Southworth/Southard Surname Project- Background



Soathard, Soatpard, Southard, Southart, Southeard, Souther, Southern, Southers, Southward, Southwood, Southworth, Suthard, Suthart, Suthers, Suthert


Surname DNA Projectfor

Southard,Southworth, Suthers, Southward, Southern, Southwood... and more


All men with one of these or a similar surname are welcome tojoin this project, which is intended to advance our genealogical knowledge.

A concerted effort is underway to determine the English originsof these and many more surnames. For example, did Constant and ThomasSouthworth of Plymouth, Massachusetts truly descend from Gilbert, son of Hughde Croft, who was given the Manor of Southworth at Samlesbury? And was ThomasSouthard who m. Annica Jansen (Van Salee) related to this family? How do someof the other spellings relate to these families, if at all? This is becomingvery interesting, as can be seen in the Results tables on the following pages.We can certainly conclude, on the basis of DNA testing, that Thomas Southardwas not related to Constant and Thomas Southworth at least in the last thousandyears. We do not yet have proof that this American Southworth line descendsfrom the Samlesbury line that includes Gilbert, son of Hugh de Croft.

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 The following is a quote from the FTDNA announcement toproject administrators:

This $19 fee will be credited to customers whoorder upgrades or add-ons. For an additional $39, customers who transfer theirthird party results will also have additional markers tested so that they canreceive matches to Family Tree DNA's 25 or 37-marker level, ancestral origins,and other features of the personal pagei.

What do you get when you transfer third partyresults?

The $19 fee will provide the customer with aFamily Tree DNA personal page which will allow them to join Family Tree DNAprojects freely. This means results will be available to the administrator andincluded on the project's public page for comparison with other projectmembers.

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Ongoing! Be sure to visit our Results and Miscellaneous pages forthe latest DNA findings and the Patriarchs page for new pedigrees.


Please Note: We urgently need male direct descendants of the SamlesburySouthworth ancestral line in England to be tested to help others prove ordisprove their lineages. A grant may be available if an applicant's paper trailis strong.       


Why Should You be Tested?

Reading the news, watching specials on Public Television, seeingthe many articles popping up in all the major news magazines … Doesn’t it makeyou wonder how modern science, and DNA testing in particular, can help solvesome of your genealogical puzzles? After spending years rummaging throughcourthouses, libraries, family papers, cemeteries and the internet, aren’t youready to use the latest techniques to find your roots, once and for all?

Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available togenealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry(father's father's father, etc.) in a quick and easy way. It saves time,prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in noother way. The only cost is for the testing itself. We project administratorsare volunteers who hope to gain knowledge about our own heritage. We receive nocompensation or incentives from Family Tree DNA or any other entity. Note thatonly a male with any of the subject surnames may participate but, if you haveSouthard or Southworth ancestry, you can be represented by even a distantcousin whose name is Southard, Southworth or similar.

How does it work? Scientists mapping the human genome in 2000found it consisted of about 3 billion pairs of DNA chemicals or"letters," and that those letters were 99.9 percent similar from oneperson to the next. It's within that 0.1 percent difference that the science ofgenetic genealogy was born. Just like notations in an old Bible or censusrecords, family history is recorded in our genes. A father's Y chromosome DNAis passed down virtually unchanged to his sons while mothers pass down theirmitochondrial DNA to their sons and daughters. While MtDNA can help us find ourearliest roots, long before surnames came into existence, it is the Y-DNA thatonly males carry that holds the secret for genealogical purposes. And Ladies,don’t feel left out. Just find a male cousin – even a distant one – and he canrepresent your line.

As a Southard descendant and Southworth cousin who has done myshare of “rummaging,” I decided to make science work for me and all the otherSouthard, Southworth, etc., researchers out there who have “holes” in theirpaper trail or want to extend their research to:           

·        * Eliminate or confirm relationships.

·        *Focus research towards related families.

·        *Direct research into a geographical area.

·        *Direct research into a specific timeframe.

·        *Establish country or region of origin.

·        *Confirm variant surnames are the same family.

·        *Learn about our family's pre-surname migration.

·        *Strengthen weak paper trails.

·        *Avoid pursuing false connections.


About DNA Testing

Few of us are entirely comfortable with the genealogical researchwe and others before us have done. Virtually all our findings have words like“probably,” “could,” “may,” “perhaps,” and “assuming” liberally scatteredthroughout. Let’s get to the bottom line. We’ve exhausted all the traditionalresearch tools. It’s time to let a simple, painless DNA test provide theanswers. The cost is a few tanksful of gas or probably no more than a researchtrip to a nearby town. Think about gas, tolls, parking fees, copying costs,meals, possibly an overnight stay – all sometimes yielding little or no newinformation. Instead, you could simply swab the inside of your cheek a fewtimes in the comfort of your home. Then sit back and wait about six weeks. Youwill receive a handsome certificate displaying your genetic profile, a seriesof numbers that are meaningless by themselves. But they hold the key to yourpaternal ancestry and, when matched against the profiles of others, can yieldinformation that can be obtained in no other way. Those numbers will becompared against the ever-growing database at Family Tree DNA and at otheruniversal databases and you will likely find other testees whose results matchyours, if not immediately then in future years. You will be notified as newmatches occur.


