Rose DNA Project - News

2002 Jan/Feb:  the Rose DNA Project is opened under the leadership of Christine (CICIARELLI) ROSE — owner of the Rose Family Association (RFA) with her husband, Seymour Tarleton ROSE, descendant of John ROSE (1707- ) of VA — and David W. BROWN.

2011 Nov 11:  David W. BROWN passed away.  Sometime during the next six months, FTDNA and the RFA part company.

I was not privy to the messaging between FTDNA, the RFA, and other ROSE Project administrators.  I was involved to the extent that I was one of the people objecting to the fact that test results were not on public display.  You had to pay for a subscription to the RFA Newsletter (i.e., to join the RFA) to see test results, despite the fact that it is against FTDNA policy for project administrators to profit financially from their projects.  (As volunteer administrators, we are not allowed to charge our members for any of the services we are expected to provide.)  The hard part to understand in the RFA's version of the story is the issue being made over display of "the charts."  Allowing public display of project results on the FTDNA-provided web site amounts to clicking one checkbox.  Yes, project members must be grouped manually, which is a significant chore, but researchers would have welcomed — and I believe had a right to — public display of results, with or without grouping. 

2012 May 7:  the project comes under the management of Marcia BROWN and Nora PROBASCO; the new administrators display and group test results on the project's FTDNA web site.

2015 Jul 31:  Marcia BROWN leaves as administrator; Nora PROBASCO remains as the sole administrator.

2017 Feb 21:  Nora PROBASCO resigns due to health concerns and invites Diana Gale MATTHIESEN — descendant of John ROSE (1707-) of VA and second cousin (1R) of Seymour Tarleton ROSE — to become project admin.