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The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

* denotes a no call or heterozygous call.

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Kit Number Paternal Ancestor Name Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
162293 Angelo Bonzi b. 1858 San Gallo, Bergamo, Italy son E-BY20073 A5013+, BY11750+, BY18729+, BY20073+, BY20074+, BY20075+, BY20076+, BY20077+, BY20078+, BY20079+, BY20080+, BY20081+, BY20082+, BY20083+, BY20084+, BY20085+, BY20086+, BY20087+, BY20088+, BY20089+, BY20090+, BY20091+, BY22302+, BY27761+, BY3070+, BY34292+, BY34304+, BY34307+, BY3880+, BY4279+, CTS101+, CTS10184+, CTS10323+, CTS10513+, CTS10617+, CTS10637+, CTS10679+, CTS10714+, CTS1075+, CTS10912+, CTS11082+, CTS119+, CTS11953+, CTS124+, CTS12632+, CTS1273+, CTS1389+, CTS1446+, CTS1773+, CTS1975+, CTS1978+, CTS2001+, CTS2150+, CTS2216+, CTS225+, CTS2270+, CTS2374+, CTS2474+, CTS2620+, CTS2661+, CTS3250+, CTS3262+, CTS3278+, CTS3287+, CTS3334+, CTS3512+, CTS3536+, CTS3637+, CTS3849+, CTS3868+, CTS3988+, CTS3996+, CTS4208+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4685+, CTS4856+, CTS5291+, CTS5316+, CTS5371+, CTS5373+, CTS5404+, CTS5527+, CTS5530+, CTS5561+, CTS5792+, CTS58+, CTS5856+, CTS5884+, CTS5935+, CTS6135+, CTS6298+, CTS6333+, CTS6472+, CTS6513+, CTS675+, CTS6809+, CTS6842+, CTS6953+, CTS7154+, CTS7166+, CTS7273+, CTS7924+, CTS7980+, CTS8002+, CTS8033+, CTS8053+, CTS8061+, CTS8131+, CTS8586+, CTS8899+, CTS890+, CTS8900+, CTS8945+, CTS8947+, CTS9017+, CTS9049+, CTS9320+, CTS9324+, CTS9956+, F1365+, F1977+, F3170+, F986+, FGC17059+, FGC2141+, FGC36575+, FGC5795+, L1090+, L117+, L136+, L336+, L339+, L489+, L499+, L504+, L507+, L510+, L512+, L537+, L538+, L539+, L542+, L544+, L546+, L547+, L614+, L618+, L676+, M145+, M168+, M203+, M215+, M243+, M294+, M299+, M40+, M42+, M5090+, M5441+, M5533+, M78+, M9051+, M9052+, M94+, M96+, P144+, P147+, P150+, P152+, P153+, P154+, P155+, P156+, P162+, P165+, P167+, P168+, P169+, P170+, P171+, P172+, P173+, P174+, P175+, P176+, P177+, P179+, P180+, P181+, P183+, P2+, P29+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PAGES00102+, PF1442+, PF1531+, PF1532+, PF1534+, PF1535+, PF1536+, PF1537+, PF1538+, PF1540+, PF1542+, PF1543+, PF1545+, PF1547+, PF1548+, PF1550+, PF1551+, PF1552+, PF1554+, PF1555+, PF1559+, PF1561+, PF1563+, PF1567+, PF1570+, PF1572+, PF1575+, PF1576+, PF1583+, PF1755+, PF1793+, PF1795+, PF1796+, PF1798+, PF1799+, PF1801+, PF1806+, PF1807+, PF1809+, PF1813+, PF1818+, PF1819+, PF1827+, PF1828+, PF1830+, PF1831+, PF1836+, PF1871+, PF1873+, PF1909+, PF1927+, PF1929+, PF2108+, PF2109+, PF2110+, PF2111+, PF2114+, PF2115+, PF2116+, PF2117+, PF2118+, PF2124+, PF2147+, PF2173+, PF2175+, PF2179+, PF2185+, PF2188+, PF2213+, PF2215+, PF2217+, PF2246+, PF3561+, S12376+, S19928+, S20250+, S26015+, S8336+, SK887+, SK888+, V13+, V168+, V189+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V36+, V52+, V68+, V9+, Y2491+, Y3182+, Y3864+, YSC0000227+, Z15667+, Z1919+, Z2065+, Z25461+, Z5016+
