R-M343 (M73- M269-) DNA Project - Results

A number of our participants have tested some of FTDNA's advanced markers. The most commonly tested are DYF371X and DYS464X. Here is a summary of the results. DYF371X 4514: 12t-12t-13c-16c 28424: 12t-12t-13c-16c 40065: 12t-12t-13c-16c 56529: 10c-10c-12t-13c 67723: 10c-12t-15c-15c 97835: 10c-12t-13c-15c N34461: 11t-12t-13c-16c The most interesting outcome of this marker is that roughly half of R1b1* has two t-type DYF371 alleles. This is also known as "duplicate DYS425", and shows up in Clusters 4, 4.5, 5, and 5.5. This represents a phylogenetically distinct subclade of R1b1*, which I call Group B. It also appears to include R1b1d. Clusters 2, 3, and 3.5 plus R1b1a, R1b1b, and R1b1c are in Group A (the subclade with a single t-type allele). ------------------------- DYS464X 4514: 12g-12g-15g-16g 53054: 12g-12g-15g-15g 67723: 14g-14g-14g-16g Unlike haplogroup R1b1c, all of the R1b1* haplotypes have the same motif we see in R1*, R1a, and R1b1b*: four g-type DYS464 alleles.

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