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Price for NEW TEST
Member Price
(males only)
$  59
(males only)
$169  $149
(males only)
$268  $248
(males only)
$359  $339
mtDNA Plus (HRV1 & HRV2) 
(males & females)
$  59
mtDNA Full Sequence (FMS)
(males & females)
Family Finder (FF)  New Low Price! 
(males & females)
$289  Now $99 
Family Finder + YDNA37 
(males only)
$268  $248
Family Finder + YDNA67
(males only)
$367  $347
Family Finder + mtDNAPlus 
(males & females)
Family Finder + mtDNA (FMS)
(males & females)
YDNA67 + mtDNA Full Sequence (FMS) 
(males only)
$467  $447
Comprehensive Genome (Y67 + FMS + FF)
(males only)
$566  $546
Price for UPGRADE (Current Member)  
12 to 37
$109  $ 99
12 to 67
$199  $189
25 to 37
$  59  $ 49
25 to 67
$159  $148
37 to 67
$109  $ 99
37 to 111
$228  $220
67 to 111
mtHVR1 to mtHVR2
$  85  Now $ 49
mtHVR1 to Mega (FMS)
$269  Now $169
mtHVR2 to Mega (FMS)
$239  Now $159
Transfer Your Test to FTDNA 
Autosomal DNA Transfer
$  99  Now $ 69
Transfer Y-DNA33
$  19
Transfer Y-DNA33 + Y-DNA25
$  58
Transfer Y-DNA46
$  19
Transfer Y-DNA46 + Y-DNA37
$  58

Unless ordered through the Rose DNA Project, it generally costs more to purchase a new testing kit.  Anyone can join the Rose DNA Project at the time they purchase their test, and there is no cost to participate in the project.

To join the Rose DNA Project and order a kit at a discount, go to our website at, click on the JOIN REQUEST button in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on PURCHASE A TEST TO JOIN THIS PROJECT, scroll down and click on the test you would like to order, and follow the instructions provided. The kit can be shipped either to you, or directly to the person for whom you are purchasing.

If you have already purchased a test from Family Tree DNA and would like to join the Rose DNA Project, click on the “Join Request” button in the toolbar at the top of the page, and follow instructions provided. 

The Rose DNA Project Recommends That Our Members Test At Family Tree DNA

If you’ve taken a test at a different testing company, you can transfer your DNA test to Family Tree DNA (see above) and participate in our project.  For more information, click on the JOIN REQUEST button in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on PURCHASE A TEST TO JOIN THIS PROJECT, scroll down, and select the test you are interested in transferring.

Information About These Tests
DNA Tests

The tests that we specialize in are Y-DNA Tests, which are essential for establishing relationships between any Rose families. The DNA involved comes from the Y chromosome, which is only found in males, and is passed down virtually unchanged from father to son for many generations.  Therefore, to participate in the Rose DNA Project, the person providing the sample must be a male who carries the “Rose” surname (or variations thereof). Although a female cannot take a Y-DNA test, she can order a kit and ask a male family member to take the test for her. 

All descendents of Roses (or variations thereof), both males and females, can order a mtDNA or a Family Finder test, and are welcome to join our project.
The Rose DNA Project recommends that all of our members order or upgrade to a Y-DNA 37 marker test - as a minimum.  The Y-DNA 67 marker test can be beneficial in providing more definitive and conclusive results.  This test can be useful in not only defining which family a participant belongs to, in some cases, the results can also be helpful in determining what branch in a family a participant belongs. 

A Y-DNA Test traces paternal line (father’s, father’s, father and etc…) YDNA is passed down from father to son.

A mtDNA Test traces maternal line (mother’s, mother’s, mother and etc…) mtDNA is passed from a mother to all of her children. 

A Family Finder Test traces ancestors from across all of your lines, paternal, maternal, and all of those lines in between (i.e. maternal great grandfather’s line, paternal grandmother’s line).  A Family Finder looks at markers on autosomal DNA, which a child inherits equally from both of its parents. 

DNA Testing Kit

The kit includes a set of instructions and everything necessary to take the test, including a waiver form which must be signed by whoever is providing the sample. The samples are obtained by simply brushing the inside of the cheek with little swabs. The tips of these swabs are then "ejected" into little vials of preservatives, which are then returned to the lab in a special envelope which is included in the kit. 

To join the Rose DNA Project and order a kit at a discount, click on the JOIN REQUEST button in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on PURCHASE A TEST TO JOIN THIS PROJECT, and follow the instructions. The kit can be shipped either to you, or directly to the person for whom you are purchasing.

CURRENT MEMBERS: To order a new test or upgrade on your current kit, login to your personal account at, and follow the steps below:

1. Click on the orange “Order An Upgrade” button in the top right hand corner.
2. Click on “Order Special Offers” or “Order A Standard Test”
3. Under Select A Project, click on the drop down product list and select your upgrade.
4. Click on “Next” button and follow instructions provided.

IMPORTANT - The Family Finder test requires an untouched vial of DNA.  If one is not on hand, a new test kit will be mailed at no extra charge.  If you have submitted a test from a relative and are not sure whether they will be willing to retest, please contact customer service at  A customer service representative will be able to check to see if there is an untouched vial available for your kit.

To make a donation to the Rose DNA Project General Fund, follow the steps below:

1.  Click on the link:
2.  Select the letter "R" in the first box
3.  Select ROSE in the second box
4.  Enter donation amount
5.  Choose Donation Type - (i.e. Individual)
6.  Enter Donor Name
7.  In the Notes box, please make sure to indicate what the donation is being  made for.
8.  Follow the instructions to pay with a credit card or via Pay Pal.
Contact Marcia Brown or Nora Probasco co-administrators, Rose DNA Project with any questions.






We are excited to announce our new Rose DNA Project website listing all the Y-DNA test results within our project. This is a powerful tool for our members to explore how their Y-DNA results compare to the results of others. We feel it is very important to assist you in every way we can!


Isaac ROSE and Margaret Leyda of Washington and Mercer Counties, PA.
John ROSE and Susanna Ault of Washington and Mercer Counties, PA
Isaac Valentine ROSE and Sarah Sager, Mercer County, PA to Livingston County, IL
Terrell ROSE and Elizabeth Parker, Franklin County, GA to Choctaw, MS
Friedrich REUSS and Christine Feuchter of Baierbach, Württemberg, Germany
Julius REUSS and Maria Reyser of Oehringen, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Michael REUSS and Dorothea Kraft of Baierbach, Württemberg, Germany

Members have offered to sponsor free DNA tests for qualified male descendants of these families, who carry the family surname.

If you are descended of one of these families, to qualify for a free test, please send details of your descent and your contact information to


Group 49: Azores, Portugal - DaRosa, Rosa, Rose, etc.

Our newest member's earliest ancestor is Manuel Rosa born 1873 in Ribeirinha, Faial, Azores, Portugal. Y-DNA will be a perfect opportunity for this group to explore their origins because of unusual surname practices in Portugal. The Y-DNA does not usually follow any surname for long. Naming traditions are quite varied and children could be given several different surnames, from the same two parents, including additional patronymics.