The STOCKTON Surname DNA Project - Results

Since the inception of "The Stockton DNA Surname Project" in early 2003 we have been successful in scientifically verifying the following.......

Although no written or documented evidence has been found proving a connection between the Robert Stockton of Pennsylvania and the Davis Stockton of Virginia families, it has long been suspected by many researchers that a relationship existed. We now know, and have scientifically verified through DNA testing, that a relationship does exist between these two family lines and they share an earlier common male ancestor. Robert and Davis were possibly brothers, at the least cousins. Now researcher can take up the task of how they were related and who that common ancestor may have been.

Richard "The Emigrant" Stockton (1628 - 1707) of the New Jersey Stockton Family line has a much researched family with a rich history, but little is known about his life or family in England, who were his parents?, possible siblings? etc. Some Stockton researchers have entertained the idea that the Richard Stockton of New Jersey and the Robert Stockton of PA lines were related, we now know, from DNA testing, that the Richard Stockton of New Jersey family line is a seperate and distinct family with no matches to the Robert and Davis Stockton family lines.

These were major findings for Stockton researchers and historians