The SLOAN Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA- Background



Sloan, Sloane, Slone, Slown


The project originated when an attempt was made to link two Sloan family lines in the U.S.A. in the absence of a paper connection. One family line could be traced back to a George Sloan who came from Ireland in 1754. A Sloan genealogist who suspected descent from the same man but was unable to find corroborating paper records decided to try to test the connection through Y-DNA analysis instead.

We are always happy to hear from members and others interested in the project. In most cases (including genealogical matters) it is best to contact the Group Administrator, Susan Sloan, but for scientific/technical questions please feel free to contact John Sloan on sloanydna (at)

If you have any interest in the project, or any queries, I'd strongly recommend you ask one of us directly!

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