Spearin Surname Project - Goals

The Spearin Surname Project is a collaborative effort to establish the origins of the Spearin family name (including variants) and to identify which family lines are most closely related to each other.

  1. To identify which familybranches are related to each other (those that have similargenetic signatures can be grouped together and can be considered to be relatedto each other genetically)

  2. To confirm paper-trail evidence & traditional genealogies

  3. To help to focus further documentary research

  4. To identify the likelyorigin of each genetic family

  5. To help people with thesurname in question establish to which genetic family they belong (and topiggyback onto established genealogies)

  6. To study the evolution ofthe surname from its earliest origins to its present day forms

  7. To document and publishthe results along the way so that others can derive the maximum benefit fromthe project

How to join 

Joining our group is a simple procedure and Y-DNA testing can be done at a discounted rate through our project.

There are three simple options:

Firstly, if you are male and bear the Spearin surname (or one of its variants), and have already been Y-DNA tested via FTDNA, just click on the Join Request tab in the dark blue menu bar above, enter your Kit number and password under Option A, and click on Login. Your Y-DNA haplotype will automatically be uploaded onto the Y-DNA Results page. Simple!

Secondly, if you are male and Spearin, but your Y-DNA has been tested elsewhere, please contact us directly and we will arrange for your Y-DNA results to be incorporated into the Results page of the website (click here to send email). Simple!

Lastly, if you haven't been Y-DNA tested but you want to, here is what you need to do:

  1. Find a male relative who bears the Spearin name (or variant) ... that is if you don't!
  2. Take them through this Project website and discuss the pros and cons of the test with them.
  3. Order the 37-marker test kit at FTDNA
    • Click on the Join Request tab in the dark blue menu bar above
    • Click on Option B: Purchase A Test To Join This Project
    • Just follow the instructions and fill out the form - simple!
    • The test kit will arrive by post 7-10 days later
  4. Follow the instructions in the kit - in brief, you will need to gently scrape the inside of your cheeks with something that looks like a large cotton bud (Q tip). This will dislodge cheek cells (containing DNA, naturally) from inside your mouth. The top of the cotton bud then goes into a plastic tube supplied with the kit. Screw the cap back on and post it off to the lab.
  5. Then, 4-8 weeks later you will get an email with a user ID and passcode to access the website to view your results and compare it to the others in the group - does your family line go back to the 1500's? Take the test and find out.

Good luck!

Join us today ... you could find out more than you ever imagined!

Bob Spearing & Maurice Gleeson, April 2011