 August 1815, m(2) Susan Cagle,
32. Henry Tucker, b. ca. 1775/1780, in prob. NC, m(2) Sarah "Sallie" Myers in Washington Co., Virginia, on 29 September 1814.

54573 - Aubrey Wayne Tucker - awtuck921@aol.com
4. William Edgar Tucker b 3 April 1884 Erath County, TX, d 18 March 1953, Canyon, Randall County, TX., m. Allie Vergie Langdon b Feb 13, 1886 Erath Co, Texas d April 11, 1961 Canyon Randall Co. Texas.
8. Mathew Lewis Tucker b 1 April 1851 Marshall County, MS, d 1936 Clarendon, TX., m. Molly Carrick b September 9, 1858 Kentucky d 1899 Shelby Schoolhouse (Erath County, Texas).
16. William Harvey Tucker b 1827 Bedford County, TN, d 1905 Tishomingo, Indian Territory (OK), m. Elizabeth Strickland b 1827 Russellville, Alabama, d 1894 Benton Saline Co. Arkansas.
32. David B. Tucker b1805 Bedford Co. Tennessee, d 1836 Bedford Co, TN, m. Edith Rollins b 19 Dec.1804, d 7 Nov. 1888, Dechard, Bedford Co. Tennessee.

110952 - William James Tucker Jr. - Contact: Patti Walden - topaw@hotmail.com
1. William James Tucker Jr.
2. William James Tucker Sr.
4. James Eather Tucker
8. James David Tucker
16. Charlie Miller Tucker
32. David Tucker Jr.., b. 1794 TN
64. David Tucker Sr., b. 1754 NC, md. Sylvania Perkins

211937 - John Bryant Tucker - Contact: Jeanne Tucker - jeanne.tucker@rowancountync.gov
2. Leonard Bryant Tucker
4. Herbert Leonard Tucker
8. Robert L. Tucker
16. Kilby Tucker
32. Luke Tucker
64. David Tucker (b. abt 1754) md. Sylvania Perkins



N42525 - Glenn A. J. Tucker - NNELG@MTS.NET As of 28 February 2009, lineage has not been received.

52367 - Charles B. Tucker II - ctucker2@att.net
8. Edwin Gardner Weed Tucker, b. 1888, Monticello, Jefferson Co, FL; d. 1943, Metuchen, Middlesex Co, NJ (m. Mabel F. Bencraft).
16. Joel Howell Tucker, b. 1844, Monticello, Jefferson Co, FL; d. 1911, Monticello, Jefferson Co, FL (m. Isobelle Denham).
32. James Robert Tucker, b. 1804, Richland Co, SC; d. 1856, Monticello, Jefferson Co, FL (m. Eliza Howell Ware).
64. Isaac Raiford Tucker, b. 1772, Richland Co, SC; d. 1811, Richland Co, SC (m. Sarah Adams).
128. Dr. William Tucker b. @1735, SC or VA?, d.1779, Richland Co, SC (m. Christian Raiford). Dr. William Tucker is supposedly descended from the Tuckers of Bermuda through William, son of St. George Tucker. There were several Tuckers with these names around that time and so far cannot prove this relationship. Had at least one brother as he names nephews John and William in his will.

75395 - Glyn Arthur Tucker - glyn_tucker@bigfoot.com
4. Henry Tucker b 1875 Culmstock, Devon, England (m Charlotte Gibbs b 1896 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, 1876 Blackwood, Wales). 
8. John Tucker b 1844 Uffculme, Devon, England (m Ann Milton, b 1848 Culmstock, Devon, England, at Culmstock, Devon, 1866).
16. William Tucker b 1811 Culmstock, Devon, England (m Mary Manning b 1814 at Uffculme, Devon, at Uffculme, Devon, 1835)



37436 - Dennis F. Tucker - dtucker19@comcast.net
4. Franklin Tucker b. 1 Mar. 1883 Smyrna DE, d. 1931Smyrna DE. Wife Emma V. Caldwell b. 1885 MD, d. 1933 Smyrna, DE.
8. John J. Tucker b. 1848 DE., d.1915 Smyrna, DE. Wife Amanda Short Dickison b. 1845 Brooklyn, NY, d. 1899 Smyrna, DE.
16. Thomas Tucker b. 1815 MD, Wife Elizabeth Jackson b.1822 MD.
32. John Tucker b. bet. 1790 & 1800.
64. Thomas Tucker b. bet. 1760 & 1770. Wife Ann ___?___ b. 1772 MD . From 13 Dec. 2005 email to Tuckers Yahoo: I am stuck at Thomas Tucker b. 1760 in Kent Co., MD or Kent Co., DE (seems they were uncertain where the line was at times). We can be found in the Duck Creek Hundred, around the town of Smyrna for 200 years after Thomas was born.

166952 - Phillip Dale Tucker - Contact: Michael Zamudio - mike@shamrockgold.com
4. Henry Andrew Tucker b: 07 Dec 1886 in Jackson County, Tennessee, d. 23 Apr 1932 in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, m. Mae Bell Baker (aka Harris) b. 03 Feb 1893 in Texas, d. 13 May 1979 in Vallejo, California
8. Thomas Tucker b: 1865 in Tennessee, d. 18 Apr 1900 in Jackson County, Tennessee, m. Marry Terry 1883, m. Sarah Landona Terry 28 Jan 1885 in Jackson County, Tennessee, b. 10 Aug 1866 Jackson County, Tennessee, d. 1934 Wynnewood, Oklahoma.