About Results

As you can see on the Results page at this website, we have sofar identified several probable lines. Other projects teach us that for someparticipants, the results are not surprising because the traditionalgenealogies have pointed to them all along, but now the proof is indisputable.For others, the results suggest some clear research avenues to pursue. Forstill others, there may be a nonpaternal event in some distant generation, suchas an unknown adoption, and there may be an opportunity to find a heretoforeunsuspected genealogy. Or no clear match emerges, in which case the testee canexpect a future match as more men are tested.

This Family Project can:

1. Help researchers on common or related families work togetherto find their common heritage (See the Patriarch Page).

2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile themand their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches.


Project General Fund

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the project general fund tohelp encourage other testees who might have ties to the Southworth or Southardlines may do so by contacting one of the project administrators. The fund isadministered by the project administrators who determine how and when moniesare disbursed. However, we will honor any strings you attach.

One significant donation is made in memory of Owen Southardwhose sister requests that it be used specifically for Y-DNA "testees whohave a solid paper trail that would benefit the research from our ancestor'sConstant and Thomas Southworth." Southworth men who either descend in adirect line from Constant or Thomas Southworth or represent their presumedancestral line would be eligible.


The Essential Fine Print...

The Southworth-Southard Surname DNA Project or its projectadministrators have no commercial affiliation with any profit-makingorganization and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved withthe project. This website is maintained for posting DNA results and pedigreesof participants who choose to make their information available.

Although the Project offers discounts at FTDNA, that by no meanssuggests a business partnership or other relationship between the Project andthe Laboratory. All funds are payable only and directly to the Laboratory. TheProject will not be the recipient or steward of any DNA samples and has noresponsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty toact on behalf of a Participant in mediation of any dispute between theParticipant and the Laboratory.

While a match between two participants may suggest that they sharea common male ancestor, it will not identify the specific ancestor and there isno guarantee that every participant will match anyone in this project or in anypublic database.

By participation in the project, the participant agrees to theseconditions.


Useful Links:

Family Tree DNA Southworth-Southard Home Page

ProjectAdministrator's Family Website

Project Administrator's Blog

Websites hosted by line leaders on Patriarchs page:

Toni Turk's Website

Doris's Family History

Southwood One-NameStudy

To submit comments, questions, corrections or additions, or ifyou have already tested elsewhere, please contact the projectadministrator: Doris Wheeler




Project Member Pedigrees


Thepedigree is an essential part of genetic genealogy. We invite all researchersof the Southworth, Southard and similar surnames to submit their provenpedigrees for posting on the this page.  Please follow the format of thepedigrees shown here. Be sure to include a Line Leader (researcher) as yourfirst entry.

Note that the pedigrees posted to this site arenot guaranteed for accuracy by the Southworth-Southard DNA Project, but are thesubmissions of the individual DNA participants. Any data provided should alwaysbe independently proven. 

Click here to send your Pedigree information for thePatriarch Page

Pleasenote email addresses are disguised in an effort to reduce spam. Simplysubstitute @ for AT and . for dot.



PresumedSouthard, Southern, Southwood Line


LineLeader: phil.southwood AT gmail DOT com  (99566)

ChristopherSouthwood b. 1689 Molland, Devonshire, Eng.

PhilipSouthwood b. Feb 1717 Molland, Devonshire, m. Joan Sellake 1743 Tiverton,Devonshire

PhilipSouthwood b. Jan 1751 Cadeleigh, Devonshire, m. Hannah Loring 1782 St. Thomas,Devonshire

JosephSouthwood b. Nov 1790 St. Thomas, Devonshire, m. Elizabeth Gregory 1811,Exeter, Devonshire

NicholasWilliam Southwood b. Oct 1812 Exeter, Devonshire, m. Charlotte Trump 1833Exeter, Devonshire

CharlesAbraham Southwood b. Oct 1812 Exeter, Devonshire, m. Sarah Banks 1863Liverpool, Lancashire

CharlesAbraham Southwood b. 19 Nov 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire, m. Mary Preston 1907Southport, Lancashire

DNAParticipant: S-14



LineLeader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com (126906)

ThomasSouthard b 1615 Leyden, Holland, m Annica Jansen (Van Salee) New York

JohnSouthard b ca 1663 Hempstead, NY, m Grace Carman

JosephSouthard b 1685-1695 Hempstead, NY, m Crintia (Catherine) ?

JosephSouthard b. ca 1715 Hempstead, NY, m Catherine Barnes

BenjaminSouthard b 5 Jun 1738 Hempstead, NY, m Maria Ostrom

BarendSouthard b 16 Oct 1772 Rhinebeck, NY m. Elizabeth Ostrander

CatherineSouthard b 7 Mar 1805 Rhinebeck, NY

DNAParticipant: S-18


LineLeader: cliff AT hayescarpentry DOT com (126906)

ThomasSouthard b 1615 Leyden, Holland, m Annica Jansen (Van Salee)

ThomasSouthard Jr. b 1660 Hempstead, NY, m Frances Champion

RichardSouthard b 12 Jan 1704 Hempstead, NY, m Jane Smith

RichardSouthard b 7 Jul 1738 Hempstead, NY, m Deborah Frost

SamuelIsaac Southard b 3 Aug 1775 Fishkill, NY, m Jamima Turbush (Ter Bos)

