Rose DNA Project - Results


the aid of Y-DNA test results and the sharing of family lineages by our participants, we have been able to
determine various groups of Roses and related surnames (see Surnames listing), and their ancestors. When
someone matches the Y-DNA results within a group, we analyze the match to make a determination of who they
probably descend from. Below is a listing of the earliest ancestors we have identified to date:

Groups & Their Earliest Ancestors

Group A

Robert Rose from England 1634 to Wethersfield and Branford Cos., CT

• Robert Rose b. ca 1594 (m. Margery), from England, 1634 to Wethersfield & Branford Cos., CT

• William W. Rose b. ca 1795 (m. 2Belinda Turner), Monroe Co., NY to Huron Co., OH

• Josiah Rose b. 1831 (m. Malinda), Monroe & Orange Cos., NY to Ticonderoga & Carroll Cos., IL

• John L. Rose b. ca 1823 (m. 1Phylinda Norton), MI to KS

• Freeman H. Rose b. ca 1814 (m. Jane Bailey), NY

• John Rose b. 1789, Branford Co., CT, lived in Elkhart, IN

• David Rose b. ca 1825 (m. Ataline Abby), NY to Clark Co., MO

• John Francis b. 1658

• Robert Francis b. ca 1628 (m. Joan Sibberance), England to Wethersfield, CT

Group A1

William Rose from England to Surry County, VA, ca 1650

• William Rose (m. Ann) from England to Surry Co., Virginia, c1650

• Robert Rose b. ca 1737 (m. Elizabeth), Southampton Co. VA to Edgecombe Co., NC

• John Rose b. Ca 1718, Surry & Southampton Cos., VA to Bute, Surry & Wilkes Cos., NC

• Reddick Rose b. 1778, Nash Co., NC to Robertson Co., TN

• Allen Rose b. 1810 (m. Edna Ann Redfearn), Nash Co., NC

• Robert Rose b. ca 1775 (m. Patsy Jones), Nash Co., NC

• Theophilus Rose b. ca 1763 (m. Christian), of Wayne Co., NC

• William Rose b. ca 1812 (m. Sarah Glover), Nash Co., NC to Carroll & Granada Cos., MS

• Richard Rose b. 1790 (m. Sarah Harrell), NC to Christian Co., KY & Stewart Co., TN

• Micajah William Rose b. 1830 (m. Sarah Elizabeth Ogdon), Edgecombe Co., NC to KY & IL

• William Rose b. 1720s (m. Martha), Southampton Co., VA to Bute & Franklin Cos., NC

• William Amos Rose b. 1827 (m. Darcus Wilson), SC to TN

• William Rose b. ca 1785, Marshall & Maury Cos., TN

• Thomas Carlton or Carleton b. 1748 (m. Martha Thomas), Chester Co. PA

Group A2

Friederich Roose, Wurttemberg, Germany to York Co., PA on the "Osgood" 1750

• Melchoir Ruoss b. 1600 (m. Margaretha), Wurttemberg, Germany

Group AA

A Rose Family of Illinois (Possibly from an earlier Southern McKinney family.)

• Joseph Francis Rose b. 1789, NC to IL?

• William Jesse Rose b. 1825 (m. Julia Clark), TN to Hamilton Co., IL

• Kim Rose b. ca 1845 (m. Mae Hammond), of Monroe Co., AR

Group B

From an Earlier Brewer family

• John Rose b. 1765 (m. Dorothy), of Rockingham Co, VA, Fairfield and Pickaway Cos., OH

• William Templeton Rose b. 1823 (m. Hester Ann O'Dell), IL to IN to MO

Group BX

Raised by John & Dorothy Rose - Group B; from a Good Family

• Abraham Rose b. 1805 (m. Sarah Mooney), VA to Fairfield Co., OH & Keokuk Co., IA

Group BB

• William Rose b. ca1715 (m. Mary), of Bedford Co., PA

• Edward Rose b. 1743 (m. Drucilla Pierpoint), Bedford Co., PA

Group BBX

This group is Possibly Associated with Group BB through Adoption.

• William Rose b. 1775 (m. Jane Elder), PA

Group C

• William Rose b. 1725 (m. 1Martha, 2Elizabeth) of York, Surry & Lee Cos., VA

• Thomas Rose b. ca 1776, of Sumter Co., SC

• Samuel Rose b. 1791 (m. Sally Freeman), VA to Estill & Madison Cos., KY

• Samuel Rose (m. Deborah Phipps) b. ca 1765, Surry Co., VA

Group CX

• John G. Rose of TN & MO - son of Rachel Rose, who was the daughter of Samuel Rose & Deborah Phipps

Group CC

• Adam Rose b. ca 1770, of Bedford & Cambria Cos., PA

• Julius D. Rose b. ca 1826 (m. Elizabeth), Germany

• Laurentius Roser b. 1686 (m. Anna Katrina Gottmeyer), Singen, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

Group D

• Andreas Roos/Rose (m. Cecelia) Palantine from Germany/Holland to NY c1709

• Andrew Rose b. ca 1752 (m. Hannah Chapman), Bucks & Mercer Cos., PA

• Andrew Rose b. 1782 (m. Elizabeth Daniels), Morris Plains, NJ to NE

• Robert Rose b. 1760, Harrison Co., OH & Bucks Co., PA

• William Rose b. 1806 (m. Mary Ann), Ontario, Canada

Group DD

A Rose Family of Buckinghamshire, & Birmingham, England

• Thomas Rose b. 1806 (m. Ann Leonard), Buckinghamshire, England to Erie Co., NY by 1837

