THURMAN and Variations DNA Project - News

After receiving its first few test results the Thurman DNA Project determined that there are more than one or two distinct Thurman lineages in America. Since then our researchers have been working to unravel the separate ancestries of two Thurman men from colonial Virginia once believed to be brothers but proven by DNA results to be unrelated. Other Thurmans have found that their family is more closely connected to other surnames due to “Non-Paternal Events” in early generations. Some researchers have confirmed suspected relationships between Thurmans from similar geographic regions through exact DNA matches. Still others have broken down brick walls, found cousins, and exchanged photographs!

In 2013 our Thurman R1b~alpha group was matched with a living British Thurman. This test verified the first "across the pond" origin for a colonial Thurman group!

While we always welcome any Thurman men (or the variant surnames) we are currently seeking living Thurman/mond males who can document their descendancy from the following families with perplexing puzzles:

John Thurmond whose Edgefield Co, SC will is dated 13 Sep 1793
Charles Thurman m. Barbara Picknell (any Thurman man from this line is sought to help solve this line's genetic mystery)
Any proven male descendant of Ephraim Welch Davis of Laclede Co, MO
William E. Thurman Civil War Veteran d. 14 Apr 1905 Chanute, KS
Elisha Thurman b. 1812 Highland Co, OH
Dickenson Thurman d. Apr 1845 Hawkins, TN
Benjamin Thurmond d. 1795 Wilkes, GA, son of Philip Thurmond d. 1774 Albemarle
John L. Thurmon Sr. d. 1826 Lincoln, MO
ANY Thurmans of Warren Co, NY descended from John Thurman b. 15 Mar 1695
Any Thurmans with proven descendancy from Thurmans who lived in Lynchburg, VA in late 1790-1800
Thurmans of Maryland immigrated from Germany
Overton, TN Thurman family
Native American Thurmans
Jewish Thurmans from the family of Rabbi Samuel Thurman of St. Louis, MO.

And there are more…so PLEASE contact us if you would see your family here or if you would like to provide a DNA "benchmark" for your Thurman/mon/d line.

Also, if you are a European man with any of these Thurman variant surnames, we have not been able to identify countries of origin for most of our lineages and have sponsors who would offset the cost of your test...