Shook Family of Pennsylvania - News

1. We have a full 67 marker yDNA profile with which new members may compare to know if they, too, are related to this pioneer Shook yDNA tester . . . you can be a "founding father" of this group by joining and have your simple cheek-cell test done!! All you do is swab your cheek with a kit provided and return it to the Family Tree DNA Company in Houston, Tx. Kits are only $149 plus $4 postage - a bargain considering you could spend that much on a hotel stay in a city researching the Shooks for two days!! And . . . the BEST PART . . you get to "keep" the results of the DNA study (but not the hotel expenditure!) and can visit the Shook DNA website online at any time to check for updated testing by other Shook males: just go to in your browser and see the study results so far!!

2. Recruiting has begun to get more Shook males tested using this "cutting edge" DNA testing!!