ST*RLING FamilyTreeDNA Project Website - Results

We have identified 9 distinct family groups with 2 or members to date. The groups are separated and identified by a group name letter A through I. Currently there are the following groups.
Haplogroup I1   Grp A = Anglo-Saxon (Ken Nordvedt = AS5) 
Haplogroup I2b Grp B = Viking
Haplogroup R1a Grp C = Eastern Europe
Haplogroup R1b1 Grp D = Atlantic Modal Haplotype
Haplogroup R1b1 Grp E = Atlantic Modal Haplotype
Haplogroup R1b1 Grp G = Atlantic Modal Haplotype
Haplogroup R1b1 Grp H = Atlantic Modal Haplotype (MacGregor)
Haplogroup R1b1 Grp I = Atlantic Modal Haplotype
Persons in the MacGregor group have results closely matching those of MacGregor of MacGregor, the Chiefly line of MacGregor NOTE: IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS UP-TO-DATE ON YOUR FTDNA ACCOUNT Only the most distant ancestor recorded by each member on their project setup page will be reported in the results. Grouping: Matches that are "Probably Related" according to FTDNA standards will be grouped. Grouping of results means there is a statistical probability that persons in the same group are related. This probability increases as the number of markers that match increases. For example a 12 for 12 match will only be grouped if the results appear unique, i.e. all the persons that match 12 for 12 share the same surname. So far this has only happened in haplogroup I1a Group 1. A 25, 24 or 23 match out of 25 markers will be grouped. A 37, 36, 35, 34 or 33 match out of 37 markers will be grouped. A 67, 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61 or 60 match out of 67 markers will be grouped. From this you can see how important it is to test at least 37 markers.