Ruddy-Roddy Surname Project - Results

As of April 18, 2013

All Ruddys in project: 15

 - 15 test results in total on 67 Y DNA markers
      - 7 of these from residents of USA
      - 8 of these from residents of Ireland

News: A 9th Irish Ruddy's test kit arrived at the lab last week and results will soon be in
News: A 10th Irish Ruddy just agreed to take a DNA test and will receive their test kit soon

Ruddys born in/residents of USA: 7

 - 7 test results in total on 67 Y DNA markers
      - 5 of these are direct ancestors of John Edward Ruddy, b. 1829 in Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
      - 2 of these are Roddys, each unknown to the other before the test

Ruddys born in/residents of Ireland: 8

 - 8 test results in total on 67 Y DNA markers
      - 7 of these from the West Coast of Ireland (Co. Mayo, Co. Donegal, Co. Galway)
      - 1 of these from the East Coast of Ireland (Co. Louth)

Ruddys born in/residents of England: 0

 - No test results yet


"11-13 Combo"

Ruddy and Roddy individuals who have the marker combination of DYF406s1 = 11 and DYS617 = 13.

The so-called "11-13 Combo" classification overlaps almost completely with the L-513 SNP.  All those who have the "11-13 Combo" at these markers descend from a single paternal ancestor who lived according to the best estimate around 2,500 years ago (ie, about 500 years before Christ).

There is a very large "11-13 Combo"/L-513 project group on FamilyTreeDNA, as well as a Yahoo Group.  Ruddy and Roddy individuals in our surname project can be found in sub-group D-2... click link and scroll down to see it.  We share a common paternal ancestor with all members of the "11-13 Combo"/L-513 project group, and the same applies to the D-2 sub-group.  Those in D-2, however, share a paternal ancestor not as far back in time.  No one knows how far back, but this male probably lived 1,000 to 2,000 years.

Since the onset of this surname project, a couple of individuals have completed full genome testing ("BigY") and their results have revealed a possible further refinement in R-L513 to CTS3087, and even further to BY390. This is only based on two Roddy individuals with ancestry in the County Down, Northern Ireland region, however, and more testing is needed with other Ruddy and Roddy men.

More information on these projects can be found here:

FamillyTreeDNA R-L513 and Subclades Project at

(WARNING: The above link takes you to a large data page which is slow to download, so be patient if your browser stops responsing for a few minutes, depending on your connection speed)

R1b-L513-Project Yahoo Group at

"Non 11-13 Combo"

Ruddys Who Do NOT have the marker combination of DYF406S1 =11 and marker DYS617 = 13. 

Ruddy and Roddy individuals in the "11-13 Combo" subgroup and those in the "Non 11-13 Combo" are not related to each other in recorded history.  The Most Recent Common Ancestor between the two groups lived at least 2,500 year ago.  Individual members in the two groups have Most Recent Common Ancestors that may have lived much further in the past (best estimate 3,000 to 5,000 years ago).

Niall of the Nine Hostages

The Y DNA signatures of a number of Ruddy and Roddy individuals in our project indicate they are descendents of "Niall of the Nine Hostages," a 5th century Irish warlord and chieftain known for raiding the coasts of Britain and France to plunder and take hostages.  For more on Niall click on links:

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