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The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

* denotes a no call or heterozygous call.

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Kit Number Paternal Ancestor Name Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
132328   E-L117  
149438 Hugh Stewart b. 1795 d E-L117  
344054 Samuel Atkinson, E-L117  
362562 James Stewart, 1797 ChesterCo,SC-1878 NewtonCo,GA E-L117  
313700   E-M2 M2+
A1770   E-M2  
N111580 Dent E-M2  
N20004 George T Stewart 1935 Princeton, Indiana E-M2  
N64628 Walker Daniels Evans E-M2 M2+
U3710 Sangye Stewart E-M2  
61243 Stewart E-M35  
65060 James Stewart , Caldwell Co., KY E-M35 M35+
72511   E-M35  
249308 William Stewart, b. 1849 and d. 1927 E-M35 M35+
263182 Weisenfeld E-M35  
38796 Robert Elwin Stewart, Gadsden , AL E-M35  
212412   E-M35  
35850 Walter Stewart E-M78 M35+, M35+, M78+, M96+, P2+, M81-, M107-, M123-, M136-, M148-, M165-, M2-, M281-, M34-
36024 William D. Stuart, b bet. 1800 and 1810 E-V13 V13+, V27-, L143-, L17-, M35.2-, P65-
17610 Robert Stewart b. 1757 Kirkcudbrightshire, SCT E-V13 M35+, M96+, P2+, M35+, M78+, M78+, V13+, V36+, V65-, V19-, V22-, V27-, V32-, V12-, M81-, M148-, M224-, M107-, M123-, M136-, M148-, M165-, M2-, M281-, M34-
324848 Johann Gaspard Rhein b 1595, Saverne, low Alsace E-Z31497 BY172+, BY1875+, BY27761+, BY3070+, BY46088+, BY46094+, BY46127+, BY46360+, BY46382+, BY46827+, BY47250+, BY47430+, BY47561+, BY47954+, BY47970+, BY48260+, BY48711+, BY48931+, BY50197+, BY740+, CTS10067+, CTS101+, CTS10147+, CTS10182+, CTS10475+, CTS10497+, CTS10567+, CTS10644+, CTS10714+, CTS1075+, CTS10752+, CTS1076+, CTS10901+, CTS10902+, CTS10964+, CTS11248+, CTS11276+, CTS11329+, CTS1134+, CTS11444+, CTS1172+, CTS12046+, CTS124+, CTS12632+, CTS12743+, CTS140+, CTS1876+, CTS1937+, CTS1987+, CTS2002+, CTS2131+, CTS2186+, CTS2255+, CTS2362+, CTS245+, CTS3045+, CTS3309+, CTS3334+, CTS3342+, CTS340+, CTS3459+, CTS3507+, CTS3536+, CTS3581+, CTS3698+, CTS3868+, CTS3996+, CTS4034+, CTS4268+, CTS4368+, CTS443+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4453+, CTS4467+, CTS4477+, CTS4591+, CTS4685+, CTS5009+, CTS5283+, CTS5313+, CTS5316+, CTS5393+, CTS5503+, CTS5701+, CTS5734+, CTS5772+, CTS5773+, CTS5793+, CTS5884+, CTS5905+, CTS6063+, CTS6135+, CTS6230+, CTS6245+, CTS6288+, CTS6370+, CTS6410+, CTS6458+, CTS6476+, CTS6513+, CTS6516+, CTS6608+, CTS6614+, CTS685+, CTS7156+, CTS7296+, CTS7651+, CTS7654+, CTS7830+, CTS8053+, CTS8185+, CTS8432+, CTS8433+, CTS8482+, CTS8538+, CTS8632+, CTS8720+, CTS8867+, CTS895+, CTS9003+, CTS9074+, CTS9110+, CTS9114+, CTS9155+, CTS9157+, CTS9198+, CTS9231+, CTS9439+, CTS9455+, CTS9505+, CTS9520+, CTS9714+, CTS9927+, F1977+, F3170+