R-L1/S26 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project (formerly The Null439 DNA Project) - News

. Known Origins of R-L1/S26 (formerly known as null439s) are mainly in the south and central parts of England. However, there are a number of R-L1/S26's with origins in Germany, one in Norway, one in Finland, and one in northwest Spain. This tends to indicate the origin of the R-L1/S26's was somewhere in northwest Europe, and that R-L1/S26 came mainly to Britain with various Germanic migrations (pre-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking). All R-L1/S26's also have the S21 SNP which is found in about 25% of R1b males (the largest haplogroup in western Europe). S21 is found in high percentages in England, Holland, northern Germany, and Denmark.
S21 is found in low percentages in Ireland, Wales, France, and Spain. Analysis of results based on key marker values shows there are two clusters within the R-L1/S26 group (as shown on the Results tab). The following phylogenetic tree shows possible connections between
R-L1/S26 surnames within the two clusters.