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Sarber, Sarve, Sarver, Sorber, Surber


It is believed that the Casper Sarver of Botetourt Co., VA was the same person as the Casper Surber who was born 5 March 1719, married to Barbara Merk on 14 March 1741, left to the American Colonies from Oberwenigen Switzerland on 18 April 1741. They possibly lived in Pennsylvania before appearing in Virginia in 1779. Early settlers in Botetourt County, VA included Gasper, Henry and John Sarver who owned land on Craigs' Creek in the 1770's, 80's and 1790's. Casper Sarver died in Botetourt County, Virginia and left will probated in February of 1782. He left personal property to wife Elizabeth and divided land between sons, Henry and Casper. To his son John he left "my still and still vessels and Bible." The will of his widow, Elizabeth Sarver, who was evidently a second wife, in 1787 left all of her property to Julia Webb, Sr. The aforementioned information was compiled by genealogist and researcher, Charlotte Pauline Fuhs. Revolutionary War veteran, John Sarver (son of Casper Sarver) was born circa 1744, married Margaret Peggy Trollinger and died before 1850 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Tho John and Margaret Sarver were born the following children: 1) Samuel Sarver b: ABT 1770 in Botetourt County, Virginia 2) John Sarver b: 21 FEB 1772 in Botetourt County, Virginia 3) Henry Sarver b: ABT 1775 in Virginia 4) Elizabeth Sarver b: ABT 1777 in Botetourt County, Virginia 5) Mary Sarver b: ABT 1785 in Botetourt County, Virginia 6) Jeremiah Sarver b: 3 OCT 1788 in Botetourt County, Virginia 7) Catherine Sarver b: ABT 1790 in Botetourt County, Virginia Samuel Sarver (son of John and Margaret Sarver) was born circa 1770 in Botetourt County, Virginia, married 1) Mary Rowe on 17 DEC 1791 and 2) Polly Tracy on 17 MAY 1813 in Giles County, Virginia. Samuel Sarver died in 1851 in Giles County, Virginia. To Samuel and Mary Sarver, the following chidren were born: 1) Samuel Sarver b: ABT 1792 in Botetourt County, Virginia 2) James Sarver b: ABT 1795 in Botetourt County, Virginia 3) John Sarver b: ABT 1790 in Virginia 4) Henry Sarver b: ABT 1800 in Botetourt County, Virginia 5) Andrew Sarver b: ABT 1802 in Botetourt County, Virginia 6) Jeremiah A. Sarver b: ABT 1806 in Botetourt County, Virginia John Sarver (son of Samuel and Mary Sarver) was born circa 1790 in Virginia, married Polly Price on 07 NOV 1815 in Montgomery County, Virginia and fathered the following children: 1) James Sarver b: ABT 1818 2) Nancy Sarver b: MAR 1822 in Montgomery County, Virginia James Sarver (son of John and Polly Sarver) was born in Virginia circa 1818, married Eliza Matilda Harless and died circa 1900 in Lee County, VA. To James and Eliza Sarver, were born the following children: 1) John Sarver b. 25 AUG 1839 in Montgomery County, Virginia 2) Mary Catherine Sarver b. ABT 1842 in Montgomery, Virginia 3) Barnett Sarver b: 1854 in Montgomery County, Virginia Confederate veteran, John Sarver (son of James and Eliza Sarver) was born on 25 AUG 1839 in Montgomery County, Virginia, married Margaret Mills on 01 DEC 1865 in Lee County, Virginia and died on 29 March 1928 in Lee County, VA.

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