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The results to date ( to January 2011) have shown that there are no less than 10, and most likely more, unique SPRINGER lines in the world (meaning the surname SPRINGER came in to play in these lines by different paths).

The main groups that have been identified and/or separated by Y (STR) testing is as follows:

The 'CHRISTOPHER' Group  -  R1b1b2a1a4 (R L48+)

The 'DENNIS' Group  -  I1d1 (I P109+)

The 'LAWRENCE' Group  -  R1b1b2a1b5 (R L21+)

The 'MATHIAS' Group  -  G


Further SNP testing within the Christopher descendents has refined this haplogroup, with Z9 and Z30 testing (+), and Z2 (-).  As of the current date this is being typed, neither FTDNA nor ISOGG have added these SNPs to their R haplogroup tree.  Also as of today there is no further downstream SNP to be tested.

This group does have a good indicator of 'membership'.  If the first 12 markers match, along with a good paper trail, and then DYS640 is ordered alacarte and DYS=9, then there is a very good chance one would belong to the CHRISTOPHER group.  See the result frequency of DYS640 at R. Casey's website (see link under 'News').  Current SNP testing for this group is U106+, L48+, Z9+, Z30+.  So FTDNA's 12 STR test (13,23,14,10,11-14,12,12,12,13,13,29), plus DYS640=9, plus Z30 (+) would be a very good indicator that a 'Mr. Springer' was a descendent of Christopher Springer (Thanks, John!).

The following 'Christopher' kits have tested Z30+: 
* 46204 has tested Z9+ but still has to do Z30.


This group is so named due to the number of early Dennis Springers found in the USA lines of the DNA participants.

There were several early Dennis SPRINGERs.  At least two of them have no living descendants that can be traced because no paper trail has been established.  There are many assumptions though.  One interesting fact is that every participant in the SPRINGER Y DNA project that has an early Dennis Springer has been found to be from the same Y line.  And this specific Y line is different than the Y line of descendants of 'Christopher Springer of Sweden' and Lawrence Springer of Rhode Island, USA.

The following names with an 'x' in front of them are connected via Y DNA testing, living direct-male-line only descendents having been tested.There are other men who 'match' via the same testing, but the following are the ones with early Dennis Springers off the top of my head.

Dennis Springer d.CT1703/4 m.CT Oct 1667 Mary Hudson  Some children documented including several sons, plus a Benjamin Springer was in charge of Dennis' inventory after Dennis passed away.  So far no proven documentation connecting anyone to any proven sons of this Dennis.

Dennis Springer (an adult by 1701) lived in Essex Co., NJ, possibly m. Abigail Pack(she did marry a SPRINGER, and there was a Dennis Springer in the area right age).  So far no proven documentation connecting anyone to any proven sons of this Dennis.

xDavid Springer d. Albany 1777 and brother Benjamin Springer (Benjamin named one son Dennis).

xDennis Springer of Union, SC b.c1768 m.Margaret Goforth (named one son Dennis)

xEzekiel Springer of Union, SC b.c m. Rebecca Collins (named one son Dennis)

xDennis Springer m. Ann Prickett.  Dennis born most likely in NJ; m.29 November 1736 Evesham, Burlington, NJ; in Virginia before 1754, much info to be found.  His presumed brother, xBenjamin, has descendants whose Y DNA testing matches that of descendant of this Dennis.

There were other Dennis Springers in NJ prior to 1800.  And didn't Job Springer (of GA, NOT the Job son of Dennis and Ann) have a son Dennis?

There are no documented early Dennis Springers in the documented sons of Charles Springer of DE, who IS a son of Christopher Springer of Sweden.    Plus remember the Y DNA testing of descendants of Christopher's sons Charles and Lars(Lorenz) does not match the Y DNA testing of any of the above "x" lines.

Getting so many male SPRINGERs tested from known and suspected families who had 'Dennis Springer' ancestors has helped the project immensely in identifying the main branches of this group. 

To read about the line of David Springer d.Albany, NY 1777, often called 'The Loyalist', click here.  The line of David and that of his brother Benjamin are represented.

From Ray Springer:  more on David Springer d.Albany, NY 1777:

Dennis and Benjamin Springer, Albany/Schenectady/Guilderland area in the 1700s and early 1800s.  
Information supporting the theory that David and Benjamin Springer were brothers.

1.Betty Fink's transcription of records from Hilderbergh Reformed Church, Guilderland:  Baptism record shows a child David born Dec. 1, 1789 (bp Feb 24 1790) to John Trainer and Martha Springer (daughter of David b ca 1732) - witnesses:  Benjamin Springer and Henrietta Oliver.

2. Federal census 1790 Watervliet shows Benjamin Springer, his son Vincent Springer and John Trainor and their families listed as numbers 533, 534, and 535 in that census.

Some questions:

1.  Dennes/Daniel Springer married Margaritta Vrooman (previously married to Johannes Vrooman) about 1798 Princetown, Schenectady.  They had at least three children:  Henrietta bp 15 July, 1806; Necholas bp 15 July 1806; and Benjamin bp 30 July 1809.  The same information is found on 'Family Search' and in the Baptisms recorded at the Helderbergh Reformed Church, Guilderland and Johathan Pearson's First Settlers.  Does this Dennes/Daniel fit in either David Springer or Benjamin Springer line?  It would appear to be the case sinse Benjamin Springer and Margarita Oliver were witnesses to birth of Henrietta, May 30 1799 to parents Dennis Springer and Margritta Vrooman (Helderbergh Reformed, Guilderland records).

2. Benjamin Springer and Dennis Springer are shown as enlisted men in the Albany County Militia - Third Regiment about 1775.  Is this Benjamin the Benjamin b1737 and is this Dennis the Dennis who married Margarita Vrooman?

3.  Oliver Springer b.Feb 22, 1778, son of Benjamin Springer and Hendrijke Oliver died 15 Sept, 1831.  His son Benjamin O. Springer (b.1805 according to the 1860 Iowa federal census) married 2x first Eliza Batchelor and second, Mary Ann Michel (born Ireland).  Benjamin moved west to Decatur County, Iowa.  He had at least 10 children, some of who were born in Ohio.  He died July 17, 1871.  See the Biographical and Historical Record of Ringgold and Decatur counties, Iowa, (Lewis Publishing Company 1887 p.527).  Is this information useful?

4. Information concerning David Springer's birth ca 1732 and biographical background appear to be available in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index v.166.  More specifically, General Column, Boston Transcript 1906-1941, 26 July 1933, 6760.  Have not been able to access.  Is this where the March 1732 birth date comes from?

Some addional information regarding the theory that Richard Oliver adopted David and Benjamin.  It is noted in Loudoun's Enquiry of November 1756 that Richard Oliver was a Dram Shop owner.  It shows that he had ample accommodations (8 rooms) for himself, his wife Martha, and their two children remaining at home, plus David and Margaret (no surviving children at that point) and Benjamin who had not yet married Hendrijke Oliver.


The 'Lawrence' group is named for descendants of Lawrence Springer and his wife Marth Hicks.

Lawrence Springer was born in Barbados, the son of John Springer and Margaret.  While little is known about John, quite a bit is known about Lawrence.  A web site devoted mainly to Lawrence Springer & Martha Hicks (Rhode Island) can be found at:



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