The SLOAN Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA - Goals

To establish whether or not two particular U.S. lines of the Sloan family are related. One of these lines can be traced back to an Irish ancestor who came to America in 1754. GOAL ACHIEVED EARLY IN THE PROJECT

To establish any connection(s) which may exist with other Sloans in North America. MANY RELATED INDIVIDUALS CLEARLY SEEN FROM Y-DNA RESULTS

To establish any connection(s) which may exist with Sloans still in the British Isles. After a long time in the wilderness WE HAVE NOW MATCHED OUR TWO SLOANS FROM THE UK WITH TWO SEPARATE SUB-GROUPS. Please note that male Sloans from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD would be VERY WELCOME indeed!

To probe the deeper origins of the Sloan surname - does it have a single founder or many? How and where did it first originate? Can we identify its main branches? WE APPEAR TO HAVE FOUND THE DESCENDANTS OF ONE MAJOR FOUNDER OF THE SLOAN NAME. THERE MAY BE OTHERS.

To encourage as many MALE Sloans as possible to join us. Please note that the distinctive patterns seen so far in the Y-DNA results mean there are HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT data against which new results can be compared.