Slovakia DNA Project - Goals

To determine migration and settlement patterns by tracing surnames from village to village and to other countries, e.g. are the Harakal families of Modra nad Cirochou related to those that settled in Jasenov?

To establish/rule out relationship of people with the same surname, or those whose surnames may have been Magyarized, e.g. Harakal ---> Harakalycsin.

To establish connection of surnames that have been changed altogether. While going through church records, I have often seen references to alias names.

To trace origins of individual surnames or groups perceived to have different ethnicity, i.e. Rusyns, Hungarians, Romany, and others, e.g. the Horvat surname is as common in Europe as Smith or Jones in America, but is a surname that could be considered Slovakian, Hungarian, or Croation. Is the surname Cserhit really just a variation of Cserhat (mountain range in Hungary) and although now identified as Slovakian, originally of Hungarian origin, and if so, what is the place of origin?