Straather, Strader, Strather, Strawder, Strawther, Strawthers, Strodder, Stroother, Strother, Strothers, Strouther, Strowther, Struther, Struthers


William Strother came to Virginia in the 1600's. The object of the Strother Surname Project is to sort out the various lineages of the Strother surname and the variant spellings through the use of DNA analysis, particularly those of England and Scotland, in order to determine the ancestry of William Strother.

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Debit $395.00 8/10/2017     83607 Unknown
Credit $195.00 8/10/2017 WILLIAM STROTHER SOCIETY FOR BIG Y TESTING   Individual
Credit $50.00 4/4/2017 Rebecca Danielle Note my last name, Strothers, came about due to clerical error of my father's last name. His father and my grandfather is James Matthew Strother, Sr.   Memory Of
Credit $50.00 11/6/2016 Gene Mason     Unknown
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Credit $25.00 11/29/2014 Vincent Strother donated 11/29/14   Unknown
Credit $50.00 3/18/2013 Howard Strother     Memory Of

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