• Walter W. Rose b. 1881 (m. Florence Lycett), Birmingham, England

Group E

• William Rose b. 1764 (m. Annatje Wolven),  of NY

• Jonathan A. Rose b. ca 1820 (Lucinda Eggleston), NY to Luzerne Co., PA

Group E1

• Edward Rose b. ca 1725 (m. Hannah Frost), Baltimore Co., MD, Fayette Co., PA & Guernsey Co., OH

Group EE

Possible Link to Channel Islands

• Peter Rose b. 1745 (m. Mary Gardner), of Philadelphia, PA

• Jean Rose (Channel Islands)

Group F

Associated with Group A1, William of Surry, but not genetically

• Thomas Rose b. ca 1692 (m. Elizabeth Seward), Surry Co., VA

• Young Allen Moon b. ca 1809 (m. Sarah Manley Staples), Madison Co., GA to Clay Co., AL

• Thomas Rose b. c1790 (m. Ann Bronner), GA to Pope Co., IL

• Henry Rose b. ca 1755

• Col. William Rose b. 1779 (m. Elizabeth Winfield Meredith), Brunswick Co., VA to Giles Co., TN

• William Rose b. 1792 (m. Parthena Chandler), Nash Co., NC to Smith Co., TN

• Joseph B. Kincade b. ca 1833 (m. Julia A Saunders), KY to Scott Co., MO

Group FF

Robert Rose of Newfoundland

• George Rose b. 1750 (m. Sarah, Rachel), England

Group G

The Roses & Ross of Kilravock Castle, Scotland, U.S. & Canada

• Rev. Robert Rose b. 1704 (m. Ann Fitzhugh)

• John Ross b. ca 1775, Scotland to TN & MO

• William Ross 11th Baron b. 1545 (m. Lilas May)

• Francis Ross b. 1665 Scotland

• James Ross b. 1815 (m. Frances Forster), Ireland

• Hugh Rose b. 1738 (m. Marjory Clark), Inverness, Scotland to NY

• James J. Ross b. 1817 (m. Mary East), Madison Co., KY

• William Rose b. 1804 (m. Margaret Young), of Urquhart, Morayshire, Scotland

• William Ross b. 1700s Carlisle, England

• John Rose b. 1797 (m. Margaret Smith)

• James Rose b. 1762 (m. Margaret McBean), Inverness, Scotland

• John Ross b. ca 1809, County Derrylin, Fermanagh, Ireland

• Adam Ross b. ca 1655, Skirling, Scotland

• John Ross b. 1807 Blount Co., TN

• Alexander Rose b. ca 1860 (m. Mary Carey), NS, Canada to Lynn, Essex Co., MA

• John Rose (m. Helen Grieve), Scotland

• Alexander Rose b. ca 1737 (m. Eunice Lea), Inverness, Scotland

Group GG

• Benjamin Rose b. 1808 (m. 1Sarah A. Holman, 2Elizabeth A. Robbins), King George & Stafford Cos., VA & Putnam Co., MO

Group H

• William Rose b. 1790 (m. Wini Neal), Montgomery, VA to Galia & Lawrence, OH

Group HH

• Thomas Rose (m. 2Alice Hatch), of Scituate, MA

• Stephen Rose b. ca 1831 (m. Mary Ann), Twillingate, NF, Canada

• James Rose b. 1795 (m. Dinah Bull), Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England

Group I

• Joseph Rose b. ca 1633 (m. Elizabeth Bumpus), of Marshfield, MA

• William Rose b. 1817 (m. Margaret Goltry), NY to Dodge Co., WI & Marion Co., IA

• Edward Rose b. 1735 MD

• Nathaniel Rose b. c1775 (m. Esther Dorton), VA to Estill Co., KY

• Job Low b. 1677 (m. Mary Wormwood)

Group II

A Very Early French Rose Family of Quebec

• Nicholas Rose b. 1620 (m. Jeanne Tardif), Paris, France

• William Rose b. 1785 (m. Elizabeth Ferguson), CT

Group J

Roses of Onondaga & Otsego Cos., NY

• Benjamin Rose b. ca 1757 (m. Judith Clark), Orange, Albany & Otsego Cos., NY

• Elisha Rose b. 1829 (m. Elizabeth Headlee), Guernsey & Licking Cos., OH

Group J1

Roses of Long Island, NY and NJ

• Jeremiah Arose b. 1762 (m. Hannah), Long Island, NY to South Amboy, NJ

• Lemuel Rose b. 1754 (m. Amy Wicks), Suffolk Co., NY

• Selah P. Rose b. 1821 (m. Eunice), Egg Harbour, Atlantic Co., NJ to Kennebec Co., ME

Group JJ

A Rose Family of Delaware and NC

• Edward Rose b. ca 1787 (m. Dorcas), Hyde, NC

• Truman Rose (m. Dorothy), d. 1783 Sussex Co., DE

Group K

Rose Family of Long Island, NY; Orange Co., NY; Hunterdon Co.,  NJ & Frederick Co.,  VA

(Probably Robert & Dorothy Rose of LI 1640's)