210738 Giovanni Peracchia, b. circa 1700 E-BY4281 V13+, BY4281+, M78+, CTS1273+, CTS2001+, L539+, L618+, M35+, PF2217+, CTS5856+, S12376+, SK888+, V13+, S26015+, Z17264+, Z5016+, Z5017+, Z5018-, Z25461-, Z27131-, Z21362-, Z21363-, Z21371-, Z2162-, Z29042-, Z33855-, Z37530-, Z37879-, Z38334-, Z38456-, Z38485-, Z38518-, Z38519-, Z38664-, Z38770-, Z38899-, Z17293-, Z19851-, S3003-, S3015-, S7461-, Z16663-, Z16988-, Z17107-, S2972-, S2978-, S2979-, Z16242-, Z16659-, Z16660-, Z16661-, Y12393-, Y16729-, Y16733-, Y18360-, Y18673-, Y18765-, Y19508-, Y19509-, Y19527-, Y3183-, Y7024-, Y7026-, YP738-, YSC0000078-, S19928-, CTS8780-, PF3067-, PF5709-, PF6587-, PF6782-, PH1246-, PH3589-, FGC33625-, FGC36792-, FGC44177-, L1019-, L143-, L17-, L241-, CTS3699-, CTS3927-, CTS5096-, CTS5415-, FGC12781-, FGC14085-, FGC14092-, FGC33614-, F3242-, FGC11446-, FGC11447-, FGC11450-, FGC11451-, FGC11455-, FGC11457-, CTS1489-, P65-, L143-, L17-, M148-, M35.2-, BY5522-, BY5791-, BY5794-, BY5803-, BY5804-, BY5805-, BY5807-, BY5811-, BY6183-, BY6204-, BY6527-, BY6542-, CTS11286-, BY4282-, BY4363-, BY4425-, BY4461-, BY4524-, BY4600-, BY4684-, BY4685-, BY5022-, BY5023-, BY5124-, BY5169-, BY5219-, BY5231-, BY5253-, BY5285-, BY5316-, BY5361-, BY5428-, BY5465-, V27-, A10158-, A10956-, A14363-, A2192-, A6295-, A7065-, A7135-, A7136-, A783-, A8458-, A9479-, A9482-, A9723-, BY14150-, BY15394-, BY15408-, BY15549-, BY4225-, BY4197*, BY5505*, BY4793*, FGC11458*, FGC33621*, PF2248*, CTS9320*, Z105*, Z16662*, S2999*, Z21290*, Z43289*, Z24130*, Z28060*
E15439 PERACHIS JOHANNI E-CTS5856 V13+, CTS5856+, L539+, L546+, M35+, V68+, M78+, V13+, Z1919+, Z19851-, Z22640-, Z24130-, V1477-, V22-, V259-, V264-, V32-, V65-, PF4812-, PH2121-, PH2818-, S19928-, S2972-, S2978-, S2979-, S3003-, S7461-, SK863-, V12-, Z29042-, Z36760-, Z36844-, Z36849-, Z37530-, Z38334-, Z38456-, Z38485-, Z38518-, Z38519-, Z38664-, Z38770-, Z38899-, Z5006-, Z5016-, Z5017-, Z5018-, Z809-, Z813-, Y15945-, Y16160-, Y16532-, Y16713-, Y16733-, Y17749-, Y17750-, Y17859-, Y2498-, Y3183-, Y7026-, Z16242-, Z16659-, Z16661-, Z16663-, Z16988-, Z17107-, Z17264-, Z17293-, Z1902-, Z191-, M521-, L648-, L674-, M148-, L540-, L17-, CTS5637-, CTS6080-, CTS661-, P65-, CTS9320-, A2192-, A6295-, A7065-, A7136-, A783-, A8458-, B410-, B412-, CTS100-, CTS10132-, CTS105-, CTS11145-, CTS11146-, CTS11715-, CTS11742-, CTS1187-, CTS194-, CTS2008-, CTS2532-, CTS3346-, CTS3507-, CTS4005-, CTS4089-, CTS4431-, CTS693-, CTS8690-, CTS9069-, CTS9320-, F1700-, F2238-, F2524-, F3604-, F4010-, FGC11447-, FGC11450-, FGC11451-, FGC11457-, FGC11458-, FGC14092-, FGC37180-, L143-, L17-, L241-, CTS508*, CTS6667*, M224*, L618*, Z27131*
E19520 Peracchi E-L117  
E11963 Zardin de Zardin Zesta ~1550 Cortina d'Ampezzo E-L117  
M9088 abo omar E-L117  
N11243   E-L117  
N15514   E-L117  
N42702 James Torre E-L117  
N43413 Pasquale Torre, b.c.1529, Calvari, GE, Italy E-L117  
207114 amadio f monticelli 1912-1954 E-L117  
158560 SALVATORE ALPINIERI 1894 -1961 E-L117  
281491 Giovanni Mignoli 1520 E-L117  
349062 Giovanni Maria Basso E-L117  
N69142 Giovanbattista Crovetto, 1860 E-L117  
N73871   E-L117  
147484 Felice Fava, 1773 - 16/2/1855 E-M183 M183+, M165-
130078 Pietro Monticelli b. 1799, Lodrone,Trentino, Italy E-M35 M35+
361850 G G Mavente born 1899 E-M35  
N62884 Visentin E-M35  
N12487 E. Gabriele Doff-Sotta E-M35 M35+
IN30396   E-M35  
E17183 Peracchi Joseph 1736 Varsi Piacenza-Parma E-M35  
62920 Carlo Giuseppe Fortunati, 1710 - 1770 E-M78 M35+, M78+, M96+, P2+, M81-, M107-, M123-, M136-, M148-, M165-, M2-, M281-, M34-
34322 Calisto Hernandez b:1830 E-V12 M35+, M78+, V12+, M96+, P2+, M35+, M78+, M81-, M148-, M224-, V13-, V19-, V22-, V27-, V32-, V36-, V65-, M107-, M123-, M136-, M148-, M183-, M2-, M281-, M34-
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