O'BRIEN Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project- Background



Brian, Briant, Brien, Bryan, Bryant, Bryen, MacBrian, MacBrien, MacBryan, Obregon, O'Brian, Obrien, O'Brien, O'Bryan, O'Bryant, O'Bryen, Ubri, Ubry


The project is a tool-kit that assists people in finding out which groups they belong to; verification of relationship; or just trying to find additional information, to hopefully piece together the chaotic history that makes Ireland so interesting and fascinating, yet frustrating; when putting the fabric of your family together.

While it may be nice to know your distantly related or a descendant from a particular Icon of Irish history, surely its the excitement of being able to link with some distant relative in the Ireland, US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, South America or any other place on earth; or to be able to place yourself within a particular group or region that is the true benefit of the DNA project

An O'Brien (or derivatives) surname of itself can often hide the real origin of a family. With religious changes and great movements of people, names can be changed to suit the circumstances families face. In Irish history this has been a come thread in regard to names and many people may find that by tracing the name the family now has, they hit brick walls, where the line ceases.

The name O'Brien has been around for nearly a thousand years, but from that name many other surnames have devolved. While some of these changes can be shown through the traditional paper traces, most have started in mystery.

Irish families often faced the hardships of war, famine and poverty and many children were often "adopted" out to allow for the survival of the group. One example was when land was rented by Spinsters, then they might "adopt" a male child from another family, who would use their name as his.

Therefore DNA-testing gives us concrete evidence for identifying and separating family lines. Y-chromosome DNA testing is especially helpful because the male Y-chromosome is handed down, father to son, basically unchanged through the generations, except for rare mutations which, in themselves, can be helpful indicators of branching.

Accessibility to family DNA testing is doubtless the greatest technical advance in the history of genealogical research because -- at long, long last -- we have a tool to break down those brick walls!

So what are you waiting for?

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