I2B GROUP # 1 (I2B):

115849 - David Lee Tucker - k7dlt@hotmail.com
1. David Lee Tucker
2. William Phillip Tucker Jr.
4. William Phillip Tucker
8. William Tucker
16. Yearly Tucker
32. Phillip Tucker (d. bfr 1 Apr 1844 Lincoln Co., KY)

147295 - Gerry Tucker - Contact: Anita Kendall - amkhck@aol.com
1. Gerry Tucker
2. George Tucker
4. Otto Tucker
8. George Tucker
16. John Tucker
32. William Riggs Tucker
64. John Tucker (d. bfr Apr 1802 Robertson Co., TN)

211670 - Tony Simpson - Contact: Faye Simpson - flouisesimpson@prodigy.net
4. James Silas Tucker b. 16 May 1889 Springfield, Robertson, TN d. 6 Mar 1919 Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY m. 3 Dec 1911 Lauderdale, TN Samantha Mamie Durham b. 4 Aug 1896 De Kalb County, TN d. 6 Mar 1919 Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY
8. Silas Larkin Tucker b. 30 Jun 1866 Robertson, TN d. 28 Sep 1949 Dickson, TN m. Emma E. Matthews b. 28 Nov 1859 Cedar Hill, Robertson, TN d. 12 Oct 1937 Charlotte, Dickson, TN
16. Silas Tucker b. 1818 Robertson, TN d. Bef 1870 Robertson, TN m. 5 Jun 1844 Robertson, TN Martha J Choat b. 1829 Robertson, TN d. Bef 1880
32. John A Tucker b. 1790 North Carolina, m. Rachael
64. Samuel Tucker m. Elizabeth

225447 - Ted Tucker - tedt@thrrgen.com
1. Ted Tucker
2. Charles Stanley Tucker Jr.
4. Charles Stanley Tucker
8. Manning Perlee Tucker
16. Manning Randall (Randolph?) Tucker
32. Henry Tucker --- b. 30 Jun 1760 NJ, d. 28 Sep 1844; m. 17 Dec 1780, NJ, Mary ("Polly") McDaniels (Danils?), b. 3 Dec 1760 NJ, d. 16 Dec 1848; Resided Tucker's Station, Springfield Township, Hamilton County, OH, having children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Catharyne (Catherine?), Mary, Abigail, Nancy, Henry (Jr.), Fanny, Charlotte, and Manning Randall (Randolph?)
64. John Tucker --- b. ca. 1735/1740, d. 1811 New Providence, NJ; m. 1756? Catherine Line; Resided near Westfield, NJ, having children: Henry (1760-1844), Mary ("Polly" b. ca. 1764), Susannah, Nancy (d. 1836), Chloe, Moses (1763-1837), Joseph (1767-1840), Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, and Patty



49942 - Larry D. Tucker - Contact: Colleen Norman - cnorm@mchsi.com
4. William Franklin Tucker
8. John Hilliard Tucker b. abt 1810 in NC and d. Massac Co., IL.
16. Enos Tucker b. abt 1780 and d. abt. 1855 in Pickens Co., AL.
32. James Tucker, Jr., d. 1797 in Nash Co., NC.
64. James Tucker, Sr., d. abt 1795 in Nash Co., NC.
132. Thomas Tucker d. 1736 in Norfolk Co., NC.

N40382 - Albert Joseph Tucker - alberttucker@verizon.net Lineage not received as of 03-31-07.

67293 - Tom Paschall Tucker - tennysee@earthlink.net Lineage not received as of 03-31-07.

155340 - James Tucker - helpmeasap@yahoo.com
4. Richard Thomas Tucker b: 4/6/1876, d. 3/17/1946, m. 11/8/1922 Annetta Stuart Purdy b. 7/22/1902, d. 7/18/2003. Children: Richard Thomas Tucker, Jr., Robert Woodson Tucker, William Stuart Tucker.
8. Richard Mann Tucker b. 1844 Pr. Edwd Co., m. Ann Eliza Thompson. Children: Elizabeth M. or Minnie M. b. 2/14/1869, d: ?, Robert H(?) G. Tucker b. 8/2/1873, d.7/11/1910, William R. Tucker b. 8/30/1878, d. 12/5/1900, Elam Tucker b. 8/6/1882 and d. 8/26/1882, Twins (un-named) b. 8/14/1884and d 8/14/1884, Richrd Thomas Tucker b. 4/6/1876.
16. Robert Henry Tucker b.1814 Nottoway, VA, m. 3/16/1835 Harriet Harrison b. 1809 Lunenberg, VA. Children: Bariah B. Tucker b.1839 Lun. Co. (male), William H. Tucker b.1840 Lun Co., Bapet (?) G. Tucker b.1841 Roanoke (male), Hechem (Helen?) A F Tucker b.1847 Pr. Edw’d (fem.), Richard Mann Tucker b.1844 Prince Edward.