, F986+, FGC63671+, FGC68202+, FGC68203+, L136+, L339+, L481+, L504+, L507+, L537+, L632+, L633+, L634+, M132+, M145+, M168+, M203+, M294+, M299+, M33+, M40+, M42+, M44+, M5533+, M9051+, M9052+, M94+, M96+, P144+, P147+, P150+, P152+, P153+, P154+, P155+, P156+, P162+, P165+, P167+, P168+, P169+, P170+, P171+, P172+, P173+, P174+, P175+, P176+, P183+, P29+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PF1442+, PF1501+, PF1545+, PF1550+, PF1552+, PF1554+, PF1555+, PF1559+, PF1563+, PF1567+, PF1576+, PF1583+, PF1795+, PF1796+, PF1798+, PF1806+, PF1809+, PF1819+, PF1873+, PF3561+, S11513+, S7364+, SK564+, SK565+, SK566+, SK567+, SK568+, V1374+, V1563+, V1584+, V1668+, V1676+, V1698+, V1733+, V1776+, V189+, V1971+, V2052+, V2108+, V2142+, V221+, V2407+, V2463+, V2779+, V2908+, V2981+, V3000+, V3003+, V3045+, V3168+, V3302+, V3605+, V3615+, V3976+, V52+, V9+, Y130295+, Y15939+, Y15942+, Y16125+, Y16128+, Y16129+, Y16130+, Y17547+, Y17555+, Y17725+, Y17726+, YSC0000227+, Z15126+, Z15138+, Z15142+, Z15157+, Z15454+, Z15455+, Z15457+, Z15458+, Z15460+, Z15466+, Z15469+, Z15470+, Z15471+, Z15473+, Z15474+, Z15475+, Z15476+, Z15477+, Z15478+, Z15479+, Z15485+, Z15489+, Z15492+, Z15493+, Z15494+, Z15495+, Z15496+, Z15499+, Z15500+, Z15503+, Z15506+, Z15507+, Z15511+, Z15512+, Z15513+, Z15515+, Z15517+, Z15519+, Z15522+, Z15525+, Z15526+, Z15528+, Z15530+, Z15531+, Z15532+, Z15533+, Z15534+, Z15535+, Z15536+, Z15538+, Z15539+, Z15541+, Z15542+, Z15543+, Z15544+, Z15545+, Z15548+, Z15549+, Z15550+, Z15551+, Z15552+, Z15553+, Z15554+, Z15555+, Z15556+, Z15667+, Z17399+, Z17401+, Z17403+, Z17405+, Z17406+, Z17407+, Z17408+, Z17409+, Z17410+, Z17414+, Z17415+, Z17416+, Z17425+, Z17426+, Z17427+, Z17428+, Z17429+, Z17430+, Z17431+, Z17432+, Z17433+, Z17434+, Z17436+, Z17437+, Z17438+, Z17440+, Z17447+, Z17449+, Z17451+, Z17452+, Z17453+, Z17454+, Z17455+, Z17456+, Z17457+, Z17458+, Z17459+, Z17460+, Z17461+, Z17462+, Z17463+, Z17464+, Z17465+, Z17471+, Z17473+, Z17474+, Z17475+, Z17476+, Z17477+, Z17478+, Z17479+, Z17481+, Z17482+, Z17483+, Z17484+, Z17485+, Z17486+, Z17495+, Z17496+, Z17499+, Z17500+, Z17501+, Z17503+, Z17504+, Z17506+, Z17507+, Z31497+, ZS3220+, P110-, M4507-, Z20650-, Z17467-, CTS10762-, CTS346-, CTS7210-, P53-
289463 Hanns Petermann, 1615-1692 (of Wollmesheim Landau) G-CTS4803 