SmithSouthard b 26 Jun 1818 Westerlo, NY, m Jerusha Shutts, m Maria Traver

DeWittSouthard b 23 Mar 1860, m Agnes Face

HaroldG. Southard b 23 Jul 1900

DNAParticipant: S-18


Lineleader: luraj AT triad DOT rr DOT com (96216)

ThomasSouthard, Sr.  b: 1615 Leyden, Holland  d: Bet. 1688 - 1690Hempstead, Long Island, NY m Annica Eunice Antonise Jansen

ThomasSouthard, Jr.  b: 1660 Long Island, NY d: 1739/40 East Fishkill,Dutchess Co., NY m Francis Champion

HenrySouthard, Sr.  b: Bet. 1702 - 1705 Long Island, NY d: Aft. 1790Lincoln County, NC m Phebe Totten

HenrySouthard, Jr.  b: Abt. 1734 Long Island, NY d: 1813 Surry County, NCm Anne??, *2nd Wife Ruth ??

JobSouthard  b: 1787/1788 Probably in Surry County, NC  d:1867 Yadkin County, NC m Morning Snow

MartinSouthard  b: 1829 d: 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg - Civil War m RuthE. Ball

HenryWilson Southard   b: 1855   d: 1918 m Nancy JaneDavis                  

SamuelM. Southard  b: Abt. 1877  d: 1900  m Sarah L.Benge

HenryMcClain Southard  b: 1898 Yadkin Co, NC  d: 1983 Surry Co,NC  m Ila Vanhoy

DNAParticipant S-10


LineLeader: wayne AT southwood.demon DOT co DOT uk (N6501)

RichardSouthwood b. 1825 Devon, England, m Ann

WilliamSouthwood b. 1862 Devon, England, m Ellen Hayward

ReginaldSouthwood b. 1889 Devon, England, m Celeste Dumont

CecilEdward b. 1919 SouthAfrica, m Elizabeth Berry

DNAParticipant: S-12


LineLeader:  trturk AT frontiernet DOT net     (10999)

ThomasSouthard, b. 1615 at Leyden, d. 1688 at Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY, m. AnnicaJansen (Van Salee)

ThomasSouthard Jr, b. 1660 at Hempstead,L.I., NY, d. 1739/40 at East Fishkill,Dutchess, NY, m. Frances7 Champion

HenrySouthard, b. between 1702 and 1705 at Long Island, NY, d. after 1790 at LincolnCounty, NC, m. Phebe6 Totten

IsaacSouthard, b. 1738 at Hempstead, Nassau, NY, d. Feb 1791 at Elkin Twp., Surry,NC, m. Sarah Renne

HenrySouthard, b. circa 1763 at NJ

JohnSouthard, b. 1794 at Surry, NC, d. between 1817 and 1820 at Warren, TN

PrestonFord Southern, b. 3 Dec 1817 at Warren, TN, d. 10 Oct 1878 at Wood, TX, m.Martha Ann Bullard

RichardYarbrough Southern, b. 9 Dec 1859 at Shelby, TX, d. 9 Apr 1927 at Progress,Palo Pinto, TX

DNAParticipant:  S-7


Lineleader: southward.john AT gmail DOT com (206670)

ThomasSouthard, b. 1616 Leyden, Holland, d. 1669 Hempstead, L.I., m. Annica Jansen1641

ThomasSouthard b. 1660 Hempstead, LI, d. 10 Mar 1740 Fishkill, NY, m. FrancesChampion 1685

HenrySouthard b. 1702 or 05 Hempstead LI, d. about 1790 Lincoln County, NC, m. PhebeTotten 1730

IsaacSouthard b. 1738 Hempstead LI, d. 1791 Surry County, NC, m. Sarah Renne 1760

MicajahSouthard b. 1767 Basking Ridge, NJ, d. 1859 Sparta, TM, m. Martha Perkins 1795

ReubenSouthard b. 1800 Lincolnton, NC, d. 1878 Cushman, AR, m. Sarah Ballew

RobertSouthard b/ 1837 Knoxville, TN, d. 1907 Kansas City, MO, m. Evaline Housh 1863

JacobSouthard b. 1871 Maquon, IL, d. 1960 Topeka, KS, m. Alberta Adle

RobertSouthard b. 1892 Maquon, IL, d. 1979 Council Grove, KS, m. Elsie Dennis 1914

DNAParticipant:  S-32



PresumedSouthworth Line


Lineleader: bes_stpmn AT yahoo DOT com (205364)

Richardde Southworth b. Samlesbury, Lanc., Eng., 1420, d. Eng., 21 Dec 1467, m.Elizabeth Molyneux

SirChristopher Southworth b. Samlesbury, Lanc., Eng., 1443,d. Lanc., Eng., 12 Aug1502,m. Isabel Dutton

SirJohn Southworth b. Lancashire, Eng., 1526, d. Lancashire, Eng., 3 Nov 1595, m.Helen De Langton

SirThomas Southworth b. Lancashire, Eng., 1548, d. Middlesex, Eng., 30 Nov 1616,m. Margery Boteler