111766 - John A. Tucker - Contact: Mary Hamlet - mthamlett@hotmail.com
4. Dudley Arthur Tucker, b. Mar. 30, 1885 at Divide (commonly called Rose Creek), Conway Co., AR.; d. Oct. 10, 1961 in Little Rock, AR.; m. Ida May Faulkner, age 24 of Birta, Yell Co. on Oct. 5, 1906. Ida May died 1932; m. 2) Mrs. Mildred Adams, age 44, on March 25, 1933; div. 1950
8. William Henry Harrison Tucker b. July 1, 1852 in SE Arkansas; d. April 4, 1934 in Casa, AR m. Sarah E. Ashcraft, age 22; b. ca. 1852 in SC; d. ca. 1873/76 SE AR; m. 2) Martha Hamilton, age 20; b. ca. 1854; [nickname Mat, Mattie]
16. Henry H. Tucker, b. ca. 1809 in SC; last record 1857, Bradley Co., AR; m. Mary “Polley” Keen d. 1855-57; license issued Sept. 20, 1831; rec. Aug. 1, 1832 Rankin Co., MS; m. 2) Elizabeth Keen, “about 35”, in 1857.
32. John W. Tucker Sr. (the Younger), [minister], b. ca. 1773 in SC; d. Jan. 6, 1850 in Rankin Co., MS; m. Elizabeth ?; b. ca. 1778 in S.C. 64. John Tucker, Sr. (the Elder) b. Feb. 7, 1749; d. 1834 in Barnwell Co. S.C; m. Sarah ?; b. March 7, 1753; died before John’s will on July 23, 1834. Note: 16. Henry H. Tucker b. 1809 in SC was one of several SC Tuckers and their kin who first removed to Rankin County, MS, and then before 1850 to Bradley Co., AR, the area that is now Cleveland Co.

177378 - Walter L. Tucker - Contact: Evelyn H. Tucker - eht@tuckergroup.us
4. Joseph S. Tucker, b. 24 Mar 1854, Crawford Co., GA; d. 18 Apr 1895, Seneca, Lake Co., FL; m. 08 Dec 1880, Seneca, Orange Co., FL, Georgia Ann Sophronia Drawdy, b.24 Dec 1861, Orange Co., FL; d. 08 Nov 1903, Seneca, Lake Co., FL
8. Elijah Davis Tucker, b. 1821, GA; d. 15 Dec. 1862, Lynchburg, VA; m. 20 Sep 1846, Crawford Co., GA, Lydia Ann Wilder, b. ca 1825, GA;; d. after 1875, DeLeon Co., FL
16. William D. Tucker, b. ca 1780, SC; d. before 1870, Colleton Co., SC; m. circa 1803, SC, Elizabeth Dukes



87036 - Francis E. Tucker - Send email to - billtuck@ipa.net
Frank’s lineage, beginning with 8., Nereus John Tucker, is extended from records as compiled by Timothy J. O’Rourke in his book, Maryland Catholics on the Frontier.
4. Enoch Odine Tucker, b. 21 July 1865, Clayton Co., Iowa, d. 6 Nov. 1948, New Madrid Co., MO, m. Clara Dortha Phillips Nov. 1886, Perryville, Perry Co.,MO
8. Nereus John Tucker b. 16 Feb. 1836, Perry, Co., MO, d. 1918 Perry Co., MO, m. Perry County, MO to Martha Elizabeth Young b. c1834, d. 2 Jan 1918 Perry Co., MO.
16. William T. Tucker, b. 1803 Perry Co., MO, d. 3 Aug 1854, Perry Co.,MO., m. 7 Jan. 1824 Elizabeth Dunn.
32. Thomas Tucker b. VA, c1770-1780. (Probably) d. by 1847 Scott Co.,MO, (when his widow was residing in Perry, Co.). M.(1) Washington Co.,KY, 31 Jan. 1794 Cloe Manning. M. (2) Perry Co., MO, 11Feb. 1805. (Ste. Genevieve records) Susannah Hagan. 64. Joseph Tucker (Catholic) b. c1744?, VA?, MD?. Died between 30 Mar. and 12 July 1816, Perry Co., MO. M(1) Frances Drury, dau. of John Drury and Susannah Hayden. M(2) by 1813, Jane, possibly Pearce (widow of John Layton, Sr.).

92931 - Robert Thomas Tucker - Contact: Marsha Tucker - mdst_57@yahoo.com
4. John Wesley TUCKER. Born 18 Oct 1896 in Clyde, Callahan County, TX; died on 15 Oct 1956 in Clyde, TX. On 26 Dec 1931 he married Annie Lou BARTON in Clyde, TX.
8. Emmanuel Odine TUCKER. Born 23 May 1858 in Lavaca County, TX died on 7 May 1946 in Clyde, TX. On 7 Jan 1885 he married Luticia Ann Manning in Lavaca County, TX. On 1 Feb 1894 he married Alice Irene THAMES in Llano, Llano County, TX.
16. Isadore TUCKER. Born 4 Apr 1821 in Perry County, MO; died on 8 May 1904 in Lavaca County, TX. On 17 Jan 1842 he married Isabelle Christine WIMSATT in Perryville, MO.
32. James TUCKER. Born in 1784 in Maryland; died on 18 Feb 1856 in Lavaca County, TX. On 3 Sep 1805 James married Theresa HAGAN in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
64. Joseph T. TUCKER SR. Born in 1744; died in Perry County, MO, on 12 Jul 1816. In 1770 Joseph T. married Frances Anna DRURY in St. Mary's County, MD.

