Palatine DNA Project - News

January 7, 2008: Palatine DNA Project is launched; Henry Z. Jones, Jr. lends his support. January 9, 2008: Family Tree DNA website goes public. January 11, 2008: A publicity campaign to recruit project members is underway. We welcome everyone's help in making this project a huge success. Be sure to spread the word among your friends and relatives. January 23, 2008: Expanded project website is up and running. Check often for updates: Palatine DNA Project. March 11, 2008: Project membership reaches 33 men and women. July 9, 2008: 55 members have already tested; 7 more are in process at the lab. A separate project website is established to report mtDNA results and pedigrees. August 30, 2008: Project membership is at 60 and growing. December 26, 2008: More than 75 members have been tested to date. December 6, 2009: More than 150 men plus 23 men and women who have tested their mtDNA and belong to the Palatine-mtDNA project. December 7, 2009: Alice Clark becomes lead administrator of both the Palatine and Palatine-mtDNA Projects. Doris Wheeler is co-administrator.  
December 8, 2010:  Doris Wheeler resigns as co-administrator.  More than 200 members have been tested.  The project is looking for a co-administrator.
March 2011:  Charles Meiser joins as co-administrator.

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