M201+, Z725+, CTS11605+, CTS12895+, CTS1899+, CTS2100+, CTS2230+, CTS3226+, CTS4803+, CTS5089+, CTS5351+, CTS5762+, CTS6235+, CTS35+, CTS7012+, CTS8596+, CTS8701+, CTS9737+, CTS7142+, CTS730+, FGC470+, PF3345+, PF3346+, PF6850+, PF6852+, Y3102+, Z1817+, Z1822+, Z1900+, Z3008+, Z3035+, L497+, Z3195+, Z3205+, Z3207+, Z3212+, Z3390+, Z3441+, Z3528+, Z6900+, Z6901+, Z726+, Z727+, Z729+, Z730+, Z731+, Z733+, Z735+, Z736+, Z744+, Z747+, Z749+, Z753+, Z755+, Z756+, Z6379+, Z6380+, Z6748-, Z31358-, Z31842-, Z31846-, Z40850-, Z41143-, Z41144-, Z41151-, Z41181-, Z41202-, Z41322-, Z41649-, Z42514-, Z42529-, Z42691-, Z6031-, Z36217-, Z37851-, Z37856-, Z38302-, Z39088-, Z39263-, Z39367-, Z39499-, Z39504-, Z39505-, Z39670-, Z39685-, Z39689-, Z39694-, Z39698-, Z39862-, Z40367-, Z40538-, Z40548-, Z40740-, Z34079-, Z34083-, M7109-, P293-, PAGES00011-, Z30640-, Z30708-, Z30723-, Z30729-, Z30771-, Z30787-, Z30791-, Z31318-, Z31333-, Z24311-, Z24316-, Z27264-, Z27265-, Z27266-, Z27567-, YP786-, YSC0000033-, YSC0000256-, Z16770-, Z16771-, Z16772-, Z16773-, Z16775-, Z16777-, Z17394-, Z17780-, Z17787-, S10458-, S12047-, S1786-, S18765-, S23438-, S2784-, S2795-, S2808-, U1-, Y10621-, Y11074-, Y11076-, Y20235-, FGC477-, FGC490-, FGC801-, L42-, L43-, CTS7357-, CTS718-, F1300-, F1694-, F2610-, F3484-, F720-, FGC14522-, FGC21273-, FGC21278-, CTS3647-, CTS342-, CTS10391-, CTS11194*, CTS11352*, CTS702*, CTS7111*, CTS6369*, Z31343*, Z40798*, Z39673*
157519 Hans Rothenhoefer, ca. 1620 in Biberach/Heilbronn G-L13 L13+, P303+, Z2003+
70445 Howard G-M201 G-L497 L1259+, CTS12570+, CTS12891+, CTS2488+, CTS796+, L140+, L30+, L497+, M201+, PF3331+, PF3337+, PF3345+, PF3346+, Z3220+, P15+, P287+, P303+, PF3147-, PF3148-, PF3177-, PF3239-, PF3293-, PF3296-, Z6028-, Z6032-, Z6033-, CTS11562-, Z3353-, Z3428-, Z3520-, Z35447-, Z3571-, Z36520-, Z37368-, Z38846-, Z38853-, Z38875-, Z39263-, Z39308-, Z39310-, Z40458-, Z40550-, Z42562-, Z43085-, Z6211-, Z6434-, Z6488-, Z6552-, Z6638-, Z6673-, Z6759-, Z6764-, Z6779-, Z6885-, Z7940-, Z7941-, Z7943-, Z7944-, Z7947-, Z7962-, Z8022-, PF3359-, PF3378-, PF4202-, PH1780-, PH212-, PH488-, PH942-, S11415-, S9409-, U1-, Z16713-, Z16770-, Z17083-, Z17775-, Z17874-, Z17886-, Z17887-, Z18606-, Z2017-, Z2022-, Z22644-, Z25119-, Z26414-, Z29424-, Z30503-, Z30527-, Z30718-, Z30744-, Z30781-, Z30793-, Z30831-, Z31206-, Z31381-, Z31387-, Z31455-, Z31464-, Z31475-, M278-, M283-, M286-, M3115-, M3240-, M3302-, M342-, M3422-, M377-, M406-, L640-, L645-, L654-, L660-, L830-, L91-, L166-, L201-, CTS342-, CTS5990-, CTS7045-, L1263-, L1264-, L1266-, L13-, L1323-, L1324-, L14-, F807-, FGC1047-, FGC1048-, FGC1107-, FGC1160-, FGC12126-, FGC21495-, FGC2315-, FGC23437-, FGC249-, FGC263-, FGC3022-, FGC31715-, FGC31721-, FGC32402-, FGC32409-, FGC32413-, FGC34451-, FGC34625-, FGC348-, FGC35913-, FGC35915-, FGC41973-, FGC5081-, FGC5089-, FGC5672-, FGC58127-, FGC595-, FGC6618-, FGC6669-, FGC693-, FGC705-, FGC713-, FGC715-, FGC719-, FGC7477-, FGC766-, GG162-, GG265-, GG313-, GG362-, F2686*, M426*, Z479*, Z6147*
80564 Charles Stuart 1682-1718 G-M201 M201+
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