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Heraldic Charges borne by Armigerous Palmers

Not the bishop's crozier in the middle, but the two Palmer's Staves on either side, aka, Bourdons [old French].
A Palmer's scrip, satchel, wallet, purse, or bag.
A Palmer's stave bearing a Palmer's scrip. [Images used by permission from, "An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry" by John Cilia La Corte, 2004.]
"For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss."
Romeo & Juliet, Act I Scene v
The Palmer Surname Project was begun in 2003 I believe, by Sue Palmer-Elliot. She passed away, apparently in 2006, when Jim and I became administrators of this project. Sue's pages are still active at,

22 Oct 2007:
Family Tree DNA International DNA Confereence, Houston, Texas. Dr Hammer presented a new phylogenetic tree on the y-chromosome, to be released in 2008.
27 Oct 2007: The Palmer Surname Project Web revised. There are 48 testers belonging to this surname project. However a search in FTDNA shows that 86 Palmers have been tested. How can we get these testers to join our surname project?
5 Mar 2009: The project now includes 82 members.
12 Apr 2009: Dr J.D. Keith Palmer, one of our members has now published his book, Palmer in History. It can be found in, Amazon, and ebay. Congratulations!

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Some Armigerous Achievements - Heralds College
  • . ARMS: Argent, three palmers' staves sable, the heads, ends, and rests or. CREST: A cubit arm erect, habited azure, cuffed argent, grasping in the hand proper a palmer's staff.
  • . ARMS: Gules, three water-bougets or, in pale a pilgrim's staff of the last enfiled with a water-bouget in base.
  • ARMS: Azure, a chevron or between three open wallets argent, buckles and buttons of the second.
  • ARMS: Azure, a chevron or between three palmer's staves and scripts sable.
  • ARMS: Silver, a black lion rearing up with red claws, teeth and tongue between three silver palmers'staves, heads, ends and rests in gold. CREST: A golden lion rearing up having a red tongue, grasping a palmer's staff as in the arms.