103244 - Dennis Joseph Tucker - Contact: taylor.tuckers@yahoo.com
4. Calvin Vincent Tucker --- b. 1 Sep 1896 Perry Co., MO --- d. Feb 1987 Perry Co., MO --- md. Anna Olivia Cissel 21 Nov 1921 Perry Co., MO
8. Elias TuckEr --- b. 8 Sep 1867 Perry Co., MO --- d. 28 Mar 1909 Perry Co., MO --- md. Mary Margaret McBride 22 Apr 1889 Perryville, MO
16. George Thomas Tucker --- b. 25 Dec 1833 Perry Co., MO --- d. 9 Jul 1903 Sereno, MO --- md. Juliana Moore 11 Oct 1854 Perryville, MO
32. Peter Pierre Tucker --- b. 20 Aug 1803 Perry Co., MO --- d. 6 Mar 1847 Perry Co., MO --- md. Mary-Ann McAtee 19 Apr 1825 Perry Co., MO
64. Peter Joseph Tucker --- b. 1769 York Co., VA --- d. 24 Dec 1845 Perry Co., MO --- md. Christina Hagan 8 May 1794 Nelson Co., KY
128. Joseph Tucker --- b. Aug 1744 --- d. 12 Jul 1816 Perry Co., MO --- md. Frances Drury abt. 1768 St Mary's Co., MD

181961 - Robert Leonard Tucker Sr. - Contact: Robert Leonard Tucker Jr. - tuckgenealogy@gmail.com
4. John Thomas Tucker Jr. --- b. 6 Aug 1863 Osceola, Mississippi Co., AR --- d. 8 Oct 1943 Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS --- md. (1st) Minnie Holt (d. 1893 KS) 1 Mar 1890 --- md. (2nd) Sarah Viola Adams (1874 MO - 1968 KS) 17 Nov 1902
8. John Thomas Tucker Sr. --- b. AR --- d. ? --- md. Mary Ann Sherman (1848 AR - 1887 MO)

222054 - John Andrew Tucker - Contact: taylor.tuckers@yahoo.com
4 Bernard Arthur TUCKER. Born on 22 Jan 1901 Perry County, MO; died in Northbrook, IL, on 30 Nov 1974. On 27 Feb 1924 he married Gertrude STUCKEMEYER in St. Louis, MO.
8 William L. TUCKER. Born on 6 Nov 1872 in Perry County, MO; died in St. Louis, MO, on 29 Aug 1916. On 8 Jan 1896 he married M-Manetta BREWER in Perry County, MO.
16 Henry J. TUCKER. Born on 28 Aug 1832 in Perry County, MO; died in Perryville, MO, on 10 Feb 1915. On 17 Jun 1851 he married Rosalla Philomena FRENCH in Perryville, MO.
32 John T. TUCKER. Born on 4 Jul 1788 in Nelson County, KY; died in Perry County, MO, on 5 Aug 1856. On 13 Oct 1809 he married Eleanor MILES in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
64 Joseph TUCKER SR. Born ca. 1744; died in Perry County, MO, in 1816. He married Frances Anna DRURY; this is believed to have happened in St. Mary's County, MD., but is not documented

221838 - Glenn Allan TUCKER - Contact: glennT200@verizon.net
4 Rufus Gilbert TUCKER. Born on 6 Mar 1900 in Burnet, TX. Rufus died in Temple, TX, on 12 Sep 1955. On 14 Apr 1923 he married Sylvia Elvira SCHILLING, b. 12 Nov 1904; d. 27 Apr 1965 in Burnet, TX.
8 Sylverius E TUCKER. Born on 12 May 1859 in Lavaca County, TX; died in Burnet, TX, on 30 Jun 1922. On 2 Nov 1893 he married Emma Louise KING, in Burnet, TX. - Emma Louise was b. 6 Jan 1877 in Bell County, TX; d. in Dallas, TX on 9 Feb 1952.
16 Joseph TUCKER. Born on 7 Apr 1830 in Perry County, MO; died in Lavaca County, TX, on 2 Oct 1913. On 16 Oct 1848 he married Melinda BROWN in Lavaca County, TX. Melinda was b. 31 Jan 1828 in Perry County, MO; d. in Lavaca County, TX, on 14 Sep 1903.
32 James TUCKER. Born in 1784 in Maryland; died on 28 Feb 1856 in Lavaca County, TX. On 3 Sep 1805 James married Theresa HAGAN in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Theresa was b. in 1787 in Prince George County, MD; died aft 1858 in Lavaca County, TX.
64 Joseph T. TUCKER SR. Born in 1744. Joseph died in Perry County, MO, on 12 Jul 1816. In 1769 Joseph married Frances Anna DRURY; marriage record has not been found. Frances Anna d. 1803 in Perry County, MO.

B1043 - Donald Clyde TUCKER JR. - Contact: Donald Tucker - foshsgenealogy@icloud.com
4. Clyde William TUCKER. Born on 27 Dec 1898 in St. Louis, MO. He died 10 Jul 1963. On 27 May 1920 he married Ruth Marie FITZGERALD born 10 Oct 1902 in St. Louis, MO and died 28 Oct 1968 in El Paso, TX.
8. Joseph Kendrick TUCKER. Born on 14 Feb 1871 in Perry County, MO. On 2 Apr 1894 he married at St. Mary’s of the Barrens, Perryville, MO Nancy Mildred PRITCHETT, born 7 Sep 1876 in Lexington, KY.
16. Nereus John TUCKER. Born on 16 Feb 1836 in Perry County, MO. died in 1908. On 26 Nov 1855 he married Martha Elizabeth YOUNG in Perryville, MO - St. Mary’s of the Barrens.
32. William Thomas TUCKER. Born in 1803 in Perry County, MO. died on 2 Aug 1854 in Perry County, MO. On 7 Jan 1824 William Thomas married Elizabeth DUNN in Perryville, MO - St. Mary’s of the Barrens.
64. Thomas Tudor TUCKER. Born in 1772 in Virginia - died on 31 Dec 1846 in Scott County, MO. On 31 Jan 1794 in Nelson County, KY. he married Chloe MANNING, b. 1776 in St. Mary’s County, MD.
128. Joseph TUCKER SR. Born 1744. died in Perry County, MO, on 12 Jul 1816. In 1769 he married Frances Anna DRURY of St. Mary's County, MD.



185044 - Albert S. J. Tucker - Contact: Leslie Tucker-Mace - tuckaway@rockbridge.net
4. Henry St. George Tucker --- b. 5 Apr 1853 Frederick Co., VA --- d. 23 Jul 1932 Lexington, Rockbridge Co.,VA --- md. Henrietta Preston Johnston (1856-1900), 25 Oct 1877 (d/o William Preston Johnston and Rosa Elizabeth Duncan) --- Children: Preston Johnston, John Randolph, Rosa Johnston, Albert Sidney Johnston, Laura Powell, Henry St. George and Henrietta.
8. John Randolph Tucker --- b. 24 Dec 1823 Winchester, Frederick Co., VA --- d. 13 Feb 1897 Lexington, Rockbridge Co.,VA --- md. Laura Holmes Powell (1827-1910), 5 Oct 1848 VA (d/o Humphrey Brooke Powell and Ann Rebecca Holmes Boyd) --- Children: Henry St. George, Virginia Brooke, Nathaniel Beverley, Laura Randolph, Evelina Hunter, Anne Holmes, Gertrude Powell and Humphrey Brooke Powell.
16. Henry St George Tucker --- b. 29 Dec 1780 Winchester, Frederick Co., VA --- d. 28 Aug 1848 Winchester, Frederick Co., VA --- md. Ann Evelina Hunter (1789-1854), 30 Sep 1807 (d/o Moses Hunter and Anne Stephen) --- Children: Henry St. George, Anna Evelina, Moses Hunter, Frances Bland, Mary Stevens, David Hunter, Sarah Virginia, Nathaniel Beverly, Stephen Dandridge, John Randolph, Henry Thomas Tudor, St, George and Alfred Bland.
32. St George Tucker --- b. 29 Jun 1752 Bermuda --- d. 10 Nov 1827 Nelson Co., VA --- md. (1st) Frances Bland (1752-1788), 23 Sep 1778 (d/o Theodoric Bland and Frances Bolling, widow of John Randolph) --- Children: Anne Frances Bland, Henry St. George, Theodorick Thomas Tudor, Nathaniel Beverly and Henrietta Elizabeth. --- md. (2nd) Lelia Skipwith (1767-1837) 8 Oct 1791 (d/o Peyton Skipworth and Anne Miller, widow of George Carter).
64. Henry Tucker --- b. 2 Oct 1713 Southampton, Bermuda --- d. 30 Apr 1787 The Grove, Port Royal, Southampton, Bermuda --- md. Anne Butterfield (d/o Nathaniel Butterfield and Frances Jones) --- Children: Henry, Frances, Thomas Tudor, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and St. George.
128. Henry Tucker --- b. 13 Feb 1683 Port Royal, Southampton, Bermuda --- d. 14 Dec 1734 Port Royal, Southampton, Bermuda --- md. Frances Tudor (1681-1772), (d/o John Tudor and Effie VanHoorn, widow of John Righton) --- Children: Henry, St. George and Elizabeth.
256. St. George Tucker --- b. 25 May 1651 Bermuda --- d. 10 Sep 1710 Port Royal, Southampton, Bermuda --- md. Jane Hubbard (d/o John Hubbard and Jane Leacraft) --- Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Frances, George, John, Daniel, Henry, William, Robert, Samuel and Mansfield.
512. George Tucker --- b. 5 Apr 1623 Digswell, Hertfordshire, England --- d. 31 July 1663 England --- md. Frances St George 2 Nov 1646 St Mary's, Aldermary, London, Middlesex, England (d/o Henry St George and Mary Dayrell) --- Children: Elizabeth, St George, Henry, Frances, John and William.
1024. George Tucker --- b. 4 Mar 1593 Gravesend, Milton, Kent, England --- d. 1648 Dartford, Kent, England --- md. Elizabeth Sedley (d/o Richard Sedley and Elizabeth Darrell) --- Children: George, Francis, Robert and Elizabeth.
2048. George Tucker --- b. abt 1560 Milton, Kent, England --- d. 26 Dec 1625 Dartford, Kent, England --- md. (1st) Elizabeth Stoughton (d/o Francis Stoughton) --- Children: George and Ester --- md. (2nd) Mary Darrell (d/o John Darrell and Anne Horne) --- Children: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Robert, Anne, Sarah, Martha, Richard, Henry, Bridgett, Hester, Nicholas and Daniel.
4096. George Tucker --- b. abt 1520 Throwleigh, Devonshire, England --- d. 31 Mar 1587 Milton next Gravesend, Kent, England --- md. Mary Hunter (d/o John Hunter) --- Children: George, Mary, Martha, Nicholas, Tobias, Elizabeth, Abraham, Samuel, Catherine, Daniel (Gov. of Bermuda), Hester and Mansfield.
8192. William Tucker --- b. abt 1492 Devonshire, England --- d. bef 1543 Throwleigh, Devonshire, England --- md. Josea Ashe (d/o William Ashe) 1516? --- Children: George, Thomas, John and Josea.

102423 - Owen Howard Tucker - Contact Katherine Mitchell - genlady53@bellsouth.net
4. William Redlon TUCKER was born on 18 Sep 1867 in Westport, Decatur, INDIANA. He died on 5 Mar 1904 in Westport, Decatur, Indiana. He married Mary Olive WALKER on 17 Jul 1886 in New Point, Decatur, Indiana.
8. John TUCKER was born on 21 Feb 1842 in Jennings County, Indiana. He died on 15 Jun 1909 in Indiana. He was buried in Flat Rock Cemetery, Jennings, Indiana. He married Olive Ellen REDLON on 23 Nov 1864 in Ripley County, Indiana.
16. William TUCKER was born on 7 Oct 1820 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He died on 21 Dec 1905 in Milhousen, Jennings, Indiana. He was buried on 24 Dec 1905 in Flat Rock Cemetery, Jennings County, Indiana. He married Mary OLDHAM on 17 Sep 1839 in Jennings County, Indiana.
32. John TUCKER was born about 1795. He died about 1822/1823. He married Margaret.
64. Allen TUCKER was born about 1769. He died on 16 Feb 1835 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married Martha COPPOCK about 1786/1789.

89993 - Orrin E. Tucker - tugger110@netzero.net
4. Theron Ellsworth Tucker b. 4 July 1873 in Jennings Co., IN d. 26June 1933 in Bulterville, IN bur. in Muscatatuck Cem. m. Leona Robbins 4 July 1896 (b.1879 Decatur Co.,IN d. 1956 Bulterville, IN)
8. Silas Ellsworth Tucker b. 27 August 1849 in Jennings Co.,IN d. 17 Nov. 1897 in Jennings Co.,IN buried in Flatrock Cemetery m. Elizabeth Anne McNew 19Jan.1868 in Jennings Co. (b.1849 d.1914 Jennings Co.)
16. William Tucker, Reverend b. 7 Oct. 1820 in beaver Co., PA d. 21 Dec 1905 in Jennings Co, IN buried in Flatrock Cemetery m. Mary Oldham 17 Sept.1839 in Beaver Co.,PA (b.1816 PA d. 1894 IN) 
32. John Tucker b. 1795 d. 1823 in Beaver Co.,PA m. Margaret ? (1800 -1836) 64.Allen Tucker b. 1768 d. 1835 in Beaver Co.,PA m. Martha Coppock (b.11July 1773 d.4Oct. 1852) bur.Adams Township Cem. Ripley Co.,IN

52781 - Richard Lee Tucker - richardtucker40@sbcglobal.net
4. Milford Tucker b, Rutland, Meigs County, OH, 06 Jul. 1875; d. New Lexington, OH, 20 Jun 1953; m. Bertha Mae Russell 21 Dec 1898, Meigs County, OH.
8. William J. Tucker b PA (probably Beaver Co,) 26 Jan 1849; d. Langsville, Meigs County, OH, 04 Apr. 1938; m. Aner Augusta Entsminger 01 Oct. 1874, Meigs Co., OH.
16. Benjamin Tucker b. PA abt 1812-13; d. Jan. 1850, Beaver Co., PA; m. Hannah Hains (various spellings) 03 Jun 1830, Beaver Co., PA. The above is about all I know about my Tucker ancestry. Many thought for years that Benjamin was a child of Allen Tucker of Beaver County, PA, but that does not appear to be correct. The only other confirmed child of Benjamin and Hannah is Margaret, who married Alexander Braley in Meigs County, OH. Benjamin and Hannah probably had other children.

69775 - Joseph M. Tucker - JMTucker@aol.com 
1. Joseph Martin Tucker 
2. Melvin Lloyd Tucker 
4. Oliver Ashmer Tucker, born 06 Nov 1875 in North Judson, Starke Co., IN; died 14 Jan 1952 in Rutland, LaSalle Co., Illinois, married Emma Geneva Martin 10 Dec 1902 in Minonk, Woodford Co., Illinois. 
8. Edward A. Tucker, born 08 Oct 1851 in Franklin Twp., Johnson County, IN; died 09 May 1933 in Varna, Marshall Co., IL., married 9. Eliza Ellen Nelson 04 Jul 1874 in N. Judson, Starke Co., Indiana. 
16. Samuel Tucker, born Abt. 1824 in Franklin Co., IN; died Oct 1872 in N. Judson, Starke Co., IN., married 17. Jane Speer 30 Jan 1849 in Decatur Co., IN. 
32. Walter Tucker, born Abt. 1772 likely in Frederick County, Maryland; died 23 Feb 1844 in Franklin Co., IN., married 33. Jane Shannon 28 Sep 1823 in Franklin Co., IN. 
64. Walter Tucker, (Possible father of Walter Tucker b. abt 1772) born Abt. 1742 in England; died Abt. 1828 in Manchester, Adams County, Ohio., married 65. Sally Branham Abt. 1765 in Maryland. 

51808 - Thomas L. Tucker - John Rohde II - ROHTUCK@worldnet.att.net 
4. Iranda J. Tucker b. 1864 Edgar Co., IL; d. 1941 Sterling, Johnson Co., NE; m. 1891 to Louisa Sophia Webber. 
8. Joseph Tucker b. 1833 Edgar Co., IL; d. 1911 Julian, Nemaha Co., NE; m. 1853 to Emily Jane Jeffcoat. 
16. Kelley R. Tucker b. 1790 Montgomery Co., MD; d. 1869 Edgar Co., NE; m. 1815 to Susannah Battershell. 
32. Osborn Tucker b. ca. 1770 Frederick Co., MD; d. 1848 Edgar Co., IL; m. 1790 to Elizabeth Ann Lanham. 
64. Walter Tucker b. ca. 1742 England (?); d. ca. 1828 Manchester, Adams Co., OH; m. wife unknown

90984 - Barran Tucker - doll_artist1955@yahoo.com

54534 - John Randolph Tucker - Robert D. Tucker mbctucker@speedfactory.net 
4. Randolph Tucker b. July 1849 
8. John R. Tucker b. 31 Jan. 1812 in Alexandria, VA, d. 12 June, 1883 in Petersburg,VA.,(m. Virginia Webb of Norfolk,VA,7 June 1838) 
16. Capt. John Tucker (1764-1819)of Bermuda (m. 1.unk 2.unk 3.Susan Mary Ann Douglas Wallace - children:Susan Jane b.1810,John Randolph b.1812, Honoria Mary b.1816,Douglas Adam b.1816)
32. John Tucker
64. Chief Justice John Tucker (m. Mary Jennings)
128. Major Henry Tucker
256. John Tucker
512. Henry Tucker
1024. George Tucker (d. 1625)
2048. George Tucker
4096. William Tucker of Throwleigh, Devonshire, England

91894 - Michael Randolph Tucker - mrtucker@talktalk.net 
4. Robert Lees Tucker b. 3Dec 1889 at Carlton, London d. 4Aug 1961 m. Ena Mildred Sansom b. abt 1896 d. - 
8. Boswell Tucker b. 4Nov1858 d. 26Oct.1938 m. Mary Dorothea "Dora" Baker 9 Mar.1885 (b.c1865 d. 1933) 
16. Robert Tucker b. June 1807 d. 10 June 1883 m. Catherine Anne Gibbons c1856 (d. 9Mar 1869) 
32. Thomas Rivers Tucker b. c1779 d. 31 May 1843 m. Elizabeth Hetty Tucker 20 Mar 1806 (b. c.1777 d. 23Dec .1827) 
64. Robert Tucker of the Island b.c1750 d. 12Aug 1828 at Rivers Island m. Frances Fowle c1776 (d. 15June 1821) 
128. Chief Justice John Tucker b. c1708 Devonshire? d. c1771 m. Mary Jennings c1735 (b. 4Oct 1713 d. Feb 1794) 
256. Major Henry Tucker b. 10 Mar 1649 d. 5Jan 1727 m. Elizabeth Bridger (b. c1673 d. 1June 1722) 
512. John Tucker 
1024. Henry Tucker b. Jan1612 at Milton, Kent d. c1687 Bermuda m. Sarah Turner c1643 (b. c1625 d. Aug 1692) 
2048. George Tucker II b. c1564 Milton, Gravesend d. 26Dec 1625 Kent m. Mary Darrell 20Feb 1598 Kent (b. 1577 d. 1619 at Milton, Kent) 
4096. George Tucker I b. c1525 d. 31Mar 1587 England m. Mary Hunter (alias Jaeger) 1560 (b. c1530 Kent d. c1583) 
8192. William Tucker b. c1492 d. by 1545 m. Isota Ashe in 1516 (b. c1498 d. aft 1545)

84048 - Harold (Tim) Tucker - timt0123@hotmail.com
4. Harvey Harold Tucker
8. Lorenzo Dow Tucker
16. George Washington Tucker
32. William Tucker
64. Aaron Tucker
128. Joseph Tucker (d. 1816 Hampshire Co., VA)

79019 - James Arthur Tucker - p78112kat@yahoo.com 
2. James McKinley Tucker 1897 - 1970 m. Marion M. Brockway, Feb 11, 1921 (1904 - 1983) 
4. Stephen Urial Tucker 1870 - 1943 m. Minnie Merry, Oct 15, 1891 (1872 - 1929) 
8. Jeremiah M. Tucker 1848 - 1879 m. Elizabeth Blair, Mar 28, 1868 (1840 - 1896) 
16. Jeremiah Tucker 1806 - 1877 m. Orpha Kay, Sept 15, 1825 (1815 - ?)

88921 - J. Dale Tucker - c/o Candy - candyjotaylor@yahoo.com 
2. Robert Patrick Tucker b. 6 March 1890 Mason, Warren County, OH d. 7 April 1968 Mason, Warren County, OH m. 12 Sept 1912 Warren County, OH Sara Elizabeth Zimmerman (3 July 1893- 2 May 1965 Mason, OH) 
4. Francis Marion "Frank" Tucker b. 29 Dec 1856 Marathon, Clermont County, OH d. 24 July 1931 Mason, Warren County, OH m.15 Oct 1881 Clermont County, OH Mary Catherine Sevart (7 Oct 1862-27 March 1941 Mason, OH) 
8. William "Henry" Tucker b. 1829 prob Brown County, OH d. 3 July 1893 Mason, Warren County, OH m. 28 July 1850 Brown County, OH Mary Ann Bishop (1832 - 22 Jan 1900 Mason, OH) 
16. Joseph Elijah Tucker b. 1800-01 died after 1860 census -prob Ripley County, IN m. 23 Feb 1825 Brown County, OH Mary Polly Lafarry ( ca 1800-10 - bet 1843-1850 Brown County,OH) 
32. Levi Tucker b.1774 MD died bet 1830-1840 Brown County, OH m. Hannah (b. bet. 1770-78 - aft 1860 census Brown County, OH)
64. William Henry Tucker b.1747 Stoneheaven, Scotland
128. William Tucker Sr b.1725 Milton, Kent, England

83553 - Dean Douglas Tucker - paprboy@sbcglobal.net
4. Harvey Harold Tucker
8. Lorenzo Dow Tucker
16. George Washington Tucker
32. William Tucker
64. Aaron Tucker
128. Joseph Tucker d. 1816 Hampshire Co., VA

230177 – Robert Thomas Tucker - tuck1149@yahoo.com
2. Marion E.Tucker b.1861 Brown Co., OH d. 1936 Brown Co., OH m. Sidney Little b.1869 Brown Co., OH d.1935 Brown Co., OH
4. William Henry Tucker b.1841 Brown Co., OH d.1860 Brown Co., OH m. Permelia Willie b.1835 d.1895
8. William Henry Tucker b.1820 Brown Co., OH d.1862 Brown Co., OH m. Mary Pheobe Waits b.1823 d.1857
16. Levi Tucker b.1774 Frederick Co., MD d. Ribley Co., IN m. Susanna Collins b.1774 d.1845 Ripley, IN or Brown Co., OH
32. William Henry Tucker b.1747 Stoneheaven, Scotland d.1780 Rev.War m. Margarey b.1751 d. ?
64. William Tucker Sr b.1725 Milton, Kent, England d. ?
128. George Tucker b.1702 but not confirmed

39407 - Tommie Warren Tucker - tommietucker@earthlink.net
1. Tommie Warren Tucker b 1942
2. Leland Bruce b 1923 Brighten, CO
4. Legrand Byington b 1888 Plattsmouth, NE
8. Jacob P b 1859 Keokuk, IA
16. Thomas b 1834 Ohio
32. Joseph b 1800 Brown County. Oh
64. Levi b 16 Jan 1774 Maryland
128. William Henry Jr b 1747 Stonehaven, Scotland
256. William b 1725 Milton, Kent, England
512. St George b 1702 Milton,Kent, England

83244 - Andrew Wrayburn Tucker - lextucker@insightbb.com 
4. Wrayburn Boyers Tucker b. 25 June 1879 Harrison Co.,KY d. 28 Feb 1962 Harrison Co.,KY (m. Ina Mae Clifford) 
8. Benjamin Marion Tucker b. 20 Oct 1837 Bourbon Co.,KY d. 28 Jan 1914 Harrison Co.,KY (m. Minerva Gray) 
16. Jeremiah Tucker b. abt 1800 Bourbon Co.,KY d. Sept 1841(will 1853) Bourbon Co.,KY (m. Sarah Ann Mitchell Moore) 
32. Jonathan Tucker b. 1738 Frederick Co.,MD d. 1804 Bourbon Co.,KY (m. Patsy Godman)

40331 - Cary Winans Tucker - carywtucker@gmail.com 
4. Robert Wilson Tucker, Jr., b. 1906, Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma; d. 1983, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio (m. Genevieve Rose Winans). 
8. Robert Wilson Tucker, Sr., b. 1876; d. 1940, Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma (m. Agnes Phoebe Fergusson). 
16. John Woodford Tucker, b. 1844, Kentucky; d. 1875 (m. Laura E. Wilson). 
32. William G. Tucker, b. 1817, Kentucky [m(1) Jane Givens, m(2) Elizabeth Kennard]. 
64. John B. Tucker b. 1786, d.1838, Kentucky (m. Mary Day). 
128. William Tucker, b. 1757 (m. Miss Giddings) 
256. Edward Tucker, b. 1720, 

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