TEDFORD Family DNA Project- Background



Teadford, Tedford, Telfer, Telford, Tidford, Tilfer, Tilford, Tillford, Titford


We all know the surname TEDFORD, TELFORD, TILFORD is not common therefore it has for many years been believed that we of that name were related..


Genetic DNA testing is now proving not all of us are related with this surname and it's various spellings. We are for the first time in history finding answers in Y-DNA testing.


With the use of our DNA project we now have the means to help connect the dots and make it clear as to why some of us run into walls believing that for some reason the public records were lost or destroyed by fire or some other calamity.


Are we related to Telford, Tilford, Tedford families back in Scotland, Ireland and England or Europe? We need these family males to DNA test in our project and represent your line to prove who is related across the ocean.


Our surname project is participating in the Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  Both males and females can take the test.  If you have a male or female Tedford-Tilford-Telford  ancestor in your lineage tree down to seven generations it will show you cousin matches both paternal and maternal.


Various family lines in America,Canada and Europe  need to be tested in order to sort who is related to what family group.   We recommend the Y-37 marker test for best results in this project.


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Project volunteer Co-Administrators:

Janet Burks email: jm@burksfam.net

Ted Tedford email: CROWNT@aol.com


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