SirJohn Southworth b. Lancashire, Eng., 1526, d. Lancashire, Eng., 3 Nov 1595, m.Mary Asheton

ThomasSouthworth b. Lancashire, Eng., 1548, d. Middlesex, Eng., 30 Nov 1616, m.Rosamond Lister

EdwardSouthworth b. Wrington, Somerset, Eng. 1590, d. London, Eng., 1621, m. AliceCarpenter

ConstantSouthworth b. b. Leyden, Holland, 1615, d. Duxbury, MA, 10/11 Mar 1679, m.Elizabeth Collier

WilliamSouthworth b. Duxbury, MA, 1659, d. Little Compton, RI, 25 June 1718, m.Rebecca Pabodie

NathanielSouthworth b. Little Compton, RI, 31 Oct 1692, d. “at sea”, 1731, m. MaryTorrey

NathanielSouthworth b. Bristol, RI, 13 Feb 1715, d. Mansfield, CT, June 1790, m. LoisGurley

NathanielSouthworth b. Mansfield, CT, 26 Nov 1742, d. Mansfield, CT, 16 July 1809, m.Desire Stetson

GurleySouthworth bapt. Mansfield, CT, 22 Apr 1781, d. New Lisbon, NY, 15 Apr 1825, m.Dorcas Spalding Dodge

HiramSouthworth b. Mansfield, CT, 7 Nov 1802, d. Centerville, PA, 7 Nov 1875, m.Alzina Howard

LeeSouthworth b. Concord, PA, 21 Feb 1830, d. Steuben, PA, 10 Oct 1921, m. MarthaJane Winton

ClarkWinton Southworth b. Centerville, PA, 27 Dec 1863, d. Steuben, PA, 27 Jan 1937,m. Harriet E. Hart

RaySouthworth b. Dotyville, PA, 23 Oct 1895, d Minneapolis, MN, 2 May 1976, m.Olga Catherine Holt

ClarkWinton Southworth b. Minneapolis, MN, 3 Jan 1921, d. Minneapolis, MN, 14 Mar206, m. Gwendolyn Alice Cushman

DNAParticipant: S-31


LineLeader: anordin1 AT gmail DOT com (38665)

TheodoreSouthard/Southward/Southworth  b. ca 1811 VA  m. DiccaBridgewater

 AndrewJackson Southworth  b. 1841 MO    m. ElizabethMcBee

 JesseAndrew Southworth  b.  19 Sep. 1868 Seneca,MO  m. Rumalda  Riojas

 TheodoreP. Southworth  b.  19 May  1902 Joplin,MO  m. Ruth Hopkins

 TheodoreSouthworth  b.  Oct. 5  1922  LosAngeles CA

DNAparticipant S-1


LineLeader: rivrbluff AT aol DOT com (127072)

RobertSuddarth bc 1690 Prob Va d 1762 m Diana ...

JosephSuddarth bc 1715 Va m Jemina Skidmore

MosesSouthard b 28 May 1753 Stafford Co, Va d 1838 Madison Co, Va m unknown

IsaacSouthard b 1800 Madison Co, Va d 1892 Delaware Co, Pa m Lydia Ann


RobertFranklin Southard b 15 July 1834 Madison Co, Va d 10 Jan 1916 Orange

Co, Vam Elizabeth Harriet Colvin

JohnAlexander Ashby Southard b 14 Sept 1873 Madison Co, Va d 16 Sept 1949

OrangeCo, Va m Catherine A Corbin

LoneyFranklin Southard b 10 Jan 1898 Madison Co, Va d 27 Oct 1868 Orange

Co, Vam Nora Herring

LewisFranklin Southard, Sr. b 28 May 1920 Orange Co, Va d 12 may 1979

OrangeCo, Va m Mary Deane

DNAParticipant: S-19


LineLeader: john.hogg AT sbcglobal DOT net (127072)

RobertSuddarth bc 1690 Prob Va d 1762 m Diana ...

JosephSuddarth bc 1715 Va m Jemina Skidmore

MosesSouthard b 28 May 1753 Stafford Co, Va d 1838 Madison Co, Va m unknown

IsaacSouthard b 1800 Madison Co, Va d 1892 Delaware Co, Pa m Lydia Ann


RobertFranklin Southard b 15 July 1834 Madison Co, Va d 10 Jan 1916 Orange

Co, Vam Elizabeth Harriet Colvin

RobertFranklin Walker Southard b 27 Nov 1857 Madison Co, Va d bef 1900

MadisonCo, Va m Angeline Hurt

IsaacHerman Southard b 18 Oct 1881 Madison Co, Va d 27 Oct 1961 Northfield,

N.J mAlice May Anderson

Thento my mom

SylviaMae Southard b 17 Oct 1914 S Brownsville, Pa d 17 Aug 2004 Brevard

Co,N.C. m John Alexander Hogg

DNAParticipant: S-19


LineLeader: anordin1 AT gmail DOT com (47369)

WilliamSouthworth   m. 10 Aug.1721 in Middlesex Co VA to Anne Jordan




RoyClarence Southworth b.1891 KS m. Antonette Koenig 

DNAparticipant S-2


LineLeader: anordin1 AT gmail DOT com (50801)

WilliamSouthworth   m. 10 Aug.1721 in Middlesex Co VA to Anne Jordan

JamesSouthworth b.13 Sept.1724  Middlesex Co VA

JosephSouthworth   m.Elizabeth Titzard

LeonardSouthworth b. abt. 1760/1770  d. 1846 Pike Co OH  m. JeminaBennett

JamesSouthworth b. 02 March1802  VA d. 10 Feb 1874 Minford OH m. ElizabethKilpatrick

JosephKilpatrick Southworth b. 23 Sept. 1828  OH  d. 04 Apr 1902Takmo KS  m. Cyinda Bennett

JohnB. Southworth b. 24 Jun 1853  OH  d. 26 Jan 1928 Park CityStillwater Co MT  m.  Anna E Nutter

JosephV. Southworth b. 27 May 1893  Talmo KS d. 15 Dec 1951 GrantNE  m. Edna M. Gillanders

DNAParticipant S-3


DNAParticipant S-4 Confidential (Earliest known ancestor is Constant Southworth)


LineLeader: c_suthard AT comcast DOT net  (114218)

JohnT. Suthard b 17 Jan 1832 Manassas, VA, d 8 Jan 1908

JamesLee Suthard b 1 Sep 1863 New Baltimore, VA, d 12 Feb 1945

CliffordJames Suthard b 15 Apr 1889 Bealton, VA, d 4 Dec 1925

CliffordJames Suthard b. 19 Jul 1917, Ansted, WV, d 21 Nov 2000 Ft. Pierce, FL

DNAParticipant: S-16


Lineleader: margaretmarks1 AT btinternet DOT com (171398)

WilliamSothard b.abt 1621 Bretherton, Lancs m. Margret Wilson

HughSothordt b. abt July 1647 Croston

WilliamSuthart/ Southwart b. 1671. Bretherton d.1734 Croston. m. Ann Sharples 1710

HenrySouthwart/ Southworth b.1716 Croston d. 1797 Croston. m. Jane Norris 1735

HenrySuthard/ Southworth b 1744/5 Mawdesley m Ellen Hatch 1752

HenrySouthworth b. abt Mch 1781 Wrightington m. Ann Porter 1799

RalphSouthworth b. Oct 1821 Bispham d. Nov 1902 Mawd m. Margaret Southworth 1845

JohnSouthworth b. Nov 1850 Mawdesley d. 7 June 1924 Mawd. m. Ruth Thorpe 1872

JohnSouthworth b. 10/11/1884 Mawdesley d. 21/12/1965 Bolton m. Janet Young 1915

DNAParticipant S-27


Line Leader: jsuddoth AT generalsDOTws  (299487)

John Suddoth born ?married Asenath Thompson 1808 Fauquier County Virginia died1837 Fauquier County Virginia

James T. Suddoth bornApril 1 1809 Fauquier Virginia married Jane West Martin  diedFeb 21 1883 Friars Point Mississippi

John A. Suddoth born Oct8 1849 Fauquier County Virginia married Katie Howard died May 17 1920 Friars Point Mississippi

John Alfred Suddoth bornApril 19 1892 Friars Point Mississippi married Alta Elizabeth Busby died June9, 1959

John Alfred Suddoth bornDec 25 1926 Friars Point Mississippi Married Faye Estess died March 8, 1963

DNA Participant: S-35




NotYet Aligned


LineLeader: Steve

ThomasSuthworth b 1609 Lancashire, England m Mary Gryme

JohnSuthworth b 1634 Lancashire m Unknown

RobertSutherd b 1662 Lancashire m Unknown

JohnSutherd b 1687/1689 Yorkshire m Susan ?

HenrySuthard b 1718 Yorkshire m Martha Crosley

JohnSuthard b 1747 Yorkshire m Susan Crabtree

JohnSuthers b 1769 Yorkshire m Ann Whitaker

JeremiahSuthers b c 1799 Yorkshire m Mary Bullcock

RobertSuthers b c 1833 Yorkshire m (2) Ruth Bower

WilliamSuthers b c 1866 Yorkshire m Elizabeth Ann Whitehead

JohnEdward (Whitehead) b 1885 Yorkshire m Gertrude Brierley

Leonardb 1911 Lancashire m Phyllis Beaumont

DNAParticipant S-6


DNAParticipant S-8 No pedigree supplied


DNAParticipant S-9 No pedigree supplied


LineLeader: derondas AT mis DOT net  (100298)

WilliamSouthard, b. abt 1851, md. Nancy Pittman in Rockcastle Co., KY

JamesD. Southard, b. Jan 1877 Rockcastle Co., KY, d. 2 June 1939 Laurel Co., KY, md.13 Mar 1894 Mary Elizabeth Bradley

HerbertSouthard, b. 5 Nov 1898 RCK, d. 8 Nov 1952 Laurel Co., KY, md. 21 Feb 19191Stella Prewitt

JamesRussell Southard, b. 15 Oct 1921 RCK, d. 4 Nov 1996 Fayette Co., KY, md. 8 Feb1944 Ruby J. Spurlock

DNAParticipant: S-13



LineLeader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com

ConstantSouthworth b 1614/15 Leyden, Holland, d MA, m Elizabeth Collier

WilliamSouthworth b 1658/59 Duxbury, MA, d 1719 RI, m Rebecca Pabodie

NathanielSouthworth b 31 Oct 1692 Little Compton, RI, d 1731 at sea, m Mary Torrey

JosiahSouthworth b 4 Sep 1719 Bristol, RI, d 1791 VT, m Irene Read

ChesterSouthworth b 17 Jul 1764 Mansfield, CT, d 1817 Canton, NY, m Zerviah Crane

ChesterSouthworth b 7 May 1789 Mansfield, CT, d 1874 UT, m Mary Byington

ChesterSouthworth b 22 Aug 1842 Naewoo, IL, d 4 Mar 1910 CA, m Agnes Caldwell

ThomasSylvester Southworth b 23 Jul 1892 Dingle, ID, m Beulah Boden

DNAParticipant (SMGF)  X-2


No DNATested


LineLeader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com

Gilbertde Southworth m Alicia D?Ewyas b 1332

Johnde Southworth m Margaret de Houghton

Thomasde Southworth b 1393, m Johan Sherburne deBothe

Richardde Southworth b 1420, m Elizabeth Molineux

Christopherde Southworth m Isabel Dutton b 1478, m Anne Tuchet Deuadley a 1478

Johnde Southworth b 1478 Lancashire, England, m Helen Langton b 1497

ThomasSouthworth b 1497, m Margery Le Boteler 1518

JohnSouthworth b 1526 Lancashire, England, m Mary Asheton

ThomasSouthworth b 1548 English Midlands, m Rosamond Lister

EdwardSouthworth b 1591 London, England, m Alice Carpenter

ConstantSouthworth b 1614 Leyden, Holland, m Elizabeth Collier


LineLeader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com

Gilbertde Southworth m Alicia D?Ewyas b 1332

Johnde Southworth m Margaret de Houghton

Thomasde Southworth b 1393, m Johan Sherburne deBothe

Richardde Southworth b 1420, m Elizabeth Molineux

Christopherde Southworth m Isabel Dutton b 1478, m Anne Tuchet Deuadley a 1478

Johnde Southworth b 1478 Lancashire, England, m Helen Langton b 1497

ThomasSouthworth b 1497, m Margery Le Boteler 1518

JohnSouthworth b 1526 Lancashire, England, m Mary Asheton

ThomasSouthworth b 1548 English Midlands, m Rosamond Lister

EdwardSouthworth b 1591 London, England, m Alice Carpenter

Capt.Thomas Southworth b ca 1615, m Elizabeth Reynor


LineLeader: dtpalmer AT hkucc DOT hku DOT hk

ThomasSouthworth b. ca1555 Samlesbury, Lancs.  d.1616 Samlesbury m.Rosamond Lister

EdwardSouthworth b. ca1590 of Wrington, Somerset d.1621 London m. Alice Carpenter

ConstantSouthworth b. 1615 Leyden d.1679 Elizabeth Collier

WilliamSouthworth b. 1659 Little Saybrook, CT d.1719 m. Rebecca Pabodie

Capt.Nathaniel Southworth b. 19692/3 Duxbury MA d.ca1731 m. Mary Torrey

JosiahSouthworth b.1719 Bristol CT d.1791 West Farley VT md. Irene Reed

ChesterSouthworth b.1764 Mansfield CT d. 1617 Canton NY md. Zurviah Crane

ChesterSouthworth b.1792/3 Mansfield CT d. 1874 Brigham City UT m. Mary Byington

SusannaAdaline Southworth b.1833 Bastard Leeds, Ontario, Canada m. John Palmer

JosephMorris Palmer b. 1864 Brigham City UT d.1905 Bountiful UT m. Eliseman Townsend


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John(Southard) Southward b ca 1729 prob. Devonshire, England, m unknown Wales

JohnWesley Southard b ca 1760 VA, m Mariah ?

FieldonSouthard b ca 1810 VA, m Elizabeth CARTER Martin

SolomonSouthard b 11 Oct 1837 Vermillion County, IN, m Elizabeth Harris

FlorenceS. Southard b 30 Apr 1865 Vermillion County, IN, m Elva Martindale

ErnestLowell Southard, m Evelyn House, m Lucille Pimpl


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ThomasSouthard b 1615 Leyden, Holland, m Annica Jansen (Van Salee)

ThomasSouthard, Jr., b 1660 Long Island, NY, d 1740, m Frances Champion

HenrySouthard, Sr. b 1702-1705 Long Island, NY, m Phebe Totten

HenrySouthard, Jr. b 1734 Long Island, NY, d c 1814

JobSouthard b 1787/8 Surry Co., NC, d 1867, m Morning Snow

MartinLuther Southard b 1828/29 Surry Co., NC

HenryWilson Southard b 1855 Surry Co., NC, m Jane Davis

GreenEarl Southard b 1888 Boonville, NC, m Sally Etta Hodge

RichardWilson Southard b 6 Apr 1919 Green Mountain, IA


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JosephSouther b 1640 prob. England, d 1696-97 MA, m Elizabeth Fairfield

JosephSouther b. 1658 Boston, MA, d 1696, m Hannah Holland

Josephb 1686 Boston, d 1740, m Content Tower

DanielSouther b 1758 MA, d 1809, m Grace Sprague

ElijahSouther b 1787 Hingham, MA, d 1873, m Rebecca Stowell

BenjaminStowell Souther b 1824 Hingham, MA, d 1888, m Susan Pineo

HerbertSouther b 1872 Hingham, MA, d 1936, m Emma Miller

HerbertRoy Souther b 1902 Weymouth, MA, d 1966, m Ruth Perry


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WilliamSouthwood b 1757 VA or NC

 WilliamSouthwood b. 1784 Kentucky

JeremiahSouthwood b 1832 Perry County, IN

GeorgeWilliam b 4 Dec 1853 Perry County, IN

WilliamRay Southwood b. 15 Aug 1898 Tennyson, IN


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Joseph"Jobe" Southard, b c1880, Indian Terr, Ok m Tennesee Becknell c1912,Pittsburg, OK

  son1 Southard, b 1913, Pittsburg, OK

  son2 Southard, b 1918, Henryetta, OK


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ThomasSouthard; Leyden, Holland m Annica Jansen

JohnSouthard; New Amsterdam




JosephP. Southard; NJ

DavidD. Southard; NJ

LouisaSouthard; NJ

EdwardSouthard Cooper; CT

PatriciaCooper; CT


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ThomasSouthard m Annica Jansen

IsaacSouthard m Grace

AbrahamSouthard b 1705 m Cornelia Barnes (Barentze)

AbrahamSouthard b 1758 Basking Ridge NJ? m. Elizabeth Hull

ThomasWilliam Southard b 1810 OH m Guly Long

EdnaAugusta Southard b 1841? Newark OH m Lewis Clemons



Noline leader supplied

GreenW. Southard (b. 1811 d. 1891) m. Sarah Ann Unknown born in North Carolina orpossibly Virginia.  Died in Atlanta GA

...WilliamTurner Southard (b. 1863 d. 1935)

........HowardSouthard, Sr. (b. 1894 d. 1988)

..............WilliamThurman Southard, Sr. ( b. 1927 d. 1995)


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 WilliamSouthworth ?b. abt 1700 ?m. Ann Jordan

JamesSouthworth b 1724

JosephSouthworth b 1745 m Elizabeth Titzard

LeonardSouthworth b 1765 m Jemima Bennett

JamesSouthworth b 1802 m Elizabeth Kilpatrick

JosephKilpatric Southworth ?b. 1828 ?m. Cyinda BennettAT

JohnBennett Southworth ?b. 1853 ?m. Anna E. Nutter

JosephVern Southworth b 1893 m Edna Margaret Gilllanders



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1 Roger de Croft, living 1189-1194;

Sons Gilbert and Hugh, living in 1212

2 Gilbert, living in 1212 received gift of Southworth from his uncle Gilbert

3 Gilbert de Southworth

4 William de Southworth living in 1292

5 Gilbert de Southworth, living in 1330

Sir Gilbert de Southworth m before 1332

Alicia D’Ewyas

Gospatric, Lord of Samelbury living in time of

Henry II and King John

Sir Roger de Samelsbury, m 1194 Margaret Oesber  ;

William de Samelsbury living in 1246; died before 1256; m Avina Notton

Cecily de Samelsbury living in 1313; m 1295 Sir John D’Ewyas

Nicholas D’Ewyas; living in 1355

Alicia D’Ewyas, daughter and sole heiress, m Sir Gilbert de Southworth

6 Sir John deSouthworth, d October 1415 at siege of Harfleur; m Margaret, daughter of SirRichard Houghton

7 Sir Thomas deSouthworth, b 1393, d April 27, 1432, m Johan, widow of Thomas Sherborne,Knight, dau of John de Bothe

8 Richard de Southworth,b 1420, d Dec 21, 1467, m Elizabeth Molineux, dau of Richard and Joan (Haydock)Molineux


9 Sir Christopher deSouthworth, m Isabel Dutton, dau and coheir of, Sir Sir Thomas Dutton of Duttoncounty Chester by his first wife Ann, dau of James, Lord Audley.  SirChristopher was knighted on his expedition to Scotland in 1482.  SirThomas Dutton was son and heir of John Dutton, Esq. who married MargaretSavage, dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton

10 Sir John Southworth,d 1519; m Helen Langton, dau of Sir Richard Langton, baron of Newton and lordof Walton-de-Dale and Isabel Gerrard.  Helen Langton was of royal descent,from the same ancestors as Margaret Houghton.  Their oldest son wasThomas.  The second son was Christopher.

11 Sir ThomasSouthworth, d 1546, m Margaret Boteler (Butler), dau of Sir Thomas Butler ofBrewsey Co Lancaster.  Thomas was High Sheriff of Lancashire, 1542. He restored the north wing of Samelbury Hall in 1532; he built the otherwing in 1545.

12 Sir John Southworth,d 1595, m at St Leonard’s Middleton July 23, 1547 to Mary (Ashton) Gouland,widow of  ?? Gouland, Esq of Offerton, Co Derby and dau of Sir RichardAshton of Middleton, Co Lancaster

13 Thomas Southworth, babout 1561; d 1617, m Rosamond Lister, dau of William Lister, Esq of Thorton,Co York and Bridget Pigot of,  Midhope.  His children were John whodied before his father; Thomas, present at Edward’s marriage at Leyden in 1613;William of Holcroft, Co Lancaster, living in 1618; Richard; Michael (Nicholas);Christopher; Edward who m Alice Carpenter in Leyden, Holland; Bridget who mDuddel, Esq of Salwick; Margery w m Thomas Osbaldston, Esq; Ellen who m WilliamDewhurst; and Ann.  All these children were living in 1595 when theirgrandfather made his will.


Southworth’sin America

1 Edward Southworth, babout 1590?, d about 1621, m May 28, 1613 to Alice Carpenter, b about 1590, din Plymouth, Mass March 26, 1670; dau of Alexander Carpenter of Wrington,Somersetshire.  Re-married in Plymouth on Aug 14, 1623 to WilliamBradford, Governor, Plymouth Colony.  Edward and Alice’s children wereConstant, b in Leyden 1615, d in Duxbury, Mass March 10, 1679; and Thomas, b inLeyden in 1616, d in Plymouth, Mass, Dec 8, 1669.

2 Constant Southworth,in Leyden 1615, d in Duxbury, Mass March 10, 1679;  m Elizabeth Collier ofDuxbury, dau  of William Collier.  Their children were Mercy, b 1638,d Nov 25, 1712, m Samuel Freeman on May 11, 1638 in Watertown, Mass; Edward, dabout 1727; Alice, m Benjamin Church wee known Indian fighter; Nathaniel; Marym David Alden, son of John and Priscilla Alden; Elizabeth; Priscilla; andWilliam


3 Edward Southworth, bin Duxbury, d about 1727, m Nov 16, 1669 to Mary Pabodie who was born Aug 7,1648 to William and Elizabeth (Alden) Pabodie.  Children were Elizabeth,Thomas, Constant, Mercy, Benjamin, John and Priscilla

4 Constant Southworth, bDuxbury, m Feb 10, 1714 to Rebecca Simmons, dau of John and Mercy (Pabodie)Simmons (his cousin).  Lived in Duxbury.  Their children were:William, Benjamin, Mercy and Mary

5 William Southworth, bDuxbury, m Mar 1, 1739 Betty Fullerton dau of Samuel Fullerton.  Children:Mary, Rumah, Edward, John, Nathaniel, William, Alice

6 Edward Southworth, b1747, d Feb 8,1833, m Jan 18, 1769Mercy Thomas, dau of John Thomas.  Heserved as a private in the Mass Continental Line.  Placed on pension rollsMar 4, 1831.  Children: James, Edward, Mary, George, John, Jacob, Seth andWilliam

7 James Southworth, bDuxbury Oct 15, 1769; d Nov 16, 1841; m 1797 at Round Hill Pond, ME, ElizabethOzier, b Nov 15, 1775.  In 1823 sells land in Bristol, ME.  Res inDuxbury whee his children were born: Joseph, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Hiram,Thomas and James.

8 Hiram Southworth, b inDuxbury May 4, 1803,d Dec 21, 1897 in Medford, MA, m May 29, 1836 Anna (orMaria) Greenough of Boston, b in Portsmouth NH Oct 11,1818, d Aug9,1894 dau ofSamuel and Susan (Gates) Greenough. He was a ships carpenter moved to Medfordwhere their children were born.


William Barnes b Mar 19, 1839, d Aug 1896, m inBoston Sept 11, 1863 Julia Lombard of Boston, b in Castleton VT 1836, Lived inMedford. Child Daisy Warren b Jan 21, 1889

George Hiram b Aug 19, 1841

Ann Maria b Apr 19, 1845

Ella Gertrude b Oct 10, 1848. m Aug 15, 1883Henry F Perkins of Lynn, b 1847 in Salem Mass. Son of Thomas and AlmiraPerkins.  She is his second wife. Insurance. Children: Ralph S, Albert Wand Esther.

Charles Albert b April 18, 1850, m inSomerville, Mass Sept 23, 1874.  Sara Etta Whiting, b in Somerville Apr18, 1851, dau of Oliverand Sara (Smith) Whiting.  an apothecary, moved toHingham in 1877

Winslow Bradford b Mar 30, 1853

Frances Wilbur b June 10, 1857 d Sept 19, 1858

Emily Judson, b April 10, 1860


9 Winslow Bradford b Mar30, 1853, m July 4, 1881 to Emma Letitia Bogle of Fall River, Mass, b Oct 8,1857.  Dau of William and Letitia Bogle.  A druggist in Malden Masswhere their children were born:

Winslow Bradford b Mar 30 1883

Alice Bradford b Dec 4, 1884 m Albert FitchCurry of Melrose, Mass Children: Robert Winslow and Elizabeth


Hiram Bradford b Dec 23, 1887 m Dorothy Babb

Clarence Leon b June 11, 1891,

Marion Frances b July 14, 1896, m Harold Spencer

10 Clarence Leon b June 11, 1891, m Oct 14, 1916 to Ester May Meadows b Jan 9, 1893 in Canton. Dau of Albert and Sarah Meadows.  He was a paymaster. Lived in Canton, Mass where